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The Amazing Race Canada 6 - Leg-by-Leg and Team Spoilers

Filming of the sixth season began Monday, April 23, 2018.

This is a SPOILER alert, for obvious reasons.
Major spoilers, to be exact. So if you don't want to see spoilers, you've come to the wrong place and should leave the way you came. Or just stop googling "Amazing Race Canada spoilers."


Leg 1 Victoria and Squamish, B.C.
Airdate: Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Title: "Just a Beaver Hero"

Startline: Hatley Castle, Victoria, B.C.
Teams make their way to Hatley Castle by way of tandem bikes.
There may have been a startline task - possibly involving directing them to their next location, as there were reports of teams seen. (filmed Monday, April 23, 2018)
If you have been living under a rock and were not aware, the start was a Facebook Live event. Only butts and feet of the racers could be seen, although there were a few blurry and very unhelpful glimpses of their faces.
From there they were directed to make their way to Squamish, British Columbia, via ferry from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen.
Teams were seen on the Sea to Sky Gondola at Stawamus Chief Mountain. This confirmed an advance filming notice.
Possible task at Shannon Falls.
Possible Pitstop: Squamish Spit. (my spec)
(Squamish tasks were filmed Tuesday, April 24, 2018)

Changes and Additional Information from Episode Previews:
-teams arrive in Squamish
"Who Wants to Save a Beaver?" Near summit of the Sea to Sky Gondola. One person from each team must use a zipline to reach a suspended net/platform. They must then jump/bungie to retrieve a beaver stuffed animal.
-Task at Al McIntosh Logger Sports stadium
-Water task: paddle board (preview shows teams transporting a cage)
-Britannia Mine Museum

Leg 2 Dawson City, Yukon
Airdate: Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Title: "Ah Fiddler's Fart"
(Filmed Thursday, April 26, 2018)

Travelled from Squamish (April 25) to Dawson City (arriving April 26) via Vancouver.
Teams seen outside The Downtown Hotel (a Sourtoe drink task?) and the Bank of British North America.
Possible Pitstop: The S.S. Keno (paddleboat & National Historic Site) OR the Danoja Zho Cultural Centre (teams were seen filming post-leg interviews behind this location, which is beside the Keno)
Changes and Additional Information from Episode Previews:
-Detour is a choice between Klondike Can-Can dance and a game of Blackjack
-Three Express passes are up for grabs. To claim it, teams must collect gold coins

Leg 3  Salt Spring Island, Duncan, & Shawnigan B.C.
Airdate: Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Title: "Sounds Like a Wild Boar"
(Filmed April 28, 2018)
Travelled from Dawson City to Whitehorse Yukon, to Vancouver, B.C. April 27, 2018.
Seaplane to Ganges Harbour Water Aerodrome, Salt Spring Island.
Salt Spring Island Saturday Market - Task was to eat a whole pie.
Self-drive, to Vesuvius Harbour for ferry to Crofton on Vancouver Island.
Drive to Pacific Northwest Raptor Centre* - task unknown.
Roadblock at Vancouver Island Motor Speedway. (this was teased by Jon in FB Live location clues)
Pitstop at Kinsol Trestle*.
In addition, Jon was seen 4/27 filming among a group of totems beside the Cowichan Valley Museum in Duncan. Unknown if this was for an intro or if there was a task there.
Changes and Additional Information from Episode Previews:

Salt Spring Island Saturday Market: Both team members must eat a whole blueberry pie.

Leg 4 Jakarta, Indonesia.
Airdate: Tuesday, July 24 
Title: "Just Suck My Blood"

Teams travel April 30, 2018. Filmed May 1/2
Sighting in Kebayoran (South Jakarta).
Pitstop: National Monument, Merdeka Square, Jakarta (per Jon's FB Live)
Changes and Additional Information from Episode Previews: TBA

Note: Originally thought to be two legs in Indonesia because of the long filming period.

