Monday, 4 April 2016

Feeds in Brief April 3 to 7 (Week 6)

Thursday, April 7 (Day 42

  • Mitch and Tim (in High Roller room) Tim mentions Mitch might be good as a commentator (on a side show). Mitch hints he has other interests.
  • Tim and Cass: Tim says he thinks Mitch might be a Youtuber because of some of the things he told him. He says he's been playing BBAU style, but this week he's playing BBCan style in voting Mitch out.

Wednesday, April 6 (Day 41)
  • Mitch and Nikki: Mitch wants to campaign to the Brothers and goes over it with Nikki. He wants to offer the Brothers 3 things: Mitch & Nikki are two votes to save the Brothers; if he and Nikki win HoH, they won't put the Brothers up; AND if Mitch is on the block next to the Brothers, Nikki will save the Brothers over him. Nikki agrees.
  • Mitch and Phil:Mitch tells Phil the hardest thing will be to survive a Triple (eviction), therefore his offer is: neither he nor Nikki will put the Brothers up in a Triple; if he or Nikki aren't on the block next to them (the Brothers) they will vote to save them; and Nikki will vote to save the Brothers even if he (Mitch) is also on the block in a triple. He also adds a few more things: the 3rd Wheel, Tim & Cass, Ramsey & Maddy would all vote to save each other. The Brothers have no "partner"; and he (Mitch) has already promised to go after the 3rd Wheel. He also points out that if he is voted out, Nikki would be vindictive and never vote to save them (the Brothers)
  • Tim and Nikki: Tim tells Nikki that he and Mitch could have been great together if they had gotten together from the beginning. BUT he wants Mitch to come to the same conclusion first, before he tells Mitch.
  • Mitch and Tim: Mitch begins by saying they are similar players and he saw that as soon as Tim came into the house. Tim says he finds it fascinating that Mitch - whose game depends on laws and odds, is being undone by pure luck. Tim says BB is not a logical game. Tim wants to be friends with Mitch after the show, but he was disappointed in Mitch wanting to play with the "cool kids". Mitch agrees. Tim says that for him, winning any BB is making sure the "Prom King & Queen" (in this case, Jared & Kelsey) don't win.
  • Mitch & Phil (in High Roller room) Mitch tells Phil that Kelsey made a final 4 deal with Maddy & Ramsey, and the Brothers were the next target. Kelsey comes in and Phil confronts her. She denies it. Mitch goes to get Maddy and Ramsey. The confrontation moves to the Living Room, with Maddy and Cass talking from over the upstairs railing. Eventually Phil defends Kelsey.
  • Meanwhile, Jared and Raul are in the HoH. They hear the commotion but don't join in. Phil enters, then Kelsey. They laugh and say it's just another failed attempt by Mitch.
  • Mitch and Raul in the HoH: Very long convo. Mitch tells Raul about his ASAP Science Youtube channel, his 5 million followers and his book. Raul says Mitch's followers will hate him. Mitch mentions he may be the first jury member. Raul asks if Mitch will vote for him (to win). Mitch leaves. Raul cries and repeats, "It's just a game."
  • Kelsey and Jared comfort Raul, tell him that he and Mitch will be friends after the game.
Tuesday, April 5 (Day 40)

  • Tim & Phil: (their task was to stay up all night) Tim says that with the sunrise, as far as he's concerned, the task is completed. He sleeps for about an hour. 
  • Tim & Nikki: Tim says BB's tasks are getting meaner and meaner. He's sick of being treated like special needs. He says it feels like being in a concentration camp, then says that's insensitive. He's just being sensitive today.
  • Kelsey & Cass: Cass says Tim is getting annoying, always follows her around, or calls for her. Kelsey says he votes just to stir up trouble. Cass says he just wants to keep the real players in the game. Cass says she's through with him.

Monday, April 4 (Day 39)
  • Kelsey and Cassandra: Cass tells Kelsey about all the cattiness last week while Kelsey was away, and what she had to put up with
  • POV Ceremony today
  • Jared did not use the Veto.
  • Cass & Kelsey: talk about the Veto Ceremony. (apparently Mitch's Veto speech was dramatic - he called the Third Wheel a cancer that had to be cut out of the house) Cass says don't worry, we're voting him out. They agree he was so different than the Mitch we knew before.
  • Jared & Maddy: Jared explains about the Mitch-intel that Kelsey found out about from Loveita while in sequester in the secret suite. Raul really screwed us over by opening his big mouth to Mitch. Now they have to deal with it. He tells her he wants to get Mitch out this week, hopes she votes with them. He also says the original plan was to put Cass up. Maddy mentions that she and Ramsey may vote differently.
  • Jared tells Kelsey about the Maddy convo. They work out that Mitch would be safe with Maddy, Ramsey, Nikki and Tim
  • Mitch calls a meeting or a "presentation" with Nikki, Cass, Tim, Maddy, Ramsey, Nick & Phil. He uses chocolates to explain odds in the game and everyone's chances going forward - if they keep him. He uses casinos as an example. [Note: to me, it came across as his excuse for floating/making numerous alliances - he was just playing the odds] At one point he says, "this is how I made by nominations before" (was he referring to Loveita's HoH???)
  • Tim says his mother knows statistics - he does too, and Mitch got a few things wrong. He and Cass go to talk to Kelsey and Raul. Basically, they agreed they don't have a problem with each other.
Sunday, April 3 (Day 38)
  • When feeds return: Jared has won Veto
  • Mitch and Raul: Mitch tells Raul he will be polite to him BUT he will give him no more in this game.