Thursday, 10 March 2016

Big Brother Canada 4, Episode 4: The "So Bored That I Just Want to Wear My Leopard Nighty and Stay in Bed" Episode

I guess after three great episodes, it was bound to happen. We had to have a let down at some point, right?

Poor, poor, confused Loveita. She's on the block with her best friend. Here come the tears. Now she wants to win the POV so she can save Sharry - a move which will surely see her meeting Arisa much sooner than her pre-season hype. Can someone please remind her which show she is on and why she's on it?

Meanwhile, Kelsey is still hung up on the 4th vote against her in the last eviction. Someone is lying and Kelsey, Jared and Raul are convinced the no-good double-crosser is Dallas. They grill him in the HoH room, but Dallas sticks to his story. If you are a Non-Live-Feeder, you should know this convo went in circles - as most of Kelsey's conversations tend to do. Eventually Dallas broke and confessed. I'm sure he just couldn't take any more of Kelsey with a B. Another thing the episode did not mention is that during his confession, he ratted out two of his alliances. The only entertaining thing about this whole bit was Nikki eavesdropping outside the HoH room.

The foreign intruders, Tim and Nikki save this episode with their high jinks.  They play a great game of Hide n Seek with Maddy, Ramsey and Phil. Nikki searches the house but completely misses Phil in the shower, who is disguised with a towel wrapped around his head. Cute. Tim says of Nikki, "She's like the older sister I never really asked for."

Tim gives an empty marinara sauce jar to Dallas and asks him to fart in it. (this jar will later be used for some peculiar purposes) Cassandra is the chosen victim of this prank when Dallas tells her to open it and smell the pickle remains.

And then we learn that Nikki has wasted no time wrapping a few of the HGs around her little finger (or toe). She asks for - and gladly gets, a foot massage from Dallas. Dallas calls it a Canadian welcome. I have never heard of this custom before, but is it anything like being Screeched-In? Of course the DR commentary comes from Kelsey with a B, who mimics Nikki with a poorly executed British accent.

The POV Comp is sponsored by The Brick. It's hosted by the voice of The Brick, Michael Bell and his two Vanna-Whites, Kelsey and Cassandra. This is a two-parter called "Flip It To Win" and the winner gets a $5,000 gift certificate along with Veto. In Round One, the 6 comp players - Jared, Loveita, Sharry, Phil, Mitchell and Christine must search through a showroom of furniture to find one of three keys that open a lock. Christine, Loveita and Mitchell find the keys first and move on to Round Two. To win Veto, they must be the first to correctly answer 5 questions about the items they saw in the showroom. Christine and Loveita are tied at 4 points each, while Mitch does a horrible job of throwing the comp. Christine wins. I guess spending the last 3 days in bed in her leopard nighty really conserved her energy. She is then given a chance to double her prize. All she has to do is pick which cushion the double prize is under. Cushion number two has spoken to her - obviously in a dream. She has chosen wisely.

She chooses wisely again not to use that Veto, despite Jared mentioning he would put up Dallas if Christine uses it. I can tell you, that was an idle threat on Jared's part. He had no intention of swaying Christine's mind.

And then Big Brother announces that Tim and Nikki will be able to vote in this week's eviction. Did we really think they wouldn't?

So who do you think will go home this week, Loveita or Sharry?