Leg 5 Stratford, Ontario 

Episode 5 Title: "You Gotta Whip That Cream"
Airdate: Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jon spotted around Stratford Saturday, May 5, 2018, possibly filming his leg intros.
Leg filmed Sunday, May 6, 2018
Teams spotted in Stratford at:
  • Parking cars near Stratford City Hall, which was also teased by press.
  • Queen of the Square Cinema, Stratford City Hall Auditorium 
  • Stratford Festival Theatre - task involved wearing a costume. Possible Roadblock and probably a sure bet this involved acting out lines from Shakespeare.
  • Rheo Thompson Candies
  • Boathouse Patio - task involved taking a paddleboat on Avon River, Landing at the Boathouse.
Pitstop in Stratford: Unknown but the press teased a picture of the mat, timed to suggest it was in Stratford. IF a KOR, my best guess would be the Shakespearean Gardens. THIS IS A KOR (Keep on Racing)

Changes and Additional Info from Previews:
Teams land at Pearson airport, picking up parked cars and are directed to make their way to the Equinox assembly plant. Taylor & Courtney, Dylan & Kwame and Martina & Phil are the only 3 teams to CORRECTLY proceed west to Ingersoll. The four other remaining teams go east to the Oshawa plant. This move WILL put them far behind the lead teams. But the good news is it won't matter. The leg was filmed the next day, so they'll have plenty of time to catch up.
Episode 6: Toronto, Ontario
Title: "Smells Like Sweat and Fun" 
Airdate: Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Teams were seen in Toronto LATER THAT SAME DAY and well into the evening:
  • Yonge-Dundas Square. Chrysler Canada sponsored task. Possibly involves loading car, then driving length of Square. From here, teams were directed to Lansdowne Subway Station.
  • Versus Coffee (on Adelaide) - probable Detour task. Teams had to make a Rainbow Latte. One team seen hailing a taxi after completing task. (Note: the other Detour choice is unknown at this time). 
  • 2X U-Turn - located at Monkey's Paw Used/Rare Bookstore (teased by Jon in FB Live post). Note: this is at Lansdowne Station.
Pitstop: Unknown at this time.

Changes and Additional Information from Episode Previews:
The TTC (that's the Toronto Transit Commission, for all you Non-Torontoniantypes out there) will be featured prominently and may even be a built-in task.
Detour is a choice between Dancing and in all likelihood the task at the coffee shop.
The 2X U-Turn is NOT a blind U-Turn this time.

Leg 7 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Title: "Poodle Time"
Airdate:  Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Travelled from Toronto to Winnipeg Tuesday May 8. Cars parked at airport.
Leg filmed Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Teams seen at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 4 (task unknown)
The Forks Market. Roadblock - involved doing a magic trick.
Jon spotted filming an intro in front of Paterson Global Foods Institute, Old Market Square.
Changes and Additional Information from Episode Previews:
The first "Face Off" of the season is darts - the task that was filmed at the Royal Canadian Legion. The magic trick Roadblock at the Forks is making balloon animals.

Leg 8 Charlottetown, PEI
Title: "The Zombies Are Honing In On Us"
Airdate: Tuesday, August 24, 2018 

Travel route: Flights: Winnipeg to Toronto to Charlottetown, PEI
Leg filmed May 11
Teams spotted around downtown Charlottetown looking for 9 Eckhart the Mouse statues.
Self-driving leg. Reports of teams headed to New London
Changes and Additional Information from Episode Previews:
Task at The Table Culinary Studio in New London. Probable Roadblock. Involves unscrambling words on the (Appetizer) Menu.
Task at Blue Bay Farms, Rustico, PEI. Probable Detour Task.
Task at Crossfire Adventure Paintball in Cavendish, PEI. Zombie-themed and the source of the title quote.
Pitstop: Unknown.

