Tuesday, 20 January 2015

You Want Good F#%king TV? Is That What You Want?

Why yes, yes we sure do.
Big Brother Canada 3 premieres MONDAY - that's right, Monday, March 23, 2015.

That's right....Global has changed up the Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday format! Big Brother Canada 3 will air every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, beginning Monday, March 23 2015.

  • The house has been renovated. Yes, The Brick is still a sponsor. Or maybe the S2 HGs totally wrecked the decor. No, they just want to keep it fresh.
  • Side Show with Arisa Cox, Gary Levy and Peter Brown.(with a new hour long format) will air at 10 PM Thursdays on Slice, beginning March 26.
  • After Dark will air on Slice every night 3 AM to 6 AM.
  • Live Feeds will STILL BE FREE.
  • The schedule is: Mondays at 8 PM; Wednesdays at 9 PM; and Sundays at 7 PM.

The premiere date is about 2 weeks later than last year. My guess is Global didn't want 2 feet of snow
around the hot tub like last year. Just kidding.

Another guess is eviction nights will be on Wednesdays. This would allow the recently evicted to appear the next night on Side Show, something that was seriously lacking last year. It's also needed to fill that hour long format so we don't get 60 minutes of Gary and Peter's narcissistic droning.

Global is also promoting showmances, which is not surprising considering the winners of the first two seasons were involved in a showmance. Let's face it...they weren't just involved in one, but their wins depended heavily on their showmance. Still....I wish they would just stop. Please.

So we are just waiting on 3 things. The highly anticipated cast reveal is of course number one. Second is the tour of the house. But come on Global...get with it. UPDATE YOUR DAMN OFFICIAL SHOW SITE!!!