Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Meet the Bachelor Canada's 20 Probable Future Ex-Fiances

Does the title of this post sound...oh, I don't know...a tad cynical to you? Should I tone it down a notch or two? Yah, but no. Damn it, I'm keeping it. I have little or no hope for this season. I am very sure we will be presented with more proof that it's the journey that's important, not a lasting relationship. This will be the fourth installment in The Bachelor/Bachelorette CANADA franchise, and so far no relationships have lasted.

Anyway, here are the girls vying for What's-His-Name's...whatever.

I'll post my first impressions as I go and/or get around to it. Some are just too darn easy. When I first looked at them, I thought, "How did they get the cast of The Bachelorette so right, but this seems so awfully wrong?" But now that I've had a closer look, I've come to realize these are very pretty girls. Some are downright stunning.

But...I'm still not sure about this lead. What the hell was wrong with Mike? Or that sexy tongue guy with the flowing, dark hair? What did Jasmine call him? Oh yeah...Sensual Tongue. Or what about Kyle, the giant cat-guy? He was adorable.

Also, fair warning. If you are looking for some damn politically correct, SJW reflective writing or if you are some sort of whack-job shipper looking for affirmation of your fixation...this is not the place for you. I will be just as critical as every other season. I'm going to have fun with the absurdity.