Thursday, 3 March 2016

Big Brother Canada 4 Premiere: A House of Cards

Big Brother Canada came back with a bang in the Season 4 premiere. And I have to say this season is already looking much better than last year. I also have to say bravo to the new house and the cast. I find it amazing  how our Canadian version puts it's US counterpart to shame year after year in both these categories. I really have to say, I'm a little proud.

The ultra top notch production on the introduction reinforces the Casino Hotel theme, as we see a gambler walking in, complete with Vegas showgirls and digital effects simulating neon "Jackpot" signs. This is guaranteed to get you pumped. This sets the stage for Arisa's grand entrance. She introduces the new batch of Houseguests in three groups.

^The first group of five (L to R): Maddy; Philippe; Sharry; Cassandra and Dallas

^Second group (L to R): Raul; Kelsey; Jared; Loveita; and Joel.

^Last Group (L to R): Mitchell; Christine; Ramsey; and Page.

Once inside, it's Dallas who gets the opening night party started by handing out drinks. When everyone sits down for the "So, tell us about yourself" bit, the first hit comes from Maddy who (in the DR) calls Kelsey "phony". Dallas is flabbergasted at Christine's age. I'm guessing he hasn't been around many 47 year old women. Dallas's bartending was probably a good thing - they will need to loosen up a bit, because Arisa doesn't waste any time in throwing out the first twist of the season.... The Double Down. 

Big Brother has decided to pick on one houseguest and really mess his game up. The poor schnook is Philippe Paquette. With all 14 houseguests safely ensconced inside, Arisa proceeds to introduce Philippe's younger brother, Nicholas to the stage. She doesn't tell him anything and just sends him into the house. Why Nicholas didn't suspect his solo entrance was unusual is totally beyond me. When Philippe and Nicholas spot each other, they both play it cool (kudos to them both on their acting) and even introduce themselves to each other. Wow. But 5 minutes later, Arisa drops the bombshell on everyone that Phil and Nick are brothers. They will play as one, sharing the grand prize if they win - or an eviction. They must alternate on each week's challenges.

My personal observation: if this twist is called "Double Down", you can bet there will be a "Split" and if the brothers survive, at one point they will play separately. It's only logical.

Nick and Phil decide who will play for this week using Rock, Paper, Scissors. Nick gets this week. Maybe they should have played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. Just saying. This leads us into the HoH Comp, called "One Night Stand". It's an endurance challenge. Each player must hold onto a rope and balance themselves on a platform. The rope increases tension periodically while cold water is sprayed on them.

There is one other twist involved. Each houseguest was asked be on:

  1. The person they felt would be the first out. Joel had the most votes. The catch is, if he wins and doesn't fall first, he will get immunity for the week.
  2. The person they think will win HoH. Nick was picked. If they lose the bet and don't win, the Paquette brothers must spend the night in solitary confinement.

Here's what happened:
  • Cassandra dropped out first, Joel was second and wins immunity this week.
  • Nick couldn't stick it out. He lost his balance then knocked Sharry off. There was a backlash that he intentionally pushed her off. Hogwash, I say.
  • The last two were Jared and Loveita. Jared immediately offers Loveita a deal. If she guarantees his safety this week, he'll concede HoH to her. She accepts. 

"One Night Stand" HoH Comp
Gotta say, the score is, Jared 1/Loveita 0. He recognized the fact the first HoH is poison in this game. Loveita, on the other hand only proved to us all just how much of a newbie she is.

The episode concluded by introducing the 4 Wildcard International players to us. Then Arisa opened the mic up to the houseguests inside to tease them mercilessly with the line "Our first wildcard is well under way." Take note, she emphasized the word "first". Then a clue: "It's massive and it's something that's never happened on any Big Brother around the world."

My overall opinion on this episode god there are a lot of newbies. Despite the claims from some who said they've seen the show, many don't have a clue what they're doing. Case in point: Loveita. This is in stark contrast to last year's superfan cast who bogged the feeds down with their endless droning about BB Trivia. It would seem TPTB have learned from their mistakes. Bravo.

Next Episode: Nominations; PoV challenge and ceremony; first Eviction.
All pictures courtesy Global/Shaw Media