Monday, 7 March 2016

Big Brother Canada 4 Episode 3: Darn Foreigners

When Tim and Nikki enter the BB Canada house, the reactions are mixed. To say the least.

Jared and Raul's immediate response is they want "that guy" on their side. Many rush upstairs to greet the international intruders, but a few, okay mostly just one HG gets way too judgemental. Yep, Grand-Mumzie, AKA "Forever 21" Christine, just sits on the couch. Judging. That look is terrifying. But Tim, gets everyone's number right away. He looks downstairs and says, "These are the people that hate us." When everyone is gathered on the Living Room couches, he explains how the Australian and UK games are different and says, "If you think we've got a target on our backs, we've never played your game. So you (looking at Christine) can wipe that scowl off your face."


 And there you have it. That's Tim Dormer in a nutshell. He really doesn't give a shit. Combine that with being one of the most intuitive players to have ever played the game, and you have TV gold. And Live Feed gold.

And then there's Nikki Grahame.

When several of the girls give her a tour of the house, she was immediately overwhelmed by the whole thing. There are so many people. The house is so big. The tears start. She runs into the bathroom and the girls try to comfort her. Like a medieval princess, Nikki has found her handmaidens. And don't believe her Diary Room break-down. She's just sticking to her reputation. That was our first glimpse of what Nikki does best.

The HoH competition is called, "Big Brother Roast." The HGs must guess which of them are described in the roasts the fans were asked to send in. To be honest, they were all pretty tame. Are we really that polite, Canada? If the HG who buzzes in first guesses correctly, they can eliminate one of the others but if they guess incorrectly, they themselves are eliminated.

The Noob that calls herself Kelsey gets 3 right and eliminates Maddy, Sharry and Ramsey. Surprise, surprise. But when the roast/clue is "Hi Emmett", she guesses Raul and eliminates herself. NOOB. When Arisa tells them the correct answer is Jared, he says, "Who's Emmett?" This comes from the guy who claims to have been all past seasons of BB Canada. Mitch throws the comp by answering incorrectly. The last two HGs remaining are Jared and Joel. Joel hasn't even attempted to buzz in to answer, and it is very clear that no one sees him as enough of a threat to eliminate him - take note of that. Jared makes the mistake of answering correctly and winning HoH. NOOB.

Later Maddy takes note that Kelsey picked them off one by one, total retaliation for the last Eviction vote. Kelsey has just created the 5 AM in Toronto alliance of Loveita, Sharry, Maddy, Ramsey and Dallas.

With the HoH comp out of the way, BB delivers a basket of booze. Dallas toasts the foreigners Tim and Nikki then they all play Never Have I Ever. It wasn't enough booze to get them wasted, just enough to loosen them up a wee bit and help to take all the awkwardness away. Until Jared gets his HoH room and reads the letter from his Mom. It makes everyone cry. Tim and Nikki don't have a clue what's going on, wondering what the hell is everyone's problem. Ramsey runs to his room for a cry. Maddy wants to quit. Isn't that special? Later, Tim starts talking to The Third Wheel (FYI: alliance of Jared, Raul & Kelsey) and others, asking questions about the gameplay here in North America. Their answers pretty much outline their entire strategy and alliances. NOOBS. Tim's first victims. Check.

Then the Have Not comp, called "Wheels of Meals" and Tim & Nikki get to play. There are 3 teams. The purpose of this is to get as much food for the week as you can, and the team who gets the least will be the HNs for the week. One member from each team is spun on a giant wheel. The number of rotations decide the umber of paint balloons each team gets. The balloons are then used to hit food items surrounding the person on the wheel who will, coincidently get splattered wit paint in the process. I'll just cut to the chase here. Sharry, Loveita, Joel and Cassandra are the HNs this week.

Time for Jared to pick his two nominations. His shortlist is predictable. Ramsey, Maddy, Loveita and Sharry. He's purely acting out of revenge. His final noms are Loveita (because she tried to get the hottest girl out) and Sharry (because she is guilty by association). Oh goody. This is going to be one hell of a week.

Hint: Jared and his Third Wheel alliance will spend most of the next episode figuring out who that "4th vote" to evict Kelsey was, and trying to get him to come clean. Okay, that's not correct. It's mostly Kelsey who relentlessly drones on. NOOB.