Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Amazing Race Canada: Preview of Episode 2 "Se Hou Leng"

According to the preview at the end of Episode 1, the teams will get "caught up in the urban jungle" and then get "lost in translation". Here is a brief preview of Episode 2:

  • The teams land in Vancouver and must make their way to the Richmond Oval, the speed-skating venue from the 2010 Olympic games. They jump on the Skytrain's Canada Line. Apparently this experience leaves a few teams dumbfounded. By the looks of it, Darren and Kristen get out 2 stops early and have to hoof it. Keep in mind that these two live in British Columbia and are self-professed "world travelers". Go figure.
  • There is a Roadblock at the Richmond Oval involving...yep, speed-skating. We briefly hear Brett say that he's never skated before. What? Wait. What? He applied to be on Amazing Race Canada, and he's never skated before. I am seriously starting to wonder about these two. First Holly is afraid of butterflies, and now Brett has never been on skates.
  • The first detour of the series takes place in Chinatown, and it looks like teams have to choose between performing a Chinese Dragon dance or translate a Chinese ink character (perhaps look for the symbols displayed somewhere). 
  • Darren and Kristen get lost again. Go figure,...again. Jet and Dave also experience a few problems - they are seen looking into a doorway/window and contemplate "going back to the airport".
  • There is a brief glimpse of Darren using binoculars to find something. I don't know what that is, but I suspect that they have to look for something in Gastown or the Pit Stop, which is on the green roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre.

What to watch for:

Darren and Kristen were awarded double Express Passes for winning the first leg of the race. One for themselves and one to give to a team of their choice, if they care to share. They made an alliance with Holly & Brett, Hal & Joanne, and Vanessa & Celina that first night in Kelowna. If one of them wins the first leg, they will give the other pass to whichever team came in second among them. The second place team was Holly and Brett. So will Darren and Kristen honour that agreement and hand over that pass? And will Darren and Kristen use the pass to catch up to the other teams? Hmmn, interesting. CTV's media announcement for this week for Canada AM says they will interview the latest team to be eliminated on Tuesday.

My prediction for elimination....don't read any further if you don't want to know the next TWO Teams that will be eliminated.

Actually I am not 100% positive who goes home tonight. However I do know that the next two teams to be eliminated are Darren & Kristen and Jamie & Pierre. My intuition tells me it's Darren and Kristen because I don't think they opt to use that Express Pass.

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