Friday, 24 February 2017

BBCan5 News Countdown Schedule - How to Expect the Unexpected

When BB comes a knockin', you gotta start packin'. Ain't that right, Sabs?

For you eager fans who keep asking for more information for the upcoming season and because TPTB aren't giving us any, here's what we should be expecting:

The next official news will be a press release announcing this year's sponsors. Hopefully, we'll also learn news about this year's Live Feeds.
ANY DAY NOW...If this season is a brand new cast, production should be starting to film their notifications - the clips where they get their keys to the BBCan House. If, there are returning cast members (UGH), this time frame MAY be shorter. In all likelihood, this depends on what they want to film for intro/bio segments.
HGs will then go into sequester, probably next weekend - March 4th. They will also film official bios, do their bio pics and interviews.
We can expect the official cast announcement after they enter sequester. Last year's cast was revealed on Wednesday February 24th & Thursday February 25th - 6(5) days before the premiere. Keeping to this schedule, we can expect this year's cast to be revealed the week of March 6th. Probably Wednesday, March 8th.
The official site, SHOULD also be relaunched with the first cast announcement.
The Premiere episode will be filmed and the HGs enter the house on Friday, March 10. The fandom is now waiting for ticket announcements. That announcement has been promised to come "soon."
Don't expect any official shots of the new house until after the premiere is filmed. Last year, the house reveal was Monday, February 29th - a mere two days before the premiere. Why, you ask? It's because they want believable reaction shots from the studio audience for the premiere. Expect the house reveal on Monday, March 13th. UPDATE: ET Canada is airing a special Monday May 13th @ PM ET, which will give us our 1st look at the house (per PR, 3/06/17)
In the meantime, expect to see a few teaser pics from Arisa which should give us a big hint at this year's theme. Like this one:

Premiere episode on Wednesday, March 15th at 9 PM ET/PT on Global.

First Live Eviction: Thursday, March 16th at 8 PM ET/PT on Global.

After the Eviction Live on Facebook - according to the PR, this is supposed to begin after the Eviction episode. However, it is unclear if they mean Eastern or Pacific time. I suspect the latter - to avoid spoilers.

LIVE FEEDS should begin either after the 1st Eviction airs Pacific Time (meaning, roughly 12 AM EASTERN TIME, Friday, March 17th i.e. later the same night as the eviction!!!) or after the live Facebook chat.

In addition...
... you can look for my blog posts. I will cover the new cast and house once each are announced. I will recap each episode and do summaries of the Live Feeds. I already have my post up to cover the weekly status and HG stats...just waiting for the big show to begin. You can find that HERE.

Follow me on Twitter Stop by and say hello! I will, of course, be live-tweeting both the aired shows and the Feeds. Let's have some fun with this!

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