Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Amazing Race Canada Preview of Episode 3 "Hoodoos and Hoodonts"

Here's what you're going to see when Amazing Race Canada visits Alberta.

Holly and Brett buy out all the maps for Calgary and Alberta (at the Hudson News Store) at Vancouver airport, in an attempt to sabotage the other teams. Jody and Cory notice the lack of Alberta maps, "I bet someone bought all the Calgary maps...the pricks." Why did Holly and Brett do this? It would be a big bite out of the allowance for this leg. Keep reading to find out why I think they did this.

There is a Route Marker at Fifth Avenue Place in front of the bull sculpture at the Stock Exchange Building. Holly and Brett may be up to more shenanigans here, "steering" other teams to the wrong place.

The Roadblock at Ranchman's Cookhouse and Dancehall. Looks like one member from each team must learn a line dance. We get glimpses of Joanne, Holly, Jody, Vanessa, and Darren, wearing cowboy hats, boots and shirts, learning the steps by watching the real dancers. There are also shots of Tim Sr. and Dave, but not sure if they were the ones in their teams doing the dancing. Everyone has a bit of trouble...they find out it's not as easy as it looks. Too bad the cowboys were eliminated in the last leg...they would have rocked this.

If they don't stop here, I'm going to be disappointed. (see note 1)
The teams then head to Drumheller. I am kind of hoping that the world's biggest T-rex sculpture is a Route Marker. Didn't Jon Montgomery say there would be a lot of roadside attractions? If not, I will be disappointed. Do you know you can climb up inside that thing - there's an observation platform in it's mouth. The Detour is out in the Badlands, outside of Drumheller. Hence the "hoodoo" (tower-shaped rock formations) reference in the title. The Detour is a choice between "Lump by Lump" OR "Bone by Bone". For Bone by Bone, teams must build an entire dinosaur skeleton. Sorry, I don't know the exact location of this challenge. But, being doctors, I imagine Holly and Brett took this one. Yes, I know dino bones aren't human bones, but parts are parts, and they would feel more comfortable with this then schlepping coal around. Lump by Lump is at the Atlas Coal Mines National Historic Site, and teams must fill a coal car. We get another taste of Jet and Dave and their comic relief. Apparently the judge, in period costume and sporting a typical curly mustache, tells the guys it's not good enough. They then refer to him as Mr. Mustache. "He thinks we're going to do dinosaurs. Well, Mr. Mustache,...we are tough. We'll fill another one, just for fun."

The Tims fill wheelbarrows, then lift them up and dump them into the coal car. Vanessa and Celina are there at the same time as Jet and Dave. The girls eventually give up on the shovel and try to carry coal in their arms. They weren't the only ones - Jody and Cory start carrying LARGE blocks of coal, presumably to fill the car quicker. Guess they take the "lump by lump" seriously. Either Vanessa or Celina say, "should we use the Express Pass?" Aha! Soooo...there it is. The dinosaur in the room. It looks like Kristen and Darren gave the girls that second pass. If you remember, Kristen & Darren, Holly & Brett, Vanessa & Celina and Hal & Joanne made that little pact on that first night in Kelowna - that if any of them came in first, they would give the 2nd pass to the team among them who came in second. It was Holly and Brett who came in second. Apparently the Hippies didn't want to give the pass to such a strong team as the Doctors, so they gave it to the girls, whom they must see as less of a threat. This must have pissed Holly and Brett off big time, and I kind of think this is the reason for all the dirty play.

This should be a non-elimination leg, but remember, whoever comes in last will have to perform a Speed Bump challenge at some point in the next leg...and the next leg goes to Yellowknife, NWT.

***this post may be updated with new information before the air-date.

1. World's biggest T-rex, Drumheller, Alberta. 

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