Friday, 11 March 2016

Feeds in Brief March 10 to March 17 Week 3

Thursday, March 17 (Day 21)

  • Happy Birthday Phil!
  • Phil is the victim of Nikki's pranked mouthwash/dishsoap. Nikki apologizes and tells him it was her and Tim who did it. Tim tells Phil it was Nikki who did the mouthwash, he only did the toilet/Vaseline.
  • Loveita, Kelsey & Dallas: Dallas tells Loveita that Cass has made it clear that if she wins HoH she's putting her on the block. He also tells them the vote will be close. Kelsey adds that at least with Cass, they know what she's about.
  • Tim warns Joel that if they go against Jared in the vote, Jared may target them. Tim says it's really not about the player this week, it's about the play next week.

Wednesday, March 16 (Day 20)
  • Joel & Christine: Christine tells Joel she's talked to Nikki, Dallas, Maddy & Ramsey (and has their vote) That's 4. She's working on Tim. She tells Joel that people think Cassandra flips too much. Joel asks her who she'd go after if she's HoH. She says someone big (Jared), someone has to do it and she's not afraid. Joel tells her he's an open book, will listen to anyone.
  • Nikki, Kelsey, Loveita in HoH: Nikki rants on about Tim. She doesn't need his help. She's sick of is self-importance/ego.
Tuesday, March 15 (Day 19)

  • Kelsey to Phil: I want Cassandra to stay. Phil agrees. Kelsey adds Christine already won $10,000
  • In the HoH: Joel tells Loveita that he told Cassandra he will vote to save her. Daas enters. Loveita says it was Tim who convinced her to put up Cassandra. Nick, Nikki and then Phil enter the convo. Phil says he was set to vote Cass out, until he heard that oveita and Dallas were working together. Phil warns Dallas that his name keeps coming up (as a target) in convos.
  • Nick, Phil & Joel: Phil says he trusts Jared more than Loveita and Dallas, and Christine is sketchy. Nick admits that Loveita bullies/pushes her agenda, but Jared & Kelsey respect him. Phil says Loveita told us to do what we think is best for our game (re: the vote). Phil explains to Joel that he'll be good with Cassandra staying and he'll be safe next week if she stays.
  • Mitch & Joel: Joel tells Mitch he's keeping Cassandra. Mitch agrees and adds that he knows Cass is not with Dallas. Mitch wants Maddy and Dallas to not switch their votes (to evict Christine), he wants the vote to be 7 to 4.

Monday, March 14 (Day 18)
  • POV Ceremony: Dallas did not use the POV. Noms remain the same: Cassandra & Christine
  • Loveita to Nick in the BY: Nick questions the High Roller room...says there's "something in there". Loveita says she saw something (in there). Feeds cut. 
  • Nick & Loveita in HN room. They go over clues from the POV Comp. "something is not what it seems". Nick says, "what if they're just here to..." and feeds cut again. When they return, Nick is alone in the HN, still thinking of the puzzle. 
  • Tim, Nikki and Ramsey pull some pranks.Tim puts Vaseline on the toilet seat. Nikki puts BBQ sauce in the shampoo bottle and dish soap in the mouthwash. Nikki wants something brown to smear on the toilet seat, so Ramsey gets Nutella. Nikki says its perfect - it looks like burning diarrhea.
  • Cassandra is the victim of the Vaseline. She asks Tim, "Who's j!zz do I have on my ass?"
  • Phil, Cassandra & Tim: Phil tells Cassandra he heard she was trying to target him. Tim says no, and that some people were trying to blame the backdoor plan on her.
  • Rare glimpse upward near the hot tub.
  • Loveita says the vote is up to fate and that she no longer cares who goes. Loveita goes to the HoH bathroom and sees the Nutella on the toilet seat. Tim says someone had a blowout and Nikki adds, "that's animal behaviour"
Sunday, March 13 (Day 17)
  • Injuries from POV comp: Christine fell from 3 meters off the ladder, Cassandra strained her ankle
  • Loveita to Joel: I can't stand Kelsey & Raul. There's a big opportunity to backdoor a big player. Later she says if I get Cassandra out, Christine needs to start to work with us.
  • Jared to Christine: Loveita is by herself (in this game) Dallas comes in and tells them of his convo with Loveita last night (trying to tell her to backdoor the brothers). Dallas says he had to calm Loveita down. He thinks Loveita is working with the brothers.
  • Mitch to Loveita: Be prepared for Dallas using the POV. Loveita knows Jared, Kelsey & Raul will break her deal with them.
  • Loveita asks Dallas if he's going to use the veto. He says no.
  • Cassandra, Jared & Kelsey: They count votes. Jared: Kelsey, Mitch, Raul, Tim. Kelsey adds Joel. Jared agrees then says it's up to Nikki.
  • Dallas & Maddy try to convince Loveita to "backdoor"* Jared. They use the line "they got rid of Sharry/we owe it to Sharry"
  • Tim, Nikki and Loveita discuss putting up Jared and the plan loses steam
 *not technically a backdoor, which is a plan hatched pre-nominations. This would be just a renomination.

