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The Amazing Race Canada 4 Team Spoilers

This is my preliminary description and elimination order of the teams we'll be seeing in the upcoming season.
There are major spoilers here.

Are you sure you want to know?
This is my final warning!
There are only ten teams racing this year.
The team descriptions are based on sightings during filming and my impressions at that time - not from CTV's official pre-race descriptions or PR. Names marked with an * are added as per the official cast announcement. 
I have given the order of elimination - in reverse order. 

These are NOT - I repeat, NOT "PREDICTIONS" on my part. It is the result of analysis from eyewitnesses.

To see my Leg-by-Leg spoilers, CLICK HERE

The Final Three, in no order:

Jillian McLaughlin and Emmett Blois - Exes 
Do I need to explain who these two are? What? You don't know? Okay. Just use #Jemmett or #TeamJemmett this season and it will sound like you're in the know. Jillian was the winner of Big Brother Canada 1, Emmett AKA "Milkman" was third. The two began a showmance which continued after the show. Look for them to provide great ITM interviews. And if you are a Big Brother fan, know this: although they were both powerhouses in the BBCan comps, this doesn't always translate well to Amazing Race tasks. They've done well so far, but at times have been out-paced by another team. In fact, this other team U-Turned them in Kingston. Yikes! Yes, Jemmett fans, I know that's a hard pill to swallow. But hey, they may have won at least one leg in far.
Last seen: Leg 11 Montreal, P.Q. (in the Final 3)

Steph LeClair & Kristen McKenzie - Dating Couple*
This may be the team to beat this season. Seems like they get to every destination and/or task first, and even Jemmett have found themselves chasing this team. I am very sure they won the first leg and earned two Express passes - one for themselves and the other to give to another team. They didn't give it to Jillian and Emmett, which means they consider the BBCan-ers among their biggest threat. The girls even U-Turn Jemmett at the Kingston Pen, a move that appears to be for the sole purpose of winning the leg, not to save themselves from elimination! Expect some rivalry between these two teams which will last all season. These girls are very reminiscent of Natalie and Meaghan from season 2, and I am sure it is no coincidence.
Last seen: Leg 9 Sydney, N.S. (But known to be in the F3)

Joel Ground & Ashley Callingbull - Father & Daughter*
This team wears coordinating blue outfits with black backpacks. My speculation is they are father and daughter. They arrived last at the Pitstop in Ho Chi Minh City, but were saved by an NEL. It was also here that they were given the second Express Pass by the Girls Team (aka Jemmett's nemesis).
Last seen: Leg 10 Saint John/St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick (but known to be in the F3)

The Remaining Cast, in reverse order of elimination:

Frankie Gassler & Amy Gassler - Mother & Daughter*
One of these women has neon-red hair and wears leggings with a very bold print. The other is blonde with glasses - and tattoos. Neither of them wear the matchy-matchy Race clothing we see on everyone else. It appears they are doing very well and are often seen right in the thick of things.
Eliminated in 4th Place in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea

Rita & Yvette Yakibonge - Twin Sisters*
These two women are twins. If they aren't twins then they could probably trick a lot of people into thinking they are. I also suspect this is our "cutie-pie" team this year, cos they just look so gosh-darn cute. But, they've been keeping pace, so there is strength there too.
Eliminated in 5th place in Sydney, N.S.

Julie Taylor & Lowell Taylor - Married Couple*
At first glance, this team appears to be your stereotypical, ho-hum team. Until that is, you see he is carrying a white cane. Yep. He has - at the least, a reduction in vision. This will be the team that warms our hearts, and sets a new record for Amazing Race teams from any franchise.
Eliminated in 6th place in Kingston, Ontario

Kelly Xu & Kate Pan - Best Friends & Business Partners
This team is Asian-Canadian. They were seen asking for directions in Jasper. They faced more troubles in Prince Rupert after they were the last to arrive by seaplane - they somehow managed to get themselves lost again in another small town and couldn't catch up. 
Eliminated in 7th place in Prince Rupert, B.C. 

Anne Morrone & Tanya Muzzatti - Best Friends*All that I know about them is that one is much taller than the other and they wear bright red jackets. They seemed to be doing well (or at least better than the first two eliminees) for the first few legs, then BAM...they get themselves eliminated.
Eliminated in 8th place in Cai Be, Vietnam
(Edit: eliminated at either leg 3 or 4 in 9th or 8th place)

Stephane Tetreault & Antoine Tetreault - Father & Son*
They are two guys and they wear red. That's about all I know. Well, what do you want me to say? Oh wait. They'd be the standard Red Shirts, except they survived the first episode. That's all I got.
Eliminated in 9th place in Calgary, Alberta
(Edit: eliminated at either Leg 3 or 4 in 9th or 8th place)

Anthony Limbombe & Brandon Campeau - Best Friends*
Not too much is known about this team other than the fact that they wore a lot of army green clothes and backpacks. They may have gotten themselves lost in Jasper, which leads to their elimination.
Eliminated in 10th place in Jasper, Alberta.

Season 4 will premiere Tuesday, June 28, 2016 @ 8PM ET/PT on CTV.


  1. Well, at least a woman is going to win the Amazing Race Canada this year! I really really hope Steph & Kristen win! They both seem to have great personalities, they are funny, strong and they make such a cute couple! They remind me so much of Natalie and Meaghan who was my favourite team before Steph and Kristen.

  2. Hi Sue. How do you know F3? Were Frankie & Amy really eliminated at F4? I didn't find this info at RFF. Thanks. :)

    1. This info was supplied to me, not through RFF nor social media. It did confirm my suspicions however, since Joel and Ashley were seen at Kingsbrae well before Frankie and Amy. I therefore decided to call it. Of course my source could be misleading me, but the person provided other info which I knew to be true.

  3. Who is your favourite team?

    1. Honestly, this year I've liked them all, for different reasons. BUT I miss the comedic male/male teams like Jet & Dave, Mickey & Pete and Matt & Nick. We don't have one this year. So, I would have to say my favourites are Rita & Yvette or Frankie & Amy...just to see the mishaps they get into.

  4. Hey Sue, who's gonna win this season of TARC tho?

    1. If you're asking if I know who wins, I don't. Just the F3.
      If you want to know who I THINK wins, it could be any of them, and they are all getting interesting edits. I will post my spec in my finale preview.


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