Thursday, 1 May 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 26 Week 9 Live Eviction, Plus Side Show

Sabrina tells Jon, Neda and Heather that she can do damage control in the jury house after Adel gets there. Both Jon and Neda are trying to blame the idea to target Adel on each other.

The houseguests get their punishments for seeing their family and friends. Adel's campaign to stay is to make sure Neda and heather know he is going to turn the jury against them. Make them very bitter because, he says nothing can change a bitter jury member. He picks fights with Sabrina, more of a playful, bickering kind of fight. Sabrina counters everything he throws at her. They give Adel's storyline about turning his life around. So you pretty much know where this is headed.

Neda doesn't know what to do without her belongings. Meanwhile Jon doesn't know how to spend 24 hours by himself in the HoH room. Sabrina talks to Heather like she needs to be told what to do, and Heather doesn't appreciate it. She gives her argument why they should keep her over Adel, and how she would be easy to beat in the F2. Sabrina says the same stuff to Neda. More Adel coverage. He has to stay awake for 36 hours and he has a hard time. He thinks he is losing his mind, and falls asleep with his eyes open.

Adel then tries to campaign to stay with Neda and pulls the "we are both from the middle east and our families have had to struggle" line. Neda doesn't buy the cultural connection argument.

Jon is released from his solitary confinement in the HoH room,and tries to campaign for Adel. He doesn't trust Sabrina. Once again, Neda doesn't buy that argument. Both Jon and Neda know they have reached the point where they must separate and start playing for themselves, not each other.

Meanwhile in the jury house, Arlie and Allison are having a great time. Rachelle shows up to tell them the obvious. They should have kept Arlie. She tells them Adel won HoH and has the tape of the nomination ceremony ... you know, the one with all the pointing. Rachelle gets weepy about it again. The three of them agree that Adel is in trouble after this. They have no idea how right they are.

Time for the pre-taped Live Eviction. Adel is dressed in his official Big Brother onesie, because he knows the value of promotion (now available online on the BB Canada site), while Neda covers hers up with a garbage bag dress she fashioned herself. Adel and Sabrina give their pleas to Neda and Heather. Blah, blah, blah. Adel is evicted by a vote of 2 to 0.  When he leaves, he tells them the truth about that Veto power he had. He comes out on stage with his defiled Canadian flag and everyone yells "Wake up Canada". He is still on Jon's side and is convinced Jon will leave. He then yells "Wake up Newfoundland".

The comp for the next HoH is called  Before or After. They have to say which event occured before or after the other. Heather is out after the first question. Sabrina and Neda are tied. We will have to wait until Sunday's show to find out, but you can check by Standings board HERE if you want to find out.

From Side Show:

Peter and Gary give their rundown on what its like to be in the F4. Sabrina has to convince everyone she is dead weight. Heather has to win the next HoH to survive. To win, the house guests have to convince the others they are the baddest in the house, but then convince the evictees they are the greatest.

Rachel Reilly gets a montage because she is a BB superstar, then comes out on stage to compare boobs with Gary. Apparently she loves this season of BB Canada and really loves Kenny, Heather and Sabrina. Go figure. She likes the Twistos Twists and the tasks they have to do. Like Allison and Jon getting drunk without letting anyone else know. She doesn't like floaters and names Adel as this season's floater. They give her time in the Diary room but they didn't let her meet Marsha. Good thing. I think Marsha would have ripped her a new one.

They let Rachel talk to the house guests, but I really don't know what was said because of all the Sabrina screamings. By screamings, I mean screamings. She sounded like 6 people.

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