Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Bachelor Canada Weekly Results a.k.a. "Who Took the "Walk of Shame" This Week?"

Photo Courtesy Corus/The W Network
Who got roses? Who left in tears, broken-hearted that What's-His-Face didn't love her? Who questioned their very existence? You got questions? Here's your answers.

Also, I must provide you with a slight "Spoiler Warning": I'll be updating this as soon as possible AFTER the EAST COAST airing. I know, I know.  Western time-zone problems are a real thing.

But here's the thing - I believe in "event television." Yes, it's a thing too. I live-tweet episodes of my favourite shows, along with a lot of other fans. But, I consider myself a responsible Live-Tweeter, meaning I use the hashtag. So here's my Pro-Tip: If you use Twitter, and do not want to see spoilers of the episode as it's airing, JUST MUTE #BachelorCA or even the words Bachelor Canada. If, however, you insist on using Facebook well then, I'd have to first ask "Why?" (It's useless) Then I would probably tell you to stop following the show site.


First Impression Rose

 1-on-1 Date Received a rose

 Group Date 1 Received a rose 

 Group Date 2 Received a rose

 2-on-1 Date Received a rose.
  Received rose at Rose Ceremony


Episode 1: 
Filmed in Toronto.
Five girls sent home, 15 remain
Episode 2: 
Filmed in Costa Rica.
Group Date 1: Brittany W; Catie; Lisa; April; Meghan; Mikaela.
Group Date 2: Brittany M; Dee; Jessie; Kait; Stacy; Lara; Ashley and Shanti. Group Date venue was cancelled but they had a Cocktail Party. Chris did not hand out a Group Date rose. Chris sent Shanti home during this date.
Two girls sent home, 13 remain.
Episode 3:
Filmed in Costa Rica.
Group Date 1: Mikaela; Stacy; Catie; Meghan.
Group Date 2: April; Lisa; Brittany M; Lara; Brittany M; Jessie; Dee; Lyndsey
Two girls sent home, 11 remain.
Episode 4:
Filmed in Costa Rica.
Group Date 1: Stacy; Kait; Jessie; Brittany M.
Group Date 2: Lisa; Lara; Lyndsey; Meghan; Mikaela; Dee. Mikaela won the Bomba rap battle & individual time with Chris.
Chris sent Dee home after a talk during the cocktail party before the Rose Ceremony.
One more sent home at Rose Ceremony. 9 remain.
Episode 5:
Filmed in the Dominican Republic.
Group Date 1: Meghan; Jessie; Kait.
Group Date 2: Catie; Lisa; Mikaela; Stacy; Lyndsey. Lyndsey won "MVP" during baseball game & individual time with Chris.
One sent home. 8 remain.
Episode 6:
Filmed in the Dominican Republic
Group Date 1: Brittany; Jessie; Stacy; Meghan. Chris did not hand out a date rose. After Chris questions Brittany of her intentions, she goes to production and voluntarily leaves.
Group Date 2: Catie; Lyndsey; Kait.
One more sent home at Rose Ceremony. 6 remain.
Episode 7: 
Filmed in the Dominican Republic.
3 women will be eliminated, 3 will remain. (as per Episode 7 preview)
1-on-1 Date: Jessie
Group Date 1: Mikaela; Lyndsey; Stacy. Stacy won sand-sculpting and received extra time with Chris.
2-on-1 Date: Catie & Kait. Chris sent Kait home.
No date roses were handed out on 1-on-1 or Group Date.
Episode 8:
Hometown Dates:
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Mikaela)
Toronto, Ontario (Catie)
Duncan/Lake Cowichan, B.C. (Lyndsey)
Episode 9:
Part 1 of Finale: Final Dates and meet Chris' parents.
Episode 10:
Women Tell All episode.
Episode 11:
Season Finale and After the Final Rose.
At the Final Rose Ceremony, Lyndsey told Chris he was not her guy. During the After the Final Rose, Chris and Mikaela revealed they were no longer romantically involved.

All Photos courtesy Corus Entertainment & W Network. Additional artwork by Sue's Reality Canada (That's ME!!!).

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