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And They're Off...Amazing Race Canada Season 5

Good Luck.
Make Canada Proud.
Race safe...

It has begun. Filming for The Amazing Race Canada Season 5 began April 26, 2017. This is where you will find my Leg-by-Leg Spoilers, updated regularly.

And this is where I feel it is my solemn duty to inform you that there are spoilers here.

Although, knowing where they are going is not quite as bad as knowing which team is eliminated on which leg. 
Nope, I will do a separate post for that...and that will come later.

So, don't click through unless you want to know...

This year, 10 teams are racing. There will be 11 legs filmed (Note 1) which can only mean there will be 3 Non-Elimination Legs (NELs)

Note: Don't ask me how I did it, but on August 14th this blog post reverted to a previous draft copy. I'm sure I pushed some stupid button on this damned masheen! Anyway, since Blogger doesn't save previous versions (Thanks, Blogger!!!) I have been slowly attempting to reconstruct this post. Please be patient as I do so. 

Leg 1: "Who Wants to Be the Python?"
St. John's Newfoundland & Vancouver, B.C.
Airdate: TUESDAY, JULY 4th!
Filming Dates: Wednesday, April 26 and Thursday, April 27, 2017
Startline: Queen's Battery Barracks, Signal Hill, St. John's, Newfoundland
Startline Task: decipher a Morse Code transmitted from Cabot Tower. The result is a clue to the next destination. Note: The previous day, (April 26) was a set-up rehearsal during which time the code broadcast was partially decoded, then determined to be Vancouver Capilano (Bridge) in North Vancouver**. At this time, it is unknown if there was a task there.
Travel: St. John's, Newfoundland to Vancouver, British Columbia, via Toronto, Ontario (overnight)
Roadblock: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, tightrope walk between wings of hotel with safety bungee
Probable Route Marker: Gassy Jack Statue, Gastown.
Pitstop: Not Yet Confirmed.
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations: 
  • Filming at Powell & Columbia, possibly connected to RM at Gassy Jack Statue (one block away)
  • False Creek - Dragon Boats
  • Deer Lake Village Museum (unconfirmed, but there was an unidentified film report)
  • Capilano Bridge 

Leg 2: "You've Got to Leave My Hose Alone Dude" 
Ft. McMurray, Alberta
Airdate: July 11, 2017
Filming Dates: April 29
Pitstart: Unknown
Travel: Flights from Vancouver to Ft. McMurray via Calgary
Route Marker:
Pitstop: Miskanaw Golf Course, MacDonald Island Park Complex - 16th Hole (Probable)
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations:
  • MacDonald Island Park (pool reportedly closed)
  • "ski hill" sighting (possible Vista Ridge All Season Park)
  • Reported helicopter landing in football field. Suggests aerial filming of fire damage or tour by teams involved.
  • Rural sighting by member of Wood Buffalo Cycling club (unconfirmed location)
Leg 3: "It's Like Ducks in the Forest"
Castlegar & Nelson, B.C.
Airdate: July 18, 2017
Filming Dates:  April 30 to May 1, 2017        
Pitstart: Unknown   
Travel:  Flights from Ft. McMurray to Castlegar, connections unknown. In addition, it was reported that there were a lot of cars with Alberta plates in Castlegar, so there is a possibility that at least some of the route was self-driving.         
Roadblock:  Probable at the Big Orange Bridge over the Kootenay River. Task involved wearing wetsuits with life jackets, and may involve "swinging".  
Detour:  Probable at Nelson Brewery Co., as teams were witnessed running "back and forth." (Note: this MAY suggest either a 2X U-Turn, the nature of the task itself OR teams switching tasks numerous times.)         
Route Marker:  Probable at Chances Entertainment    
Pitstop: Probable at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park.    
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations: 
  • Chances Entertainment (slots, bingo, racetrack), Castlegar. Teams seen at cashier.
  • Zuckerberg Heritage Park, Castlegar B.C. (overnight stay in tents)
  • Orange Bridge, Nelson B.C. 
  • "Nelson brewery" ( probable: Nelson Brewery Co.)  
  • Kokanee Creek Provincial Park
Leg 4:  "This is a Butt Workout"
Beijing, Peoples Republic of China
Airdate: July 25, 2017  
Filming Dates: May 4
Pitstart: Unknown  
Travel:  Flights from Castlegar to Vancouver to Beijing
Roadblock: Unknown
Detour:  Unknown
Route Marker Task: Translation task, Juyong Pass complex, Great Wall of China
Pitstop:  Juyong Pass (Note 3) (Cloud Platform as Pitstop is highly probable)
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations: Unknown at this time
Leg 5:  "This is a Real Cat and Mouse Chase"
Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China AND Bangkok, Thailand
Airdate: August 1, 2017  
Filming Dates:  May 5
Pitstart: Unknown
Travel:  Beijing to Shanghai, unknown if by air or high-speed train
Roadblock: Unknown
Detour: Unknown
Pitstop: Unknown
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations:  
  • Sighting near People's Square
  • Sighting "near" Tock's Montreal Deli (Note 4)
Leg 6: "We Just Saw Johnny Mustard"
Ottawa, Ontario
Airdate: August 8, 2017     
Filming Dates: May 9    
2X U-Turn Board sighting in Byward Market beside Beaver Tails
Large number of red & white cars seen at Mooney's Bay
Jon seen in front of Peace Fountain, Parliament Hill as well as Commissioner's Park at Dow's Lake
Ottawa City Hall - sighting of Mayor giving clues to teams
Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations:     