Saturday, March 12 (Day 16)
  • POV comp Players: Loveita, Cassandra, Christine, Dallas, Jared & Ramsey. Tim will host.
  • Loveita's making her rounds today to reinforce the reasoning behind her noms and push her agenda. Christine tells her she understands even though she thought it was weird. Ramsey, Dallas and Jared tell Loveita if they win POV they will keep the noms the same.
  • Dallas wins POV
  • Tim believes his POV Hosting script held a clue in the wording. He tells Loveita, then later Joel and Cassandra... "Beyond the walls... it's not what it seems...look for the sign, look for the clues. Go home, the fringe, behind the bureau" Tim only gives them bits and pieces.
  • Dallas wants to use the veto on Cassandra and have Loveita put up Phil/Nick. Loveita tells him not to fall into the trap of doing the dirty work for Jared & his crew. Loveita tells Dallas to broker a deal with the brothers, using the threat of Veto & them being the renoms.

Friday, March 11 (Day 15)
  • Tim to Loveita: if I were you, I'd put up 2 people from one side of the house. If you put up one person from each side, you'll piss off the whole house.
  • Loveita says Kelsey has turned the house into High School
  • Loveita to Jared: Who would you want saved, Kelsey or Raul? He says Kelsey. Loveita tells him she's not getting blood on her hands to save you guys (the Third Wheel) and the house was already voting in her favour (i.e: Jared, Kelsey & Raul had nothing to do with keeping her safe/flipping the house)
  • Loveita to Nikki & Tim: I'm going to give a nice speech then self-evict. Tim & Nikki freak and try to talk her out of it. Loveita tells them she was kidding.
  • Joel and Cassandra have a date night in the HoH room (this could have been a task for Joel, May even have been a Marsha task because at one point, Joel and Cassandra went into the Wedding Chapel where we know Marsha is hiding)
  • Feeds are on and off several times, in between which: Loveita has still not decided on her noms; HGs have a celebratory dinner. The last glimpse ic BB calling the HGs to the LR. Cassandra and Joel are being punished for violating the HN rules last week (they ate grapes) and will be the HNs again this week.
  • Feeds are down, presumably for the Nomination Ceremony.
  • Loveita nominated Christine and Cassandra. She tells Joel that Cassandra is the target.
  • Dallas asks Loveita if she made a deal. Loveita says no, that she just didn't want to rock the boat.
  • Cassandra confronts Loveita. She tells her she had her back last week, she campaigned for her to stay. Loveita says she put her up because of a comment Cass made. Cass said it was a joke. Cass asks her if she made a deal and tells her now the whole house is mad. Loveita asks who.
  • Loveita, Cass & Joel go up to HoH. After more ping-pong conversation, Loveita asks Joel, "How do we fix it?"

Thursday March 10 (Day 14) Post Eviction
  • Kelsey to Loveita: I keep my word 100%. I'm not in a showmance with Jared, we're just friends. She, Jared and Raul won't be targeting her until later in the game.
  • Loveita can hear DR convos (it's loud!). She calls out to BB then the feeds cut.
  • Kelsey tells Jared the Third Wheel is safe this week. Then later tells Raul she's afraid they will be Loveita's target.
  • Nikki brings a basket of booze out from the DR.
  • Jared to Kelsey & Raul: you have to be nice with Loveita. Raul says: Just until tomorrow. Jared corrects him by saying: no, all week. Kelsey flips out.
  • Kelsey again refers to Nikki as "the alcoholic British chick"
  • Phil admits to Tim, Ramsey & Joel that he has a huge crush on Nikki. Tim says, "crazy in the head, crazy in bed"
  • Jared tells Loveita he flipped the house to keep her safe this week.