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Amazing Race Canada 5 Team Spoilers

Okay, I know I'm late posting this season's team spoilers. Very late. But I have my reasons and those are purely personal. Please forgive me.

WARNING: Just in case you didn't understand the gist of the title of this post, let me remind you - THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE. DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU DON"T WANT TO KNOW. Otherwise, click away.

Season 5 race chasing (a.k.a. spoilers) has not been easy. There were few sightings, and fewer people bragging on social media. I suppose we'll never have another season 2 again. Oh well. Anyone claiming to have an exact elimination order is full of crap. They are speculating. For this reason, I've divided the spoilers into 3 sections: The First Outs; Middle of the Pack; and Final Three. I also tell you where each team was last seen and I will clearly mark my speculation, where I have an opinion.

Also, please be aware of two things:

  • "Last Seen" means exactly that. It does NOT mean a team was eliminated on that leg.
  • With 10 teams and 11 legs, there should be THREE Non-elimination legs (NELs) and/or Keep-on-Racing legs (KORs). The first three legs were definitely ELIMINATION legs. This much is certain. I strongly suspect Leg 4 is the first NEL. 

These three teams did NOT make it out of the country to Leg 4. How do we know this? Because there were only 7 teams in Beijing and these 3 didn't show up.

Aaron Baker
Age: 30
Current City: Grand Forks, B.C.
Occupation: Funeral Director
Twitter: @blandaaron86
Deb Baker
Age: 54
Current City: Grand Forks, B.C.
Occupation: Funeral Director
Twitter: @undertakerdebb 

LAST SEEN: At Gassy Jack statue in Vancouver's Gastown and tightrope task at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (Leg 1)
MY SPECULATION: Unless the cousins had some sort of complete failure or injury a la Season 2, my money is on TARC burying the morticians. It's a good thing they wore their suits. 

Megan Burden
Age: 23
Current City: Corner Brook, N.L.
Occupation: Biomedical Engineering Student
Twitter: @meganburden | Instagram: @mburden
Courtney Roberts
Age: 21 
Current City: Corner Brook, N.L.
Occupation: Social Work Student
Twitter: @crobbs2662 | Instagram: @courtney2662

LAST SEEN: Rough description (no picture evidence) of "girl with blonde hair" doing Roadblock at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. (Leg 1)
MY SPECULATION: We've seen this before. A team is not seen at all after either the start line or the first leg. We've also been fooled before by this. Like I said, just because a team is not seen after a certain point, it does not necessarily mean they are eliminated there. Remember Season 2's Jen & Shawn King? Yea, like that. So take your pick. The first out is probably Aaron & Deb. I kind of believe Megan and Courtney are eliminated in leg 3 in Nelson, BC. But that's today. Ask me again tomorrow.
"TOMORROW" UPDATE: Yes, I know Megan and Courtney are a strong team and you think there is no way a team who won Leg 2 can find themselves in last place in Leg 3. But many things can suddenly turn against any team on the race. Like I said above, Megan and Courtney did not get to Leg 4 in Beijing.


Dan Kipnis

Name: Dan Kipnis

Age: 23
Current City: Toronto, Ont.
Occupation: YouTube Creator
Twitter: @dankipnis | Instagram: @dankipnis
Riya Malik
Name: Riya Malik
Age: 23
Current City: Toronto, Ont 
Occupation: YouTube Creator
Twitter: @itsriyamalik | Instagram: @itsriyamalik

LAST SEEN: Maybe on the way to Nelson, B.C. (Leg 3) Maybe. But the photo evidence is a little sketchy and open to interpretation.
MY SPECULATION: We may not have had a lot of spoilers this season but I can 100% confirm Daniel & Riya did not make it to Beijing. Who's surprised? Let's face it. There are far stronger teams this season. 

The following four teams will be eliminated somewhere between leg 4 and leg 10. Sorry I can't do better for you. Throw in three - that's right, THREE Non-Elimination or Keep-on-Racing legs, into this mix and you can begin to see a problem. All I can say is Adam & Andrea and Karen & Bert APPEAR to have outlasted Zed & Shabbir and Andrea & Ebonie, with the two former teams reportedly seen in Panama. It's no guarantee, but it is what it is.

Zed Dhalla
Age: 27
Current City: Vancouver, B.C.
Occupation: National Account Manager – Healthcare
Twitter: @zed.dhalla & @BeardandtheBald | Instagram: @cheddarburg
Shabbir Dhalla
Age: 57
Current City: Coquitlam, B.C.
Occupation: Manager Director – Hospitality

LAST SEEN: At the Great Wall of China, Beijing (Leg 4)
MY SPECULATION: The next team eliminated (i.e. finishing in 7th place) is a toss up between Zed & Shabbir and Andrea & Ebonie. Chances are that Beijing (Leg 4) is the first of 3 NEL/KOR. My gut tells me Zed and Shabbir go first, mainly because there is a picture of Ebonie smiling in Shanghai (Leg 5) - who'd smile if they are in trouble and afraid of elimination?

Andrea Croxen
Age: 29
Current City: Montréal, Que.
Occupation: Yoga Teacher and Founder of I Breathe Fitness
Instagram: @andrea.croxen & @ibreathefitnessretreats
Ebonie Roberge
Age: 29
Current City: Montréal, Que.
Occupation: Fitness Consultant and Founder of I Breathe Fitness

Instagram: @eb_finley & @ibreathefitnessretreats

LAST SEEN: Smiling while crossing the street in Shanghai, China (Leg 5)  
MY SPECULATION: Don't count on Andrea and Ebonie being the next Steph and Kristen. Or even the next Nat and Meg. It's not happening. Oh, I have no doubt they are a very strong team, but there are at east 5 teams who will outdo them. They'll either finish in 7th or 6th place...see my spec of Zed and Shabbir (above).

Adam Cavaleri
Age: 29
Current City: Montréal, Que.
Occupation: Bartender
Instagram: @cavy13
Andrea Cavaleri
Age: 28
Current City: Montréal, Que.
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Instagram: @drecavaleri

LAST SEEN:  Running hard in Panama City (Leg 8)
MY SPECULATION: Just like Zed & Shabbir and Andrea & Ebonie, I cannot confirm the eimination order between Adam & Andrea and Karen & Bert. These two teams will finish in either 6th or 7th place.

Karen Richards
Age: 31
Current City: Edmonton, Alta.
Occupation: Social Worker
Twitter: @teamrichardss | Instagram: @teamrichardss  
Bert Richards
Age: 36
Current City: Edmonton, Alta.
Occupation: Owner of a small moving and delivery company, Musician
Twitter: @teamrichardss  | Instagram: @teamrichardss 

LAST SEEN: Dressed as Vikings at Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland (Leg 7). Unconfirmed sighting in Panama (Leg 8).
MY SPECULATION: Karen and Bert were frequently spotted during filming and appear to be a VERY determined, strong team. How strong? They beat Kenneth & Ryan, Sam & Paul and Adam & Andrea to the 2X U-Turn in Ottawa...then chose not to use it. If I had to guess, I'd say they finish in 4th place in the penultimate leg.
Speculation UPDATE: Do Karen and Bert use their Express Pass in Ottawa? Is that how they beat everyone to the 2X U-Turn board?

If there are doubts and uncertainty over the four teams in the middle of the pack, let me ease your mind and tell you the Final 3 are: Sam & Paul; Kenneth & Ryan; and Korey & Ivana. However, if you're asking who the Season 5 winner is, then you are shit outta luck. I don't know. Yeah, really. I don't.

Sam Lambert
Age: 25
Current City: Toronto, Ont.
Occupation: Student
Instagram: @slamchop
Paul Mitskopoulos
Age: 24
Current City: Toronto, Ont.
Occupation: Account Manager, LinkedIn Canada
Twitter: @pmitskop | Instagram: @paulmits

LAST SEEN: Near Bike Taxi task, Quebec City (Leg 11). This was by verbal description only.   
MY SPECULATION: I expect we will see competition between Sam & Paul and Kenneth & Ryan. During filming, these two teams continually outpace each other. There will be more drama when Sam & Paul U-Turn Kenneth & Ryan in Ottawa.

Kenneth McAlpine
Age: 25
Current City: Collingwood, Ont.
Occupation: Chef
Twitter: @team_giver | Instagram: @teamgiver & @kenneth.mcalpine
Ryan Lachapelle
Age: 25
Current City: Collingwood, Ont.
Occupation: Events Coordinator at Red Mountain Resort
Twitter: @team_giver | Instagram: @teamgiver & @ryangiver

LAST SEEN: Ryan seen retrieving clue over Montmorency Falls, Quebec (Leg 11) Photographic identification. 
MY SPECULATION: I really think the finale this season is going to be brutal with these three very strong teams. If I absolutely had to pick one team to win, it would be a guess and I'd have to give it to these two. In the few sightings we had, Kenneth & Ryan seemed to show up at tasks ahead of Sam & Paul and Korey & Ivana - even if only by a hair.

Korey Sam
Age: 31
Current City: Toronto, Ont.
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Twitter: @koachkore | Instagram: @koachkore
Ivana Krunic
Age: 30
Current City: Toronto, Ont. 
Occupation: Personal Trainer/Substitute Teacher
Twitter: @ivana_krunic | Instagram: @ivanaBodyFiTiK

LAST SEEN: Korey seen retrieving clue over Montmorency Falls, Quebec (Leg 11). Ivana spotted on Bike Taxi task. Both sightings were by photographic identification. 
MY SPECULATION:   This is the team I am rooting for because they would be the first co-ed team to win The Amazing Race Canada. And if I am rooting for them, that can only mean one thing - they won't win. I hope I am wrong.

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