Thursday, 17 March 2016

This Week on Big Brother Canada 4: Much Ado About a Nomination (Week 3)

After Sharry is evicted, and Loveita wins HoH on a fluke shot, we all assumed she would put up two members of the Third Wheel. Hell, if one of them won Veto, then Loveita could throw the third one up on the block. It only seemed logical, right? Right?

Loveita spent all of Friday and most of Saturday talking to everyone. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Hell, I'm surprised she didn't ask for Arisa, Peter and Sarah to come up to her room "for a sec." It was like a never-ending parade of friends and foes going in and out of the HoH room. Loveita asked some for their opinion, others she asked what they would do in her position, and then there were some that she downright interrogated. And not just once or even twice. At one point, Raul told her, "Look, I've told you three times already." It was a Live-Feeders worst nightmare. The definition of monotony as we listened to Loveita repeat the same lines time and time again. Just as everyone was sure she would target Jared, Kelsey or Raul....what does she do? She cuts a deal with them. They won't go after each other until Jury.

Don't bet on this deal holding. Kelsey didn't even know what "Jury" was.

Nevertheless, Loveita either made a smart decision or totally wimped-out on nominating Cassandra and Christine. You can decide for yourself, but I personally think the 3rd week is too soon to make a big move.

Then we were treated to more of Loveita's personal consultations - this time in the form of damage control, as the house erupted in the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony. She told Cassandra she was nominated because she can't be trusted and she called Loveita "stupid bitch." This was true. BUT, it was just an excuse. The same can be said of other lines Loveita repeated to people, like "You have to understand, I lost Sharry." Or the ever popular - and very condescending, "I am doing this to protect you", which she repeated to Joel, Dallas and Ramsay. No, Loveita. You're not there to be their self-appointed protector. Loveita's justification of her noms were so transparent that even Dallas and Cassandra called her out on it, asking if she cut a deal with the Third Wheel.

While Christine spent the week in bed, Cassandra went full throttle on the campaign trail.

Dallas kept on trying. He wanted that Veto to take Christine off the block and nominate the Brothers - Phil and Nick. And no, that's not my mistake. Dallas actually thought the Veto winner chose the re-nom. (these damn noobs!). Then he won Veto. He tried and tried to get Loveita to go along with his backdoor plan (another misused term by Dallas and others. Damn noobs!) and at one point it looked like Loveita might be on board. All the Live-Feeders hearts were aflutter as we thought we'd get some actual drama. But, no. Loveita persuaded Dallas with the same lines about her mission to get Cassandra out. Or perhaps Dallas came to the realization that Loveita might put Maddy or Ramsey up as the replacement nom. In the end, Dallas did not use his Veto and the nominations stood.

So there you have it. We essentially have two goats on the block. Whoever stays will inevitably be pulled along to be used as fodder, a shield to protect the "bigger" players. Who will go?

As of this morning, it looks like Christine will be given the BBGrand early check-out. Cassandra has the majority of support. Christine's only sure supporters are Dallas, Maddy and Ramsay (and even Ramsay may vote against her). This really isn't surprising. Christine has spent the week in bed.  Her isolation from the rest of the house is probably the reason she's on the block in the first place. Cleaning up after the youngins, staying in bed and wearing that leopard print nighty is not a good strategy. If this was Christine's idea of laying low for the first few weeks a la Godfrey, she went about it all wrong.


There is a slim possibility we might see Cassandra leave. Both Tim and Mitch are pushing for a close vote - aiming for 6 to 5. They believe this will give both sides of the house, and especially Jared and his Third Wheel alliance a false sense of security. It's a plan that may backfire and accidentally send Cass home. And Joel may be the deciding factor. He's on the fence, but he sees the logic in keeping Cassandra over Christine. Tim has reinforced the idea with him this morning and it may just come down to whether or not Loveita will get in Joel's ear before the vote.