Monday, 21 March 2016

Nikki Grahame's Episode 8 "Tim-Meltdown" in GIFs

During Week three's live eviction episode, we were treated to an extended sequence featuring Nikki Grahame having a meltdown. Seems Nikki had an issue with Tim getting too close with Cassandra. She explains it to us in the DR...
Obviously I'm not for the whole Cassandra-Tim relationship thing, but I know my bond with Tim is stronger than theirs could ever be. I mean she's just a young, shallow girl that just...I don't know, she just needs all the help she can get to play this game.
First, she wandered through the house looking for Tim. When she can't find him, she heads out to the hot tub. There she finds Mitch, Kelsey and Christine - her audience. Of course Kelsey had to ask Nikki if she was having a moment. Nikki lets it all out... 

 But she's not done stewing. She heads up to the HoH and is comforted by Loveita. Tim walks in, asks her if she's doing good, then leaves. This only sets her off again.

The whole sequence resulted in a lot of people commenting that Nikki and Tim behave like a married couple. Maybe. But the studio audience erupted into laughter and applause. Nikki Grahame isn't just live-feed or TV gold. She's comedic genius. Just look at her troll face!