Leg 9 Mexico City, Mexico
Title: "Battle of the Two Courtneys"
Airdate: Tuesday, August 28, 2018 

Teams travelled Charlottetown to Toronto to Mexico City Sunday, May 13, 2018
Filmed Sunday & Monday, May 13 & 14.
Jon's FB clue was filmed at the Central de Abastos Market.
Pitstop: Park Alameda Central
Changes and Additional Information from Episode Previews:
Detour: Day of the Dead face-painting is one probable side, the other is a Telenovela task: teams must act out a scene. It was also hinted that the choice of Detour task will be a determining factor for the eliminated team.
Roadblock: Jai Alai. "Who wants to live the hi-life?" per preview, teams must throw within a set range. This is also the probable source of the title quote, as it appears both Courtneys are having difficulties completing this task.
Central de Abastos Market task involves limes (and their association to tequila)
Note: A super close finish at the Pitstop has been hinted.
(See below for who survives this leg, and who goes home)

Leg 10 (penultimate leg) Fredericton, New Brunswick*
Title: "The Plan Is Simple. Win!"
Airdate: Tuesday, September 4, 2018  

Teams travelled Mexico City to Fredericton, via Toronto on Wednesday, May 16.
Filmed Thursday, May 17, 2018.
Four teams seen at Officers' Square and City Hall. Task involves observing the guard.
University of New Brunswick, Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium.
CFB Gagetown - Detour: fitness test or flight simulator
Reportedly also seen at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.
Pitstop: The Government House (per Jon's FB Live)
Changes and Additional Information from Episode Previews:

LEG 11 Finale!
Banff, Alberta*
Title: "The Summer of Heroes"
Airdate: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 (Unconfirmed)

Filmed Saturday, May 19th, 2018.
Jon seen in downtown Banff.
Teams flew into Calgary, where they were directed to the Banff area by way of helicopter.
Teams seen at Sunshine Village*, in the vicinity of the Banff Springs Hotel, and cluebox at Cascade Gardens.
Finish Line: Highly probable - although still speculative, at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.
 Changes and Additional Information from Episode Previews:
Roadblock: YYC (Calgary Airport) Memorizing & repeating Control Tower Air Traffic Control status.
Sunshine Village task: appears to be a combination of tasks, possibly involving rescue simulation.
Task at Cascade Gardens: is this the final memory challenge?
Finish line at Banff Springs Golf Club.

We know the teams were last seen on foot, so the Banff Springs Golf Course seems to be the number one contender for this finish line.


There are 10 teams this year.

Fair warning...if you're here to complain about 10 teams not representing all of Canada geographically like TARC is some kind of hockey tournament or something, please complain elsewhere. Like Facebook. You're getting tiresome. Like Facebook. If you leave a comment exclaiming your displeasure in this matter, don't waste your time. I will not approve it. 
I can, however, tell you with all certainty TPTB (Hi Mike!) have - season after season, never failed to bring us THE best teams in the TAR franchise.

Please understand the following is MY best guess based on sightings. In addition, international legs can be tricky because of a lack of sightings and an inability to know NELs with 100% certainty. And always remember, just because a team wasn't spotted during a leg, it doesn't necessarily mean they were eliminated. I also reserve my right to modify the following info - so it's best to check back often.

ONCE AGAIN, I warn you to on back out of here if you don't want to know. This is your LAST WARNING.


Corey (Chewy) Liddle
Retired Air Force Pilot
Stoney Creek, ON/ Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mark (Happy) LaVerdiere
Retired Air Force Pilot
Orillia, ON/ Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Chewy (aka Corey) and Happy (aka Mark) met 25 years ago at Aviation College in Thunder Bay. Between them, they have over 60 years of flying experience and they have proudly served in the Royal Canadian Air Force for nearly 40 of those years; providing aid to countries in need, flying with the Snowbirds, and serving several tours in Afghanistan. Happy and Chewy have both retired from the Air Force and are still working together in their post-military retirement years. They have now shifted their focus from work to their families. Their families have sacrificed so much that they want to give back to them for everything they have done.

My first impression with these guys is that I love them to death. I mean...SNOWBIRDS!!! How can you go wrong with that? They have the potential to be my all-time favourite team. But alas, we will never know. Yes, that's right. They finish in 10th place, the first team to be eliminated at the Leg 1 Squamish Pitstop. How the frack did that happen???

