Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Recap of The Bachelor Canada Tim Warmels Final Rose Ceremony and ATFR

Looks to be a storms a brewin'.
If you haven't watched Tim Warmels' Final Rose Ceremony, then yes - the following will be a spoiler for you.

Picking up from last week, Tim leaves April's room without a resolution. But you just have to know he said something to her, because....

The next day Tim spends time with both women. April has mysteriously snapped out of her breakdown. April is like a new woman - she is seeing things so much more clearly now. She now wants to be here more than ever and whips out the que sera, sera explanation. She gives Tim a note that explains whatever happens is meant to be.

Trish is still on a high from meeting Tim's Ma and Pa. Don't ask me why. She is ready for the next step in this journey and to symbolize this, the two put a lovers' lock on a railing. You know...just like the one in Paris were lovers have attached so many locks they have destroyed the bridge. Tim throws the key as far as he can. I wonder if that was as symbolic for him as it was for us, because that was telling me something so much different. Trish explains that couples are supposed to revisit the lock in ten years to see if it's still there. Tim says in a v/o he can "totally see him doing that with Trish."

And there we have the real key to this dilemma, folks. How many times have we heard Tim (or any other Bachelor/Bachelorette for that matter) say "I can see myself with______doing______." Especially when he talks about Trish and especially these last couple of weeks.

Tim picks out the ring in a quick, obligatory Michael Hill Jewelers moment. No biggie there except to point out that Tim says it's for THE girl who makes him laugh. The girls get ready, and they are both wearing beautiful gowns by Dalia McPhee. Time for the Final Rose Ceremony, and there is still no sign of Tyler Harcourt. No, he doesn't escort the girls to meet Tim. They have to take that walk alone.

First up is....Trish. So you know what that means....

Yep. Trisha is not the girls for Tim. Tim admits, yea sure she was fun:

Trish: I feel so special to be here at the end.
Tim: You make me so happy. I can totally see my life with you (there it is again). BUT, ... My heart is more fully somewhere else.

She gets to take that awkward, miserable walk of shame. All I can say is, if there is ever a time for CityTV to have a Bachelorette Canada, this is it. Trisha is your girl.

Then April gets her time. She walks to Tim looking kind of like she hasn't had a chance of heart at all. Like she may make a great escape any minute. But she holds it together long enough for the big speech.

April: There's a long list of qualities I look for in a man. You had some I didn't even know I wanted. You are loving and understanding. That's why I fell in love with you.

Tim talks about the sharks. He thought it was too good to be true. He tells April he fell in love with her at the hometown date. Then he asks her to marry him.

And of course there is the montage of their...ahem...journey together which makes us all think love was there all along.

There really isn't anything to report about the ATFR except:

  • Tyler Harcourt is alive.
  • Trish was totally gracious. She said she can't even say anything bad about Tim and April because they are so cute together.
  • April says there are wedding plans, but none were disclosed.
Update: Tim and April made an appearance on Breakfast Television this morning (Wednesday November 19). First they skirted the wedding date question, but at the end of the interview when asked again, Tim said they are shooting for September or October.