Monday, 7 March 2016

Big Brother Canada 4 Episode 2: Noobs, Noobs Everywhere

When last we left our cozy new batch of houseguests, the first HoH was won by Loveita and they were all told a major twist would soon be revealed. All seemed right in the world to those viewers out there who erroneously believed - as did Loveita and several other Houseguests, that winning the first few HoHs is a good thing.

Aaah, Noobs. They make the game so much more interesting.

While the Paquettes are locked up tight in the High Rollers Room for the night, Sharry and Loveita confer in the storage room (aka "Housekeeping) over the nomination choices. Sharry wants Cassandra and Joel put up. But Loveita has her mind set on breaking up the showmances, especially Jared and Kelsey. She doesn't want to nominate the Paquettes because she doesn't want to chance becoming a revenge target if the brothers win POV. Oh, Loveita. See this is why no one wants to be HoH until it's absolutely necessary.

In the morning, the Paquettes are released like a couple of scent hounds and they make a dash to do damage control. Wooh. Slow down fellas, Loveita's already made up her mind to put Kelsey and Paige on the block. Then she tells poor little Paige she will be the pawn.

Loveita goes into the High Roller Room to sort out her noms. Her shortlist of four HGs are Cassandra, Kelsey, Christine and Paige. Loveita's plan to break up the showmances was obviously full of crap. She clearly sees no use in having other girls in the house. Her final 2 noms are Kelsey and Paige.

Who is this "Spencer" in the lower right? Where are the Paquettes?
In an interesting sidenote, did u take a good look at that Nomination Panel? Seems one of Loveita's choices could have been someone called Spencer. Who's Spencer? As best as I can figure out, Spencer could have been a late cut from the cast. So late that whoever does the imaging on the Nomination Panel forgot to put up the card graphic for.... the Paquettes instead.

Then Loveita makes an even bigger mistake than telling Paige she would be the pawn. She tells Kelsey she is her target. Kelsey then runs straight to Jared. I am left with the feeling that the only thing Loveita accomplished was the reverse of her goal. Could it be that the Kelsey nomination only accelerated the so-called "showmance"?

This is a fast-moving episode and we immediately go into the POV Comp. It's called "What the Shell". The comp players are: Loveita, Kelsey, Paige, Sharry, Nick and Raul. They are dressed in mermaid/merman attire which conveniently binds their legs together. They must use a rope to pull themselves over wave obstacles and get themselves to the beach area. Here they must use a starfish at the end of a rope to hook letters on seashells. The goal is to spell out the phrase "Calm before the storm." It's not easy and their struggles getting themselves over the waves were absolutely hilarious. To make a long story short, only Nick had the upper body strength needed to win this POV Comp.

But at the POV Ceremony, the Paquettes decide not to use it. The nominations remain the same. Then the Paquettes meet up with Mitch and Joel, because they have a plan to take some of the heat off them being a huge target in the house. Phil points out the advantage to keeping Kelsey over Paige. The reasoning is that if you keep the showmance in the game, Kelsey and Jared will be a bigger target than their Double Down dilemma.

Sharry tells Loveita, "There's no way Kelsey's not going home."

Then the Eviction vote. Sure enough, poor little Paige - one of the few real fans in this season's cast, is the first to be evicted by a vote of 7 to 4. Take note that the four who voted for Kelsey were: Ramsey, Sharry, Maddy, and Dallas. (hint: this will become an issue)

After Paige walks out of the house, Arisa fills the HGs in on the big twist and the four Wildcards are brought out onto the stage. Tim Dormer from Australia, Jase Wirey from the U.S. Veronica Graf from Italy and Nikki Grahame from the U.K. Canada voted and the results are....Nikki and Tim. The look on Jase's face was total astonishment. I don't think he knew who Tim was. I guess you could say Tim was evicted before he even got in the house. His main claim to fame is he was the first BB HG to be backdoored, now he can claim he is the first to be frontdoored. Nikki was completely flabbergasted to be voted in. The reaction of the HGs inside were a mixed bag. Some were excited, Maddy exclaimed, "It's not fair." But Grand-Mumsie, I mean Christine sat still and let everyone in Canada see her resting bitch-face. Horrifying.