LAST SEEN: Sing along with me: "Waiting at the dock by Swartz Bay."

The 9th and 8th place teams I must group together for several reasons. I suspect Leg 2 is an NEL as 9 teams were seen racing in Leg 3. The other 7 teams are accounted for when they return to Canada for Leg 6.


Joseph Truong
Non-Profit Founder
Toronto, ON

Akash Sidhu
Non-Profit Founder
Toronto, ON

Joseph and Akash met more than 10 years ago in high school, volunteering at a food bank. They both share a strong desire to help make the world a better place, and that drive has motivated them to constantly find new ways to create impact. Their strong friendship has led them to graduate from the same university, be global citizens, and start two non-profits together. Joseph and Akash have travelled to over 20 countries and have worked in disaster situations in United Nations refugee camps. Inspired by what they saw in these settings, they started a non-profit together called Empower. Empower makes internet content, specifically education and employment resources accessible and affordable in remote areas across Africa. Their second non-profit, Stuff-a-Bus, works with engaging the community, youth, and grocery stores to fill an entire school bus with the most needed food items for their local food bank. Both Joseph and Akash have dedicated their lives to helping others. They want to inspire young people to follow their own path and create their own legacy.

Last Seen: Gagging in Ganges.


Todd Kirk
Edmonton, AB

Anna Holtby
Edmonton, AB

Todd and Anna met in high school 10 years ago and have been dating for over four years. They describe themselves as an old married couple because they love puzzles, backgammon, and crib. But look out because these two also like getting outside and a good competitive sport – they both graduated high school as male and female athletes of the year! Todd and Anna both look at the world through compassionate eyes and never assume anything about anyone based on appearance. They are both advocates for anyone out there struggling with being different.

Last Seen: Untusseled at the trestle

So here's the thing. I can only speculate who comes in 8th or 9th place. What I can tell you is there appears to be another NEL in either Jakarta (probable) or Yogyakarta. The team that survives Leg 3 will be eliminated in Leg 4 or 5. My instincts tell me Joseph and Akash were eliminated in 9th place on Leg 3, while Todd and Anna made it to Jakarta, ending up in 8th place. But don't quote me on that.

Continuing on, we have...


Zainab Ansari
Navy Sailors, Royal Canadian Navy
Toronto, ON

Monica Demian
Navy Sailors, Royal Canadian Navy
Ajax, ON

Zainab and Monica are two members of the Canadian Armed Forces who want to put a female face on the Navy. They met five years ago when Monica joined the operations department in the Royal Canadian Navy. They bonded over their work and the challenges they face each day in their jobs. Their connection became so strong that they now consider themselves sisters. These navy sailors are hardworking, athletic, and very disciplined. They hope to empower young woman considering taking on traditionally male-dominated careers.

Sadly these Navy girls are eliminated in 7th place after what appears to be an extremely exhausting Leg 6. (See the Leg 6 entry, above) If speculation is true about this leg, it looks to be grueling, and I salute Zainab and Monica for it. Nothing to be ashamed of!!!

Last Seen: Stuffing random stuff into a car at Yonge-Dundas Square. Like, who hasn't done that?


Leanne Larsen
Toronto Argonauts Cheerleader
Toronto, ON

Marielle (Mar) Lyon
Toronto Argonauts Cheerleader
Ottawa, ON

Leanne and Mar have been teammates on the Argos Cheer Team for three years. They first met at a holiday party where they both bonded over their goofy, outgoing personalities. Mar encouraged Leanne to try out for the team and the rest is history! Leanne cites her mother as her biggest inspiration. She has shown her how to be selfless and caring her whole life. Mar left Thunder Bay at 17 and has been living on her own ever since. Between their work and their personal lives, it’s clear they are both fiercely independent and put 110% into everything they do. They want to redefine what it means to be a cheerleader and run the Race of their lives!

These girls looked strong. Like Nat and Meg strong. Or Steph and Kristen strong. But no. They leave the race in 6th place. 

