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Amazing Race Canada 5 Leg-by-Leg Stats

Complete record of all eliminations, tasks and other race data. Updated immediately after the show airs (Eastern time). Spoiler-free, meaning there is no mention or discussion of RESULTS from FUTURE legs. BUT I've put it behind a jump for those living in a western time zone. You're welcome!

Leg 1: St. John's Newfoundland & Vancouver, British Columbia
Startline: Signal Hill, St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador
Roadblock(s): "Who's Feeling Uptight?" Fairmont Hotel Vancouver  
Detour: "Pedal" (bike polo) or "Paddle" (dragon boat) 
Route Markers: Capilano Bridge, Gassy Jack Statue   
Additional Tasks: 
Cabot Tower, Signal Hill. Decode phrase "Vancouver Capilano Bridge" from Morse Code.
Pitstop: Middle of Elizabethan hedge maze, VanDusen Botanical Gardens   
Eliminated Team: Aaron & Deb  

Leg 2: Ft. McMurray, Alberta
Roadblock(s): "Who's a Triple Threat?" Vista Ridge Wildplay Adventure Park. Three Express Passes were hidden throughout the course.  
Detour: "Pump It" or "Pull It"   
Route Markers: N/A  
Additional Tasks: Calculate Fuel Rate (Helicopter - included tour of wildfire damage)  
Pitstop: 16th Hole at Miskanaw Golf Course, MacDonald Island
Eliminated Team: Daniel & Riya  

Leg 3: The Kootenays: Castlegar & Nelson, B.C.
Pitstart: Suncor Oil Sands
Roadblock(s): "Who Wants to Hang With Bob?" Big Orange Bridge, Nelson.   
Detour: "Throw It" or "Strike It" Selkirk College, Nelson  
Route Markers: N/A   
Additional Tasks: 
1. "Time for a Camp Inspection" Spot the differences in 9 campsites from the example. Zuckerberg Island, Castlegar. Sponsored tas by Woods (Canadian Tire)
2. Oso Negro Coffee, Nelson. Make two deliveries of coffee blends.  
Pitstop: Kokanee Creek Provincial Park
Eliminated Team: Megan & Courtney   

Leg 4: Beijing, People's Republic of China
Roadblock(s):  "Who Wants to Play Doctor?" 
Detour: "In Sync" or "In Line"  
Route Markers: 
1. Sinorama Travel, Vancouver. Pick up travel itinerary
2. Canadian Embassy, Beijing.
Additional Tasks: "You've Hit a Wall" Juyongguan Pass, Great Wall of China. Give tour in English, French and Mandarin.  
Pitstop: Square at Drum Tower, Beijing.
Eliminated Team: N/A This was a KOR Leg.  

Leg 5: Shanghai, People's Republic of China AND Bangkok, Thailand
Roadblock(s): There was no RB in this leg.  
Route Markers:
1. Beijingnan Station, Beijing. Pick up Itinerary and train tickets from Sinorama agent
2. Tock's Montreal Deli, Shanghai. Recite Mandarin phrase learned at Great Wall in previous leg.
3. Caturday Cat Cafe, Bangkok. Search for next clue.   
Additional Tasks: Artist's House, Yoddpiman River Walk, Bangkok. Perform 3 movements in a puppet show.
Fast Forward: Score 1 point at Takraw (combination of soccer & basketball), Bangkok National Stadium.
Detour:  "Bling It" or "Shred It"
Pitstop: Wat Thewarat Worawihan Temple, Bangkok, Thailand
Eliminated Team:  Zed & Shabbir 

Leg 6: Ottawa, Ontario
Roadblock(s): "Who's Ready to Let It Ride?"  
Detour: "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" or "Get the Picture"   
Route Markers: Ottawa City Hall  
Additional Tasks:  
1. Mooney's Bay: Arrange cars to form ONE letter in "CANADA"
2. Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau, Quebec: Take "Citizenship Test" consisting of 20 questions. 
Pitstop: Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau, Quebec.
Eliminated Team: This was an NEL. Andrea & Ebonie were the last to arrive and must complete a Speedbump at some point during Leg 7.  

Leg 7: Corner Brook & Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland & Labrador 
Roadblock(s): "Who's Da Bomb?"   
Detour: "Find Your Dory" or "Family History"  Gros Morne NP 
Route Markers: BMO, Downtown Corner Brook. Video message & next clue given by teammates' family members.  
Additional Tasks: 
Face Off: Bowling, Corner Brook
Speedbump: Archery, Gros Morne NP (Andrea & Ebonie only)   
Pitstop: Captain James Cook Historical Site, Corner Brook.
Eliminated Team: Andrea & Ebonie  

Leg 8: Panama City, Panama
Roadblock(s): "Who's Ready to Meet Their Match?"  
Detour: "Up for a Drink" or "Down for the Count"  
Route Markers: Bio Museo. Find the white Wolf statue.  
Additional Tasks: "Time to Band Together": perform a routine with a drum-majorette.  
Pitstop: "PANAMA" sign. Teams were given a postcard after completing the Band task which showed Jon standing in front of the sign. However, there are two PANAMA signs along the waterfront. Both Korey & Ivana and Karen & Bert went to the wrong sign first before discovering their error.
Eliminated Team:   N/A This was the third NEL of the season.

Leg 9: Regina & Rouleau, Saskatchewan
Pitstart: Panama Canal, Panama
Roadblock(s): "Who Thinks It's Good to be the Queen?" Grandpa's Garden, Moosejaw   
Detour: "The Horse" or "The Cart", Rouleau. 2X U-Turn board at Rouleau Bar & Grill aka "Dog River Bar"  
Route Markers:   
Additional Tasks:
     - "Rise and Shine" Douglas Park Elementary School, Regina: juice oranges & serve to students
     -stack Campbell's soup cans into shape of Maple Leaf, Crescent Park, Moose Jaw   
Pitstop: 15 Wing Moose Jaw RCAF Airfield, (home of the Snowbirds)
Eliminated Team: Adam & Andrea  

Leg 10: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Roadblock(s):  "Who's Counting on Their Partner?" Identify & count number of each of 4 varieties of cockroaches. There was a catch: the partner who didn't do the RB had to sit with their head enclosed in a glass case with the cockroaches.  
Detour: "Alpac-It" or "I'll Cast It"  
Additional Tasks: 
-Algoma Railway/Group of 7: During 30-minute train ride, teams were required to match Title of 14 paintings based on description. If they failed, they had to wait for the next trip.      
-Face-Off: Crokicurl  
Pitstop: Belleview Park, Sault Ste. Marie  
Eliminated Team: Karen & Bert  

Leg 11 (Finale) Quebec City, Quebec 
1. "Who's Going to Fall for This Roadblock?" Montmorency Falls. Retrieve clue from net suspended over the falls. Paul, Ryan & Korey did this RB.
2. "Who Wishes They Did the First Roadblock?" Observatoire de a Capitale. Scale exterior of building then locate the next Route Marker flag at Morri Centre. Sam, Kenneth & Ivana had to do this task as their partners did the first RB.   
Route Markers:
1. Outside of Quebec City Airport
Additional Tasks: 
1. Pedicab: One teammate must pick up & drop off 3 passengers while the other navigates.
2. Locate the Bonhomme de Carnivale that has the next clue and a box of chocolates.
3. Erico Chocolates: deliver box of chocolates and trade for large chocolate egg containing next clue.
Final Memory Task: Morrin Centre. Complete 150 piece puzzle of Canada, then place 6 Canada 150 Task Markers.  
Finish Line: House of Our Ancestors, Ile d'Orleans  

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