Saturday, 19 March 2016

Big Brother Canada 4 Episode 8: The BBGrand Dismisses Maid for Sleeping on the Job

To paraphrase Tim, it's funny that the person who was on the block last week is running the show this week. He's not wrong, but he's not quite correct either. There is dissension among the ranks. This is Loveita's second HoH, Will this one go the way she wants - to get Cassandra evicted, or will it be another wasted HoH?

Cassandra began campaigning for support the minute Loveita nominated her. Christine on the other hand, continued with her 2-fold strategy of staying in bed or fulfilling her duties as the BBGrand house maid. She only went into campaign mode after the POV Ceremony. And when I say campaign mode, I mean a half-hearted attempt at best.

With all the gameplay and strategizing going on, it's nice to see the day-to-day activities inside the house, and nothing is better than watching the house guests prank each other. Tim, Nikki and Ramsey start the fun. Tim smears Vaseline on the toilet seat, while Nikki puts BBQ sauce in the shampoo. Cassandra is the victim of both. Tim tells her "You're just having a really bad week, aren't you?" The aired episode edited out Cass's full comment as she emerged from the toilet, which was "Who's j!zz do I have on my ass?" They also did not show another prank...Ramsey gets Nutella and Nikki smears it on the HoH toilet seat. Later, she tells Loveita, "That's animal behaviour."

While all this is going on, Mitch explains his game to us. He calms the Paquettes down after Kelsey tells them there was a plan to backdoor them this week. Mitch warns the brothers to stop reacting and stay unattached to let the two sides of the house - Jared and his crew battle Dallas and his crew.

Best part of this whole episode is Nikki. Hands, down. Nikki is a bit jealous of Tim's relationship with Cassandra. "My bond with Tim is stronger than hers could ever be. She's just a young, shallow girl that just needs all the help she can get in this game." And then the tantrum begins. She goes to look for them. She finds Mitch, Christine and Kelsey and lets it all out, giving her best troll imitation. In the middle of a good cry in the HoH room with Loveita, Tim walks in, asks if she's okay then leaves. Another meltdown ensues as she says she is just combusting internally. She wants Cassandra OUT! But don't worry, Tikki fans...they later make up.

I have enough material to make about 5 gifs from this one segment alone!

As Kelsey convinces Jared to go against their arrangement with Loveita and vote to keep Cassandra, Tim has other plans. He knows the house will side with the Third Wheel and end up voting Christine out. He doesn't want it to be a landslide. He wants both sides to have a false sense of security - thinking they both came close with the vote. He plans to vote to evict Cassandra. It's a risky move, but he thinks it's worth it.

Jared talks to Phil to a) patch things up, and b) convince Phil to save Cass. Phil gets it and talks to Cass. She's got his vote. She tells Phil she loves him, then asks to hear him say he loves her back.

With the stage set, it's time for the Eviction vote. Tim carries through with his plan to vote Cass just to even the count. Luckily, the risk was a success. Christine is evicted by a vote of 6 to 5.

Despite Christine's promise that she would fit in with the youngins, we saw nothing of it. I can't tell you how many times I heard on the feeds Christine referred to as a non-player or even worse, her best attribute being "she cleans." Christine claimed that it was her strategy to eavesdrop on everyone while cleaning, but all she accomplished was reminding the 20-somethings of their respective mothers who probably did the same thing.

Oh well. Bye-bye Forever 21. It must suck to be fired by the BBGrand Hotel for sleeping on the job.

What sucks even more is... there go all my perfectly good maid jokes. Not to mention Forever-21 jabs and leopard-print-puns. Ugh. It was time to move on any way.

The 50's "Grease"-themed HoH comp is called "Locked Lips". The HGs must work in pairs to move 50 red balls across the room without using their hands, meaning they must hold each ball between them with only their mouths. The pair that wins must decide which one will be the next HoH. And nice try BB, do you really think we're to believe these pairs were "randomly selected"? Ramsey & Kelsey, Joel & Mitch, Jared & Dallas, Tim & Maddy, Cassandra & Raul and....of course, Phil and Nikki. Who doesn't appreciate the "randomness" of these pairings? I mean come on. Dallas and his mortal enemy Jared? Or Phil teamed up with his huge crush Nikki? I can't decide which is best.

We won't officially know the winner until Sunday's episode airs BUT if you would like to know (along with the new HoH's noms), you can check out my BBCan4 Houseguest Status HINT: we're in for another doozey of a week!