Leg 7: "Break Time for Korey"
Gros Morne National Park & Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador
Airdate: August 15, 2017   
Filming Dates: May 12  
Teams flew into Deer Lake
BMO in Corner Brook
Woody Point, Gros Morne National Park - Teams seen in historical dress at a Viking camp set
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations:     

Leg 8: "Can I See Your Kuna?"
Panama City, Panama
Airdate: August 22, 2017    
Filming Dates: May 14  
Plaza de Francia
Casa Casco 
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations/Tasks:
From Preview: Roadblock is to find the wearer of a particular fish-patterned cloth (mola) among a group of Kuna Women. Karen appears to be in trouble, searching the market instead.
From Sneak Peek: Craft Beer task (maybe identification) with Sam & Paul. This is Probably one side of Detour.     

Leg 9: "It's Like Finding Waldo in a Bunch of Waldos"
Regina & Rouleau, Saskatchewan
Airdate: August 29, 2017     
Filming Dates:  
One team seen at Southland Mall, Regina, asking for directions. (this is a self-driving leg)
Rouleau Bar & Grill, Rouleau. (FYI: Rouleau is the town used for filming Corner Gas)
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations:     
From Preview:
     -2X U-Turn - board is at the Rouleau Bar and Grill
     -Detour is choice between horse auction auction and grain loader assembly. (Note: Jon Montgomery used to be an Auctioneer)
     -Kenneth & Ryan and Sam & Paul are very briefly seen at a school 
     -Campbell's Soup can-stacking task (Campbell's sponsorship tie-in, possibility this may include winner of superfan contest)

Leg 10: "They're Crawling on You"
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Airdate: September 5, 2017   
Filming Dates: May 19  
One team seen at John Rhodes Community Centre (Crokicurl task)
One team seen at Bellevue Park (Probable Pitstop - park was reported closed) 
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations: 
May or May Not be something...shots of Agawa Canyon Railway seen in opening credits
From Preview:
     -Face-Off task is Crokicurl at John Rhodes Community Centre
     -Detour is a choice between fly-fishing (aiming at floating targets) and guiding alpacas through an obstacle course
     -Roadblock is at Entomica, and consists of a "Fear Factor" type task: sitting down while cockroaches are placed in a glass case over the head. Korey, Bert, Ryan & Paul will do this task.
NOTE: Karen & Bert will be eliminated, leaving Sam & Paul, Korey & Ivana, and Kenneth & Ryan in the Final Three.    

Leg 11 Finale: "Canada's Coming Together Like a Piece of Cake"
Quebec City, Quebec
Airdate: September 12, 2017    
Filming Dates: May 21  

  • Montmorency Falls. Clues were attached to three nets suspended over the falls. This is a Roadblock - Korey, Ryan and Paul do this task.
  • Jon seen filming in front of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires in the Old Town
  • Filming sighted in front of Legende Restaurant (unknown if task was there
  • Possible Roadblock: Teams seen on Pedi-cabs
  • Erico's Chocolate Factory - task unknown.
  • Route Marker seen at Morrin Centre - this is the probable location of the Final Memory task. From the preview, we now know that task is a puzzle, matching challenges on a map. It is also the source of the episode title quote.
  • Observatoire de la Capitale. Sighting shows one person rappelling up the outside. NOTE: The Observatoire offers the highest vantage of a 360 degree view of the city. 
Additional Sightings/Possible Locations: 

My Speculation: 

1) The task at the Observatoire de la Capitale appears to be a Roadblock as only one teammate was seen rappelling the exterior of the tower. At this time, I suspect the teammate who chooses to do this task must also visually locate the next Route Marker. The fact that the tower has a 360 degree platform also ties in nicely with this season's 360 degree interactive feature, available on the show's website. 

2) So, where is the Finish Line?

First of all, we have the opening sequence, showing the Chevrolet Grand Prize - which is always situated at the Finish Line. Secondly, Jennifer Ettinger showed us the Finish Line when she posted a picture. That gazebo is on Ile d''Orleans, specifically Parc des Ancetres-de-l'Ile-d'Orleans, aka The House of Our Ancestors. That's about a 30 minute drive from the location of the Final Memory Task at the Morrin Cultural Centre. This means anything can happen and ANYONE can get lost.

Spoilers for each leg will be added as they occur, either through filming sightings, speculated from episode previews or with my own research. Information is updated right up to airdate, so check back often.

Note 1: 11 episodes X 60 minutes each, as per BellMedia Fund Grant

Note 2: Information concerning Morse Code transmission task at startline shared by Reality Fan Forum to me.
Note 3: Great Wall as per Reality Fan Forum. My speculation on Juyong Pass.
Note 4: "near Tock's Restaurant" as reported on Reality Fan Forum. My speculation: This is no coincidence. Tock's Restaurant is actually "Tock's Montreal Deli" serving Montreal smoked meats & even more important, poutine.


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