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The Amazing Race Canada: Preview of Episode 10 Season Finale: 'The Family Race Off'

Jody and Cory
Well, it all comes down to Toronto, and CTV promises us the teams will face the most extreme challenges

From Pearson Airport, it's a taxi ride downtown to the L Tower. The Roadblock here is rappelling down the outside of the building which is still under construction. This locale is obviously the replacement for the rappelling that was supposed to happen at City Hall. But Mayor Rob Ford screwed that one up. The finale was filmed May 24th, which just happened to be the day that every reporter in the city (and beyond) descended on City Hall to get a comment from the Mayor about the crack scandal. Is there anything that Rob Ford hasn't screwed up? Anyway, all three teams are there at the same time. Jody, Tim Jr. and
Tim Sr. and Tim Jr.
Vanessa make the plunge, while Cory, Tim Sr. and Celina wait on the ground. It looks like the rigging team gives them a hard time, especially Vanessa. They say stuff like..."grab the green rope, it's very thin", and  "Here's your clue, don't loose it" as they pin it onto Vanessa. None of them look thrilled about doing this. Jody says "It's a little bit higher than what I am used to". It will be interesting to see which one of them drums up enough courage to make the plunge first and possibly get into the lead. The last shot in the preview is Vanessa's ear-piercing scream. I am sure it will be "the hardest thing she's ever done". Not that I blame her. Okay yes I do. She's trying to win a quarter million dollars plus here. Did she think they were going to make it easy for her? Just do it.

From here, they must go to the Cadbury Adams factory. If I have to guess, I would say the challenge has something to do with Cadbury's current promotion with the golden key. Sounds way too Willy Wonka-ish for me. But I can tell you to expect the lead to shift here.

Vanessa and Celina
The next challenge takes place at the Toronto Zoo, where a clue box was sighted in front of the Panda exhibit. The promo shows a very quick overhead shot of Jody and Cory running up to the zoo entrance, with Vanessa and Celina following close behind. Where are the Tims? Hmmm. I suspect there is a Detour here. Or perhaps it's the final memory challenge. Whatever it is, there is a lot of running around's a lot more difficult than just retrieving a clue from the cluebox.

As for the finish line? I am still going with the Toronto Islands. I don't know if they will take the ferry, or maybe they have to row across (which would be reminiscent of Ned Hanlon, by the way. Or kind of ironic for Dave and Jet in the previous episode). And who wins? Well your guess is as good as mine. I am sticking with Jody and Cory. Not because I know something or whatever. Simply because of various promos. E Talk is featuring each team: the Tims on Thursday, Jody and Cory on Friday; and Vanessa and Celina on Monday before the finale. They are right in the middle. They wouldn't air the interview with Vanessa and Celina right before the finale if they won, would they? Oh, there is something else. That prize Jody and Cory won for Leg 9 was a one-year Air Canada Privileges package...what good would that be without the one year of free travel to go with it? Just...odd.


I keep thinking of certain tweets the teams put out after filming was done. Before filming started, Vanessa had given the excuse to her fans that she would be 'on vacation for the month' with no access to the internet. When she returned home she tweeted out she had returned. Jody replied to her, "where you been?". Vanessa did not reply...publicly anyways.She ignored it, being very safe. Now if the brothers won, wouldn't that seem a little, I don't know, insensitive or rude? Like he's rubbing it in their faces? So, you could read two things in this.  Either Vanessa & Celina won, and Jody was just teasing her. Or the Tims won, and Jody was teasing because they were both losers.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Don't forget to stay tuned to CTV after the finale for 'After the Race' reunion show.

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