Friday, 25 March 2016

Feeds in Brief: March 24 to March 31 (Week 5)

Spoiler Alert: the following information MAY spoil the aired episodes for you.
Monday, March 28 (Day 32)

  • POV Ceremony: Ramsay used the veto to save himself; Tim put Maddy up as renom, as she had the third highest number of koala gummy bear votes cast against her. (Tim had told her this prior to the POV Ceremony.)
  • HGs are having a house-cleaning day.

Sunday, March 27 (Day 31)

  • Easter Sunday: Sorry, but I did not watch Feeds

Saturday, March 26 (Day 30)
  • POV Comp today.
  • POV Players: Tim, Dallas, Ramsey, Cass, Jared, Mitch. Phil will host.
  • Ramsey won PoV
  • Tim wanted to nom himself as replacement after PoV Ceremony, but BB told him no.
Friday, March 25 (Day 29)
  • In Secret Suite: Kelsey sees Maddy & Jared together in the backyard - this annoys her.
  • Tim tells Nikki he is going to talk to BB about his nomination plan and how he wants to be Big Brother this week.
  • Tim calls house meeting to outline his nomination method. Maddy asks him how would they know if he doesn't just lie and nominate the 2 HE wants. He said they will know by talking to each other, and Canada will know. He also promises not to disclose how everyone votes. If they can't give good reasons for their noms, the 5 points will be awarded against THEM. He doesn't tell them how the POV will be handled.
  • Cass: Ramsey 4; Dallas 1
  • Dallas: (before he goes in, he tells everyone to put 4 votes on him, he'll go up and fight for POV) He has no reasons to nominate anyone. Tim agrees to put 5 votes on Dallas.
  • Jared: 4 for Dallas, 1 for Ramsey
  • Joel: 3 to Dallas, 2 to Ramsey
  • Maddy: Dallas 3; Jared 2
  • Mitch: Dallas 3; Ramsey 2
  • Nick & Phil: Maddy 3; Dallas 2
  • Nikki: Maddy 4; Dallas 1
  • Ramsey: Jared 2; Dallas 3
  • Raul: Joel 1; Dallas 4
  • Totals: Dallas 29; Ramsey 9; Maddy 7; Jared 4; Joel 1 (10 HGs voting X 5 votes each = 50 votes total)
Thursday, March 24 (Day 28) Post Eviction
  • Tim won HoH. He won by coming closest to the correct answer to how many red balls were transferred during the Locked Lips comp.
  • Tim gets his HoH room. He shares kangaroo jerky & Vegemite with the others.
  • Dallas tells Joel he's not happy with Maddy getting rid of Loveita and thinks he should cut her loose - she's working with the other side now.
  • Nikki is very excited about Tim's HoH. Tim tells her about nominations in BB Australia. It's based on points. Each housemate noms 2 others and divides 5 points between their noms. They must also give detailed reasons for their noms, not just simple ones like "they're a threat." He wants to do his HoH like this, and have the others responsible for this week's noms.