Last seen: doing a disappearing trick in Winnipeg.


Nancy Csabay
Professional Barrel Racer/Horse Trainer
Taber, AB

Mellisa Hollingsworth
Olympian/Public Speaker/Realtor
Eckville, AB

Nancy and Mellisa met at the Calgary Stampede when Nancy was competing in barrel racing and Mellisa was a commentator. Their shared background in competitive sport gave them a foundation for their friendship, but their relationship is unique as they don’t know each other very well on a personal level. However, both are fearless competitors who love to chase the rush of victory and they see THE AMAZING RACE CANADA as an opportunity to inspire the nation to find their own greatness! Nominated more than 30 times for the Heroes Edition, Nancy is a two-time national barrel racing champion who battled cancer four years ago and inspired everyone around her. It was near that age that her mother was also diagnosed with a fatal bout of cancer. But Nancy has not let that stop her – she doesn’t want to give cancer any more energy than it deserves. She now lives with a greater sense of clarity, joy, and love. Mellisa is a three-time Olympian who won the bronze medal in the women's skeleton event at the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games. However, her repeat performance at Vancouver 2010, in front of a hometown crowd, was not so successful. After hitting a wall, she placed fifth overall. When she faced the media in tears, she apologized to the country who shared her journey. She felt heartbroken but in the end, she found great purpose and inner strength through this very public defeat. Mellisa remains one of the top skeleton racers in the world, and is still connected with the Canadian Olympic Committee to help train the next generation of Olympians.

I had a lot riding on these two. Pun intended. Sadly they end up in 5th place, their race ending in Mexico City. 

Last seen: Catching a ride out of Charlottetown. (as in they make it as far as Mexico City)


Courtney Berglind
Calgary, AB

Adam Kovacs
Calgary, AB

After an awkward first encounter where Courtney was pouring drinks behind the bar and Adam was being auctioned off for charity, these two went on an amazing snowboarding first date and instantly fell in love. They are both goofy and light-hearted, but also determined and competitive. They push each other’s buttons in all the best ways. Adam had a life-altering back surgery in 2015 that has given him a second chance at an active, healthy life. He lived for years with debilitating pain, was unable to work or do any of the things he loved. It was a long road, but he is now fully recovered. Adam’s surgery was also a defining moment for Courtney. She was able to learn a lot about the strength of her future husband while seeing him go through the process of rehab. She is a natural caregiver and was able to be there for him throughout his recovery. Their experiences, as well as their professions, have taught them just how fragile life is. Helping others is their passion and they feel blessed to have the jobs they do. Laughter powers this relationship. Sparks fly constantly, either from love or friction as their First Responders professions force them to lean on each other in uncommon ways. And it is that bond they think will help them make it to the final leg of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA.

Fun Fact: Courtney is the sister of  Kelsey Faith of Big Brother Canada 4 fame. I can sooo see it now! Anyway... Courtney and Adam just miss out on making that final leg, going out in the penultimate leg in Fredericton. I really hope the jinx didn't get them in the Detour - you know they had to have picked the fitness test.

Last Seen: Letting their guard down in Officer's Square.

The Final Three Teams are - in alphabetical order ONLY (don't read anything into it!):


Dylan Elias
Youth Mentor/Sports Program Developer
Fort McMurray, AB

Kwame Osei
Phys Ed Teacher/Football Coach
Fort McMurray, AB

Dylan and Kwame are best friends who first met playing on rival football teams in university. They reunited in Fort McMurray in 2012 where their passion for sport helps them impact the lives of youth through their Northern Elite Football organization and mentorship program. This powerhouse team prides themselves on being the role models they never had growing up. Dylan’s stepdad left when he was only seven, leaving him to help raise his two younger brothers and become a father figure at a young age which laid the foundation for what would later become a career of mentoring youth. Kwame used football to transform his future, playing in university and then professionally with the Toronto Argonauts.


MARTINA and PHIL   Okay okay, I got this wrong!!! I apologize.

Martina Seo
Home Economics Teacher
North Vancouver, BC

Phil Seo
Credit Union Manager
Burnaby, BC

Both Martina and Phil share a love for helping children and they have volunteered more than 10,000 hours of their time with kids in Canada, USA, Kenya, South Africa, Korea, and Fiji. Their Korean immigrant parents taught them from a young age the value of volunteerism. For them, giving back to those in need is what brings them the most happiness. Martina and Phil have a love-hate sibling relationship full of extremes. Martina is loud and posts everything on social media. Phil likes to talk, but at a more digestible volume. Now, the two are closer than ever. A few years ago, Phil and his wife suffered through two miscarriages, which left them heartbroken. Phil learned through this experience to find strength in vulnerability and the importance of talking about hard times. Once he opened up to people about this (including Martina and they had a good cry), good things started to happen. Phil and his wife welcomed a baby girl over a year ago! Martina became an educator because the only real connection she had during elementary school was with her teachers. She considers them her heroes and they helped her get through the bullying she experienced during that time. She’s now turned her pain into a life’s purpose and children from around the world are benefitting from it.



Taylor Callens
RCMP Officer
Williams Lake, BC

Courtney Callens
RCMP Officer
Langley, BC

Taylor and Courtney are part of a Canadian policing family legacy. As fourth generation RCMP officers, they love serving their communities on and off the job, day in and day out. These close-knit siblings grew up moving around British Columbia due to their father’s job and became reliant on each other when moving to new towns and entering new schools. They are currently stationed in different parts of British Columbia so they don’t see each other as often as they would like. THE AMAZING RACE CANADA is a chance to get some quality sibling time! Taylor and Courtney want to put a real face to police officers who put their lives on the line every day. There are real people underneath those Mountie hats! Although they are both competitive when put in stressful situations, Courtney can be very bossy and Taylor can be very laid back, which can cause friction. However, they do have great chemistry and know each other so well that they can tell when to be supportive and when to ease off in order to help the other. Taylor and Courtney want to positively represent their fellow officers, despite how much pressure that is. In the end, they just want to make their friends, family, and fellow officers proud.


Regarding the final three teams: No, I DO NOT KNOW which team won. And I'm not just saying that. But here's my assessment. My first inclination is to think Dylan and Kwame are the Season 6 winners. For one thing, LOOK AT THEM. Secondly, LOOK AT THEM. They certainly look to be the team to beat, don't they? However, we have had upsets before (Tim & Tim and Mickey & Pete say Hi!). It goes without saying, the Mounties are a force to be reckoned with. (pun intended) I mean, how can you beat the Mountie/Brother & Sister combo? BUT do not discount Martina and Phil. Whenever I saw sightings of these two, they always looked like they were double checking things, asking for directions ahead of time. PLANNING! You may not think Martina can compete against the burly guys, but she's got spunk I think! 
Like I said, sorry about the F3! Meh, I could be wrong, after all in this race, you only need to win one leg, but I do not see Courtney and Adam as contenders against Taylor & Courtney OR Dylan & Kwame. I don't have a damn thing against them and if they do end up winning, I would cheer for them as much as anybody. And they do fit into my preference for a first M/F winner of TARC.

My Favourite Team: Martina & Phil!

Anyway you look at it, I think we're in for a great S6 winner and this is going to be an incredible season!

As always, please feel free to email me at suesrealitycanada@gmail.com if you think you have any filming information. If you choose to notify me via a comment to this post, please be aware it will not be approved until I get additional confirmation. You can also DM me on Twitter...@Sues_Reality.

In addition, I contribute to the work of the good folks at Reality Fan Forum, and I encourage you to post there if you prefer. Becoming a member only takes a few minutes of your time, and I guarantee it is well worth the effort.

*Info provided solely by Reality Fan Forum members and can be found here:  Live Sightings

All team bios and photos courtesy of CTV/Bell Media.

All speculation, opinion and commentary is my own. Please be responsible and give credit where credit is due, if using any info from either me or information I in turn credited to Reality Fan Forum. Thank you.

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