Friday, 4 March 2016

Feeds in Brief March 3 to March 10

Summaries are listed per day. This is the first week of feeds, but the second week in the house.
Nikki eavesdrops on the Dallas confession to Jared

Wednesday, March 9 - Day 13

  • Kelsey complains to Jared, Mitch: whenever Loveita is around, I feel like leaving. Mitch: That's why we should keep her.
  • Cassandra to Christine: Who should we vote out? Christine: They're all voting Sharry
  • Jared & Kelsey to Raul, Maddy, Dallas: Who are you voting? They all say Loveita
  • Jared to Ramsey: (re: Phil & Nick) whenever we talk, they keep bringing up the jury/Jury House. Jared thinks it means the brothers believe they will eventually split into two players.
  • Ramsey tells Jared & Kelsey they should vote out Loveita because if she stays, she will target them.
  • Kelsey & Jared to Joel, Mitch and Phil: Their plan is to make Dallas, Maddy (& Ramsey???) think they are voting out Loveita, but actually "the whole house" will vote out Sharry. Kelsey is very proud of her plan.
  • Tim caught a spider as a pet & puts it in an empty Marinara sauce jar. He catches a fly for food. When he can't see "Marinara" he says "I bet that stupid Cassandra let him out". He interrogates Cassandra, then sees the spider is still there. He feels back about accusing Cass.

Tuesday, March 8 - Day 12

  • Loveita campaigns hard. Talking to Mitch & Joel in HN room. Then Loveita &Joel talk to Dallas to repair damage.
  • Kelsey brings Cassandra into an alliance with Jared and Raul. (This is as per yesterday's convo between Kelsey and Jared) They call it The Four Aces.
  • Sharry is upset that Loveita is campaigning to stay.
  • Nikki starts to realize she must start playing the game. She asks Mitch who would target her, etc.

Monday, March 7 - Day 11
  • target is currently back to Loveita. She wants to be evicted and asked the HoH group to do so, saving Sharry.
  • Tim up early & in the hot tub. He tells Phil that Raul is like a bat at night (he is always fluttering around/eavesdropping on everyone)
  • Tim to Christine: you should flip a coin to decide on whether or not to use the Veto. Christine says she likes that idea. It leaves it up to fate.
  • Maddy continues to try to convince people she has turned on her alliance with Loveita/Sharry/Dallas/Ramsey.
  • Feeds down for Veto Ceremony. 
  • Christine DID NOT use the veto.
  • BB told the HGs to bring down all their clothes and deposit in a pile in LR. (My opinion: this is probably a clean-up task, not a bed bug issue as this would not be a good thing to do to fix the problem if it exists)
  • Kelsey & Jared: she wants to bring Cassandra into the alliance and/or create her own alliance with Cassandra. Jared stresses it's a bad idea.
  • Definitely a task. OxiClean Task to win pizza party. Cassandra & Joel were voted as the two who do the least work/cleaning. They must do everyone's laundry. Cassandra: You have to wash whites & colours separately? 
  • Feeds down
  • Pool Party for Haves & Have Nots. There is beer, vodka, hamburgers and poutine. 
  • Nikki thinks someone hid some vodka and she is getting blamed for it (Kelsey pointed to Nikki when the bottle was empty). She freaks out. Nikki says the only reason there is any vodka is because she requested it, the wine was bothering her.
  • Everyone moves to the hot tub. They play truth or dare. Joel dares Dallas to put snow down his pants. Feeds cut just after Dallas starts to remove his pants.
Sunday, March 6 - Day 10

  • Raul & Jared in HoH. Raul tells Jared there are bedbugs in the pink bedroom and that Dallas & others have bites. Feeds cut immediately but come back in a few minutes.
  • Dallas, Maddy and Ramsey regroup, realizing it's their best option. (after last week's eviction vote, Dallas admitting to Jared that he was the 4th vote, and the imminent eviction of either Sharry or Loveita) Maddy doesn't think Ramsey tipped Jared off that Dallas was the 4th vote. They agree it was Sharry and want to target her/vote her out.
  • Tim & Nikki want to vote Loveita, only because they want to vote against the rest of the house

Saturday, March 5 - Day 9

  • POV Comp today on screen in LR
  • POV players: Jared, Sharry, Loveita, Mitchell, Phil, Christine.
  • Loveita has changed her mind, she now wants to stay & is campaigning. She pulls Phil into HNR.
  • Phil told Loveita if he wins Veto, he won't use it.
  • Tim suggests he wants an initiation to make him a Canadian, so he's not talking about Australia all the time.
  • Feed leak in backyard: POV comp setup. Looks like it will be a furniture comp (The Brick sponsorship?)
  • Jackpot Restaurant sign goes off (they say it went off last night). Loveita and Joel search through the HN room for something. Then Loveital & Cassandra search around the complaint box in the storage room.
  • Feeds down, probably for POV Comp 
  • Christine wins POV Comp, The Brick Gift certificate & a booze delivery
  • It was a long night in the house: Dallas confesses to being the 4th vote against Kelsey. He says he was involved in two alliances. Alliance #1: "5AM in Toronto": Dallas, Nick & Phil, Cassandra and Ramsey. Alliance #2: (unnamed): Dallas, Sharry, Loveita, Maddy and Ramsey.
Friday, March 4th - Day 8
  • Sharry goes to HoH to talk to Jared - damage control. Jared asks who the 4th vote was, Sharry "thinks" it was Cassandra. He asks her who she would put up this week. She says Paquettes & Cassandra. Jared says it will probably be her (Sharry) and Loveita as his noms.
  • Jared to Ramsey: who would you put up if you were me? Ramsey: Loveita & Maddy
  • Jared & Loveita: same question, answer: Christine & me. (Loveita says Christine, cos she's "just here") Who was 4th vote? Answer: could have been anybody, it went back & forth.
  • Loveita offers Jared 5 weeks of safety & will vote with him. 
  • Loveita, Sharry, Maddy & Dallas: plan is to deflect target to Cassandra
  • Feeds down, probably for HN Comp
  • Ramsey w/Jared in HoH. Ramsey tries to point finger at Cassandra
  • Have Nots: Loveita, Joel, Cassandra, Cassandra (not sure if more)
  • Loveita says if she wins PoV, she will save Sharry
  • Sharry & Loveita Nominated
Thursday, March 3rd - Day 7 in the House
  • When feeds turned on for the first time, Tim was in the kitchen & Nikki was in the DR. Tim was being filled in on gameplay style here in Canada, mostly by Joel.
  • Jared got his HoH room. His letter was from his Mom. It was very dramatically worded and made everyone cry, except Nikki & Tim who didn't know what was going on. (the looks on their faces were great) Ramsey went to his bedroom and cried, comforted by Sharry. Maddy wanted to go home.
  • Dallas went to DR to request booze from BB - and got it. They all sat around the dining room table.
  • Jared & Kelsey want to know who the 4th Eviction vote for Kelsey was, and they know someone is lying. The main suspects: Dallas, the Paquettes and Joel. They plan on questioning everyone BUT Jared also wants to put it aside.
  • The house is clearly divided into 2 camps as the Eviction vote reflects. 
  • Jared's main targets are Sharry & Loveita, with Ramsey as alternate. He doesn't really care who goes home.
  • Sleeping arrangements are an issue. Raul & Kelsey share the HoH bed with Jared. This gives Nikki her own bed.