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The Amazing Race Canada 4 Filming Spoilers

Season 4 of The Amazing Race Canada began filming Thursday, April 28.

Yes, there are spoilers here. I repeat, THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE
So DO NOT click through unless you want to know about the new season. 
Are we clear on that? 
You're not going to complain to me now, are you? Okay, good. 

Here we go...

Leg 1: Filmed Thursday, April 28 to Friday, April 29.
Startline: Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife. ONLY TEN TEAMS were seen here. From the startline, they proceeded to Yellowknife Motors (probably on foot) to nab a waiting Chevy Silverado - their ride to the airport. 
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife NT
Photo: Daniel Case, Wikimedia Commons
Travel: From Yellowknife, NT to Jasper, Alberta via Edmonton. Four teams made the first flight to Edmonton, the remainder on a second flight. NOTE: neither airline was Air Canada. Teams were not in a hurry at Edmonton airport, so I assume they took charter flights to Jasper as opposed to self-driving.

  • Unknown at this time, but teams were seen in town on Friday, April 29.
  • possible canoe/kayak/white water rafting challenge

Pitstop: The Jasper Skytram was closed from 10 AM to 5 PM on Friday. Nice place for a Pitstop? First place team wins two Express Passes. There is a team eliminated here.

Leg 2: Calgary - Filmed Sunday, May 1
*** Set-up crew and Jon Montgomery spotted at Calgary Tower Saturday, April 30.
Pitstart: Probably a late-evening start and probably from downtown Jasper, as teams were spotted.
Travel: From Jasper, AB to Calgary, AB.
  • Roadblock: Calgary Tower. One member from each team had to rappel off the tower.
Pitstop: Unknown at this time. However, teams were seen in post-leg interviews at or near Fort Calgary. But please note they do not always film these interviews at the Pitstop. There is a team eliminated here. (Update: this was an NEL)

Leg 3: Cai Be, Vietnam Filmed May 3 to 4
Pitstart: Unknown
Travel: Calgary to Cai Be, Vietnam via Vancouver, Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City (May 3 to 4)
  • Possible sighting at Chua Phuoc An Buddhist Temple.
  • Tan Phong Island.
  • Catch 2 ducks from a flock 
  • Possible Detour: Cai-Be Floating Market - involves picking out fruits and vegetables  
Pitstop: Unknown. There is a team eliminated here.

Leg 4: Ho Chi Minh City, Filmed May 7
Pitstart: Unknown
  • Kingdom Karaoke: sing a song in Vietnamese
  • Thien Hau Temple 
  • Reassembling a motorcycle
Pitstop: Ho Chi Minh City Hall Square, in front of Ho Chi Minh statue. This is a Non-elimination leg (NEL) (Update: Chances are 2 teams were not eliminated during leg 3, therefore there should be an team eliminated here)

Leg 5: Haida Gwaii & Prince Rupert, B.C. - Filmed May 9 & 10
Pitstart: Unknown
Travel: Ho Chi Minh City to Haida Gwaii and Prince Rupert, B.C. via Vancouver
  • Fly to Prince Rupert via seaplane from Haida Gwaii - teams probably had to sign-up for next available flight.
  • Self-driving leg: Chevrolet Camaros were lined up at dock. 
  • Cluebox (possible Route Marker) at City Hall: In front of statue and historical plaque of Charles Melville Hays
  • Log sorting
 Pitstop:   North Pacific Cannery (Historical Site). There is a team eliminated here.

Leg 6: Hamilton, Ontario May 12 to 13
Teams had an extended stay in Prince Rupert
Travel: Prince Rupert to Hamilton via Vancouver and/or Calgary and Toronto
Pitstart: Downtown. Possible Locations are Pacific Mariners Memorial Park or the Museum of Northern B.C.
  • Bayfront Park: Canoeing/Rockclimbing
  • Detour: Collective Arts Brewery. Recreate a painting.
  • Beasley Park 
Pitstop:  Unknown. Probable KOR (Keep on Racing)

Leg 7: Kingston, Ontario May 13 to 14
Probable KOR and NEL: Teams immediately continued on from Hamilton and were seen at the Aldershot GO Station, then at the ticket counter in Union Station
Chevy Cruzes spotted downtown,"filming a commercial"
  • Kingston Public Market
  • 2X U-Turn/Detour: Kingston Penitentiary 
  • Kingston Yacht Club
  • Queen's University
  • Bellevue House (home of Sir John A MacDonald) 
Pitstop: Unknown, but Fort Henry is highly probable. There is a team eliminated here.

Leg 8 : Havana, Cuba May 16 to ???
Pitstart: Possibly at either Confederation Park or Marina. One team was seen leaving from the lighthouse.
Travel: By train from Kingston to Toronto Union Station, then UP Express to Pearson Airport.
  • Dance (probable Detour)
Pitstop: Unknown. This is an NEL.
*Havana, Cuba as per Reality Fan Forum

Leg 9: Sydney, Nova Scotia May 19 to 20
Travel: From Havana, Cuba to Toronto to Halifax to Sydney.Arrived at Sydney airport May 19. Leg filmed on the 20th. 
  • Canadian Coast Guard College
  • Fortress of Louisbourg: webcam sightings suggest teams were in period dress. Transporting barrels from the dock. (gunpowder?) This could be a Detour, sheep herding could be the other task. Update: I now believe this task was a re-enactment of bringing imported rum ashore and into storage.
  • There is a Speedbump
Pitstop: Unknown. Probable location is the Louisbourg Lighthouse (first lighthouse in Canada). There is a team eliminated here.

Leg 10: Saint John, New Brunswick May 21 to 22 (Penultimate Episode???)
Travel: Sydney, Nova Scotia (May 21)  to Saint John, New Brunswick (May 22)
  • Cars parked downtown, corner of King & Prince William Sts.
  • City Market
  • Fort Howe
  • Moosehead Brewery
  • Crosby Molasses
  • Kingsbrae Gardens, St. Andrews-by-the-Sea (well-known for its sculpture garden)
Pitstop: Indian Point, St. Andrews-by-the-Sea. There is a team eliminated here.

Leg 11: Montreal Finale Filmed May 24.
Travel: Saint John, New Brunswick to Montreal via Toronto.
Pitstart: Near Hilton Hotel, downtown Saint John, New Brunswick
  • Montreal Biosphere Environmental Museum (site of Expo '67). Platforms set up on outside of dome, suggests a daredevil-type stunt. Did they have to climb it?
  • Sightings in Old Montreal, Little Italy, Mont Royal
  • St. Viateur Bagels
Finish Line: High probability the finish line was at the Olmstead Chalet on Mont Royal, as Jon was seen here and the area was roped off due to filming. Various explanations were offered, ranging from "Private Event" to filming of a mayonnaise commercial.


The Amazing Race Canada Season 4 will premiere
Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 at 8 PM ET/PT
As usual, I will be posting spoilery weekly previews, spoiler-free recaps and live-tweeting each episode.


  1. We were in Fortress Louisbourg when the race was there (5/20). Yes, they were in period costumes, and were rolling barrels across the fort from the dock up to the fortress proper. I got pictures. It was cold that day.

    1. You were so lucky to have witnessed this. What a great experience! Sydney/Cape Breton looks like it's going to be an incredible leg and I can't wait to see it...especially this task and Fortress Louisbourg.


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