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Amazing Race Canada 2: Season Spoilers Part 1 - Teams

*** There are spoilers here. If you don't want to know, then you better go away! ***

Looks like there are 11 teams this year, and I have to say, they are a pretty diverse group. Three of those teams are of fame...or maybe I should say, have a public life. There are also three gay teams...not that that matters. Although I have included a "last known whereabouts" line for each team, that doesn't necessarily mean that they were eliminated there. It just means that is where they were last seen. Well, except for the three teams spotted approaching the finish line.

Okay, look. In case you didn't see the notice at the top of this post, I am going to warn you one more time. Don't look any further if you don't want to know who made it as far as the final leg in Ottawa and who will win this season. Don't complain that I didn't warn you. And don't complain to me that you couldn't help yourself. I have already seen people tweeting stuff like "Ah, I read the spoilers. Why did I do that?" Here's a big clue. You have no self control. I know how you feel. I do it myself. My best advise is, don't Google "Amazing Race Canada season 2 spoilers."

Here are the teams, in the order of CTV's official reveal:

Natalie Spooner and Meaghan Mikkelson
Relationship: Friends and Teammates
Natalie @natspooner5
Meaghan @Mikkelson12
Power Ranking: Great Assist..The #2 Team to Watch 
Natalie Spooner & Meaghan Mikkelson, Friends & Teammates (CTV)

That's right, straight off of that incredible heart-stopping gold medal performance against their American rivals in Socchi. It was THE best moment for Canada at the games. Natalie is 23 and is from Scarborough, Ontario. Meaghan is 29, born in Regina, Saskatchewan and currently lives in St.-Albert, Alberta. It was Meaghan who not only played through the gold medal match with a broken hand but earned an assist to boot. She had surgery after the games, but the lovely golden girls are worried about competing in some tasks. They also think their celebrity and hockey playing reputation will put a huge target on their backs. IF anyone recognizes them. Now that's funny. They were the first team identified right off the bat (or should I say stick?) in Calgary by a onlooker. Of course, the red jackets with "CANADA' blazoned on them was a dead giveaway. They may as well have glued those gold medals on their foreheads. They don't intend to come out and tell the other teams who they are, but they won't deny it when asked. CTV is definitely going to promote Natalie and Meaghan as the team to watch, and that's fine by me!!
Last Known Whereabouts: Ottawa.  

Alain Chanoine and Audrey Tousignant-Maurice
Relationship: Dating Couple
Alain @AlainChanoine
Audrey N/A
Power Ranking: Good Try, but no
Alain Chanoine & Audrey Tousignant-Maurice, Dating Couple (CTV)

Alaine is a 32 year old actor originally from Montreal. Audrey is 31 years old, a Real Estate Broker, and her hometown is LaSalle, Quebec. Now living in St-Hubert Quebec, they have been dating for 2 years, but have known each other for over 10 years. He says she is always losing her cool, and she says he's stubborn. Their biggest fear is that they will be caught on film saying stuff to each other that will be misunderstood by everyone in Canada. Oh oh....they weren't cast as the "love to hate, bickering couple", were they? Nah...they're way too cute for that. They associate themselves as the Jet and Dave of season 2. Don't we all? They are confident their relationship is strong enough to overcome any adversity. Yeah, I've heard that one before. They all say that until they face a Double U-Turn.
Last Known Whereabouts: Whitehorse.

Shahla Kara and Nabeela Barday
Shahla Kara & Nabeela Barday,Best Friends (CTV)

Relationship: Best Friends
Twitter: N/A
Power Ranking: Voted Most Likely to be the First to Cry at the Pit Stop 

Shahla is a 29 year old Occupational Therapist originally from North York, Ontario (yeah North York) while Nabeela, also 29 is a Management Consultant. Her Hometown is Laval, Quebec. Shahla and Nabeela now reside in Markham, Ontario. These two girls have been BFFs for over 20 years. They associate themselves most closely with season 1 team, sisters Vanessa Morgan and Celina Mziray. Why, I ask, why? Several spoiler people (Spoilists?), myself included thought they may be sisters from the very few pics taken of them during the race. How few? Well, let's put it this way...I am guessing they were second or third out. So don't get too emotionally involved. Too bad, I was sooo hoping for the Vanessa and Celina type know, whiners with an occasional "dry cry" thrown in for drama. Maybe this is a clue. They fear facing a challenge involving a task that may go against their Muslim beliefs, and understand they may need to take a penalty because of it.
Last Known Whereabouts: Victoria, B.C.

Jennifer (Jen) and Shawn King
Jennifer and Shawn King, Married Couple (CTV)

Relationship: Married Couple
Jen @2ndNatureNut
Shawn @extremekinger
Power Ranking: Who? Wait...What?

Here you go east coast. The first team to call Halifax date. Jennifer is a 40 year old Holistic Nutrition Practitioner originally from Oromocto, New Brunswick, while husband Don Draper, I mean Shawn is a 41 year old Advertising Agency President and Creative Director, originally from Carbonear, NL. Odd combo until you understand she met him when he led a more adventurous life in a band. They describe themselves as the edgy, tattooed couple and are a little concerned about their age even though they think they are fit. They have a tendency to point out each others' mistakes...loudly. Ah, okay. I thought Alain and Audrey were going to be the bickering couple. Yep, they associate themselves to season one teams Holly and Brett along with Darren and Kristen. Jen! Jen! Jen! I don't know if that works as well as Hol! Hol! Hol! She says he gets a little obsessive, and he complains she gets "hangry"...that's a combination of hungry and angry. Yep, he must be in advertising. Apparently they have to stop whatever they are doing so she can eat. Maybe that explains why nobody witnessed these two anywhere. To be quite honest with you, everyone thought there were only 10 teams this season, until CTV started their official announcements. Well let me tell you something. The Amazing Race doesn't stop for stop for the Amazing Race. Maybe that's what happened....
Last Known Whereabouts: Nowhere!

Cormac and Nicole Foster
Relationship: Mother and Son
Cormac and Nicole Foster, Mother and Son (CTV)

Cormac @Cormact7
Nicole @FosterNiki911
Power Ranking: Sweet, but something must have soured

Thank God my first impression that these two were mother and son was correct. Mom is a 39 year old Director of Resident Services at a Nursing Home. She is originally from Barbados but now calls Winnipeg home. Son Cormac is 19 and studying Biosystems Engineering at the University of Manitoba. I am just loving the mother/son dynamic here way too much, and can't come up with anything sarcastic to say. Crap. Anyway, he gets upset when people mistake them for brother and sister. I am almost positive Nicole loves it...way to go Mom! Oh, one more thing, Cormac. Don't get too freaked out, but some people actually thought you two were a "couple" when they first saw you racing. I know, I know... euwww! Sorry for that image in your mind. He says Mom gets very anxious in some situations instead of staying calm. Nicole says Cormac procrastinates and is often late. Yep. That's just like about every mother and son that have ever existed since the beginning of time. But they are cute together, aren't they? They want to carry on in the footsteps of season 1 winners, and fellow Winnipeggers Tim Hague and Tim Hague Jr.
Last Known Whereabouts: in Macau.

Sukhi and Jinder Atwal
Relationship: Brother and Sister
Sukhi and Jinder Atwal, Brother and Sister (CTV)

Sukhi @SukhiAtwal2
Jinder @jinderatwal
Power Ranking: Sooo close, but yet so far away

Jinder, 26 and older sister Sukhi, 31 are Entrepreneurs from Terrace, B.C. She is the dreamer who comes up with the big plans, while he is the brains who puts those ideas in action. That's how they describe themselves, but who can believe what siblings say about each other anyways. They say they are typical siblings...full of sarcasm, rivalry and competitiveness. Maybe we'll hear some childhood stories. Like that time little Jinder took his crayons and drew all over Sukhi's textbook. I don't care, it happens to every brother and sister. Anyway...they know they have to calm down and relax, put the sibling rivalry aside to compete in the Amazing Race...or else. Sukhi hates when he tells her to slow down. Meanwhile, little Jinder absolutely hates it when she tells him what to do...over and over and over again. Really guys? Stop it! Go to your rooms.
Last Known Whereabouts: on their way to Charlottetown. I believe this team came in 4th place and were eliminated before the final leg in Ottawa.

Ryan Steele and Rob Goddard
Relationship: Friends & Co-Workers
Ryan @ryansteeleshow
Rob @rgod2014
Power Ranking: A sense of humour can come in handy...The #3 Team to Watch
Ryan Steele and Rob Goddard, Friends and Co-Workers (CTV)

Ryan is a 36 year old Bartender and Sketch Comic originally from Langley, B.C. He is probably best known for "The Ryan and Amy Show" (along with his partner in crime, Amy Goodmurphy), a YouTube channel you can see HERE. Or you can visit their website Really quite funny. Have a look. Meanwhile Rob is a 26 year old Bartender and Fitness Trainer originally from Smithers, B.C. He is most well known as Mr. Gay Canada 2011. I can see why - he is an extremely good looking man. He also has aspirations of turning his love of fitness into a full time career as a Fitness Trainer. Together, they are described as 2 good looking, wise-cracking guys who use those talents to sweeten the tip jar. Ryan's main complaint with Rob is that Rob thinks he is funny. Oh oh. Rob's main complaint about Ryan is that Ryan likes to do things to embarrass him. Rob also lists his biggest fear is Revienka, Ryan's Drag Queen name. They associate themselves most with season 1 team Jet and Dave...those are big shoes to fill, but Rob and Ryan say they enjoy calling each other out on their flaws. I really hope they live up to the hype on this...I can't wait to see a whole season with these two.
Last Known Whereabouts:  Ottawa.

Pierre and Michel Forget
Relationship: Twin Brothers
Pierre and Michel Forget, Twin Brothers (CTV)

Twitter: N/A
Power Ranking: Good Guys don't finish last, but Bad Guys don't win either

Pierre and Michel say they have been a team for 42 years. They are from Terrebonne, Quebec, (just outside of Montreal), and the two of them co-run their family's meat-packing business. I could make sooo many jokes about that and how good looking these 2 are. In their earlier days, they were both freestyle skiers. Michel gave that up so their family could concentrate their finances on Pierre who eventually went on to win the 1994 International Ski Federation World Cup in Moguls. Pierre says Michel can be a loose cannon sometimes and needs to take time to understand what he needs to do and why. Michel counters that with saying Pierre thinks he is Mr. Perfect. Oh, oh. This sounds like it's going to be fun. They see themselves as a combination of Good Cop/Bad Cop, The Flintstones' Fred & Barney, and Bob & Doug MacKenzie. I am not sure what all that means. I guess Pierre is the good cop and Michel is the bad cop. Aren't the bad cops the loose cannons, the rogue cop, kind of like Mel Gibson? Pierre sees them as Jet and Dave, while Michel associates them more like the Season 1 twins Treena and Tennille, for obvious reasons.
Last Known Whereabouts: on their way to Winnipeg.

Laura Takahashi and Jackie Skinner
Laura Takahashi and Jackie Skinner, Married Couple (CTV)

Relationship: Married Couple
Laura @laura_tak
Jackie @JackieSkinz
Power Ranking: Had to stop to vacuum.   

Laura is a 28 year old Barrie, Ontario native, with a job in Media Development. Jackie, originally from Oshawa is a 31 year old Musician. The two met many years ago while they were camp counselors and have recently wed. They are dedicated humanitarians, pride themselves on their many volunteer causes and enjoy traveling the world. What they don't like is getting stressed out over being put in circumstances where they can't predict the outcome. That's okay, there definitely won't be any of that on Amazing Race. Laura thinks that they will have a tough time with any problem-solving challenges, but Jackie adds that Laura is good with memory based tasks. Perhaps that's why they relate to Vanessa and Celina from season 1. Laura's biggest complaint about her love is that Jackie likes to vacuum...before breakfast. Jackie on the other hand can't take finding Laura's dried up daily contacts all over the place. Well, Laura...maybe that's why she vacuums at inopportune times. Just pointing that out.
Last Known Whereabouts: Tofino, B.C.

Rex Harrington and Bob Hope
Relationship: Engaged Couple
Rex Harrington and Bob Hope, Engaged Couple (CTV)

Rex @rexharrington
Bob @RexAndBob
Power Ranking: Sorry ... but no star on the Avenue of Stars

No, not Rex Harrison and THE Bob Hope...they have been dead for years and besides, they weren't Canadian. Rex Harrington is 52 and was born in Peterborough, Ontario. He is most well known from his performances with with the National Ballet of Canada 1983 to 2004, and has been a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. He also has a star on Canada's Walk of Fame. The two have been engaged since 2010 and now live on a farm in Ashburn, Ontario. Bob is a 47 year old Dental Consultant originally from Winnipeg. They know they are the oldest people competing on the race this season, but as Rex puts it, "We are older and have more insurance" - a line obviously borrowed from the Kathy Bates' character in Fried Green Tomatoes. They admit to being stubborn and acknowledge this might make decisions about which Detour to do or who does the Roadblock a challenge in itself. I suspect the stubborn streak might affect their navigational skills as well. I also suspect they will get the villain edit...they will be the team you will love to hate. Why? Harrington had a reputation for an acid tongue as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. They will also use the 2X U-Turn on a popular team - I am betting it won't go over well with the viewers. They associate themselves most with season 1 team Jet and Dave (who doesn't), but sorry guys, I am afraid that title might just go to the last team revealed...
Last Known Whereabouts: Hong Kong.

Pete Schmalz and Mickey Henry
Mickey Henry and Pete Schmalz, Best Friends (CTV)

Relationship: Best Friends
Power Ranking: "Wake" me when they board. The #1 Team to Watch

Yes, you read that right. The Hockey Girls are not the number one team to watch this season. These dudes are. Pete and Mickey are both 24 years old and are from Parry Sound, Ontario. They have been friends so long they don't remember when they met. Both have long hair - Mickey is blonde, Pete's the brunette. Don't dismiss them because they look like they're baked all the time. They are, they say - more than just pretty hair. Both of them really seem to like the camera, and have often smiled directly at people taking pictures. These two were spotted in Victoria boldly displaying shirts with "I'm Pete" and "I'm Mickey" on them. What strikes me is production let them get away with it. Crazy. Anyway, back to the bio... Mickey is the Owner/Operator of What Wake Park, a water sports park that operates on a cable system. You can watch a video of Mickey demonstrating his skills on the What Wake Park site HERE. Pete is currently earning a living as a Deck Installer. They enjoy traveling and while in Vietnam, Pete thought it was a good idea to get a tattoo of the two of them on his butt. Don't worry folks, it's not some huge multi-coloured portrait like the kind you see on the side of a's just stick figures. But it made the hosts of Canada AM loose it on air. They are also men with balls...self-confessed man-knitters, who can knit a pretty mean hat. They know the other teams will judge them for their looks, as long as they don't find out how strong they are. Ah, have big muscles and wear muscle shirts. I think they know. Just saying. And if they win, they want to fulