Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Amazing Race Canada Recap of Episode 9 'Ah-mazing'

The teams continued racing from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Apparently all 3 teams take a bus to Sydney - even though the girls checked in with Jon an hour after Jet and Dave. Funny how that happens. Here they board a Marine-Atlantic ferry which takes them to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. There is a footrace to the shuttles for St. John's. The first and second shuttles carry only one team each, while the third carries 2 teams - they depart 15 minutes apart. Jody & Cory catch the first; Jet & Dave the second; and the Tims and the girls are on the third.

They must make their way to the Terry Fox Mile Zero Memorial...where he began his Marathon of Hope by dipping his prosthetic leg in the Atlantic Ocean. The task is to memorize the inspirational quote inscribed on the memorial: "I just wish people would realize that anything is possible if you try. Dreams are made if people try." They must then recite the quote to gain entrance to the Quidi Vidi Brewing Company where they will join a kitchen party and get screeched in - kissing the cod and taking a shot of screech. Jody and Cory mess up their first recital of the phrase, so they jump back in the cab to go back to the memorial. Suddenly Cory has an epiphany and they try again. Jet and Dave show up and Jet gets a little bit carried away with the kissing, mostly because he is presented with the tail end. Of course Vanessa has to put on lipstick before she kisses the fish...on it's cheek. If that's what you call it. Do fish have cheeks?

From here they are directed to Shea heights for the Detour. It's a choice between 'Tell a Tale' or 'Wag a Tail'. In Tell a Tale, the teams must listen to a story told by a couple of fishermen, then re-tell the story, with all the details, to a group of judges. For Wag a Tail, they must make four deliveries of milk and eggs up Holloway Street. The bad news is this street is so steep the locals refer to it as Heart Attack Hill. The good news is they have to use a cart pulled by Newfies...these guys made the episode, that's for sure. Jet & Dave and Vanessa & Celina pick Tell a Tale, while Jody & Cory and the Tims pick the dogs.

You would expect repeating a story to be the easier task of the two, but that's not what happened. Jet and Dave picked this because of their entertainment skills, and Vanessa because she's an actress. Unfortunately, Celina has none of those skills. Both teams had to the listen to the story 4 or 5 times before they got all the details right, and even then, the girls' recital was kind of questionable. I think the judges just gave in. Meanwhile back on Holloway Street, the dogs are a bit stubborn when they see that hill. Can't blame them. Tim Jr takes over leading their dog because his Dad kind of sucks with dogs....he then calls Junior a dog whisperer. Jody and Cory are just about to make their final delivery when they notice one of the eggs is broken and they must go back for more. This allows the Tims to move into the lead.

From here, the teams must head downtown to O'Brien's Music Store. They must pick out equipment to earn 50 dollars by busking on George St. In this Roadblock, the team members are specified on the clue: Tim Sr., Jody, Dave and Celina. I think it may have something to do with who they wanted to do the Roadblock in Toronto...it's rappelling down the side of the L Tower.

Tim Sr: picked juggling three balls for his act. He calls out stuff like "who wants to see a Winnipeger juggle" Junior thinks it's kind of funny that people are giving him money even though he can't even juggle that well"
Jody picks a tambourine, but he has absolutely no talent. So he ditches the tambourine and starts to tell people the story of how he was wounded in Afghanistan. Um, I am pretty sure the clue said to use a prop in this challenge. Dave picks an ugly stick and a set of devil sticks. Celina decides on a hula hoop and a ribbon, and Vanessa jumps in to tell her to make sure she sticks out her boobs. It works. As Dave said, "She's shaking that money maker and she's making money." Drivers are even stopping to give her money, so of course she is the first to finish.

From here they must make their way to the most easterly point in North America. It's Cape Spear. Do you know it's actually closer to Ireland than it is to Ontario? That's just my contribution to useless trivia for this episode. Here's how they finished:

First Place: Jody and Cory. They win a year of Air Canada's 'Super Elite 100K priviledged services' They also get a video chat, so they talk to Jody's wife and two daughters.
Second Place: Vanessa and Celina. They would have won the leg, but they didn't read the part in the clue that said "most easterly point". They went up to the old lighthouse first. Typical.
Third Place: Tim and Tim. I have no comment.
Last Place: Jet and Dave. Eliminated. I think Dave plunged into a funk during the busk that he couldn't recover from. Even Jet couldn't understand it because Dave's such a multi-talented guy. He reverted to singing the worst rendition ever of 'Row Your Boat'. I am in mourning. But as Jon pointed out, we probably haven't seen the last of Jet and Dave.

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