Friday, 18 March 2016

Feeds in Brief: March 17 to 24 (Week 4)

Aaah, that "first day of spring" feeling in the Big Brother Canada house.
Live feed recaps are spoilers if you only watch the aired episodes.

Wednesday, March 23 (Day 27)

  • Cass & Tim, Mitch. Cass says her vote is 50/50. Mitch says Kelsey and Jared together are a bigger target. He then says he is keeping Raul. Tim says this will be the first vote where he is picking sides. He can't work with people who play like they're in high school.
  • Tim tells Mitch and Phil he's not afraid to be put up as a pawn or go home. Mitch and Phil agree Tim would make a perfect pawn in a double eviction.
  • Dallas, Loveita and Joel. Dallas says we need to take out more of the 3-headed monster. Joel says he's depending on them to protect him next week.
  • Feeds go down. When they return, we see ALL the HGs come out of the DR where they were sequestered. They all notice the lights on the Dome are now yellow.
  • The Jackpot goes off again. It seems noisier than ever.
  • BB ends the HN's week. They eat and move their stuff out of the HN room.
  • Sleeping arrangements become an issue since Nikki won't sleep in the same bed as Loveita.
  • Loveita asks Joel if she can stay in the HoH tonight.

Tuesday, March 22 (Day 26)

  • Nikki in Hundo (we can hear over the feeds) "i'm not sharing a bed with that woman any more!". She calls Tim into the room and shows him Loveita's dirty underwear. Nikki admits to being OCD and tells Tim she found tissues and toenail clippings when she was in the HoH with Loveita. Nikki asks Tim how she should tell Loveita. Tim suggests they remind everyone to keep the house clean
  • Madday & Ramsey: Maddy says the vote will be 7 to 3 (with Jared, the Brothers and Cass voting Raul) Maddy tells Ramsey she only hooked up with Nick for strategy.
  • Mitch and Dallas: Dallas tells Mitch he won't put him on the block. Mitch says Dallas is a big target and that's why he'd never put him up.
  • Joel gets the HoH camera and says production told him to take creative, perspective trick shots. He doesn't know what that means. Phil & Ramsey help.
  • Jackpot goes off and nobody moves or seems to care.

Monday, March 21 (Day 25)

  • Dallas & Jared: agree the Brothers should be their target - they will eventually become 2 players
  • POV Ceremony: Dallas does not use his POV
  • In the HoH: Joel tells Mitch people like Raul but they are closer to Kelsey. Mitch says that might mean they will keep her. Mitch warns Joel that people have been noticing him and Loveita together too much. Joel agrees. Loveita comes in and Mitch warns her not to fight with Kelsey as it might give people a reason to keep Kelsey. Mitch also warns about the 3 of them having long convos together.
  • Dallas and Phil at Hot Tub: Dallas accuses Phil of playing both sides - his game is exposed. Phil says he's not going after him (Dallas). Dallas says he has to get Jared out.
  • Phil & Mitch: Phil says Dallas was lying when he said it was Cassandra who wanted the Brothers backdoored. They agree that Raul needs to stay over Kelsey. Kelsey enters and says if they hear (from Dallas) that Jared wants them out, it's a lie. Phil suggests an alliance between the Brothers, Raul, Mitch and Jared. They want Dallas out, then Loveita, Maddy and Ramsey.
  • Phil tells Nick of alliance with Mitch, Raul and Jared.
  • Dallas & Loveita: Dallas accuses Loveita of spreading info he told her. He says he told Loveita and Joel about his theory of the HG cards in the backyard (there was space for separate Phil & Nick cards) and it got back to Phil. Loveita denies it. Mitch says it was Joel then? Dallas also confronts Loveita about Jared & Kelsey telling him that Loveita wanted to target Maddy. Loveita tells Dallas that they are liars.
  • Loveita & Dallas again: Loveita says she may have agreed with Jared & Kelsey to put Maddy up, but only to get Jared & Kelsey out of the room.
  • Maddy to Phil: I love my boyfriend back home, and Nick needs to back off. Nick comes in, and Phil tells Nick that Maddy needs her space.

Sunday, March 20 (Day 24)

  • Raul's punishment from PoV comp is to lasso a bull 1,000 times. He can only stop for food & bathroom breaks.

Saturday, March 19 (Day 23)
  • High Roller room is open again. Mitch suggests it's for a reason: perhaps the next time the Jackpot goes off, the first one in here will get something.
  • POV comp players: Joel, Kelsey, Raul, Jared, Dallas and Ramsey
  • Joel tells Mitch: Tim will be a pawn replacement nom if Veto is used. Mitch adds: Tim will reveal his game if he's on the block. They agree it will be best if Kelsey goes this week.
  • Phil & Ramsey in High Roller room: Ramsey thinks Loveita influenced Joel's noms. Phil tells him no, Joel told him the noms were his decision.
  • Loveita tells Joel/Mitch that Maddy said she will vote to save Kelsey
  • Jared tells Loveita she influenced Joel's noms & influenced him from day 1. He told her Joel was crying last week because she tried to get him to vote Cass out. Argument erupts and Loveita tells Jared he thinks he's a god in this house.
  • Jared tells Joel of his fight with Loveita. Joel tries to explain again it was his noms. Kelsey tells Joel it's more than that, Loveita made a deal last week with them and broke it.
  • Dallas won POV comp for 2nd week in a row. Comp was called "Ace in the Hole", and involved some sort of card game, and riding a bull along a track, probably to retrieve cards. Ramsay won a Slop Pass but gave it up.
  • High Roller room remains open. Jared to Raul: we're going to have to have an alliance/group meeting to figure out who to evict. Jared adds, it will probably be Kelsey who goes.
Friday, March 18 (Day 22)

  • Have Not comp today. There will be 2 teams. Raul, Mitch, Cassandra, Tim, Kelsey & Jared VS Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey, Nikki, Loveita & Brothers.
  • Have Nots: Raul, Mitch, Cassandra (for a 3rd week) Tim, Kelsey & Jared
  • There was booze involved in the HN Comp. Dallas and Jared got into a big fight. Tim threw a baseball bat and not watching where he threw it,  accidentally hit Maddy. Jared said Maddy milked it.
  • Nomination Ceremony is tonight. Joel is still not set on his noms, but has mentioned Kelsey and Raul.
  • Joel followed through and nominated Kelsey and Raul.
  • The High Roller Room was not closed off as usual after the Nomination Ceremony and HGs used the room to relax for awhile
  • Jared & Kelsey in the Have Not room: Jared tells Kelsey, they hate us because they're not us.
  • Jared Kelsey and Raul blame Loveita, not Joel for the noms

Thursday, March 17 (Day 21) Post Eviction

  • Joel & Mitch win the HoH comp, they agree Joel takes HoH this week
  • Loveita goes right to Joel in the HoH room. She tells him it's up to him to nominate any way he thinks is best and will vote any way he wants her to. Then slips in a quick, "I can't take Cassandra" Joel mentions putting Tim up as pawn, but he needs to talk to him first
  • Nikki makes a birthday cake for Phil
  • Loveita and Cassandra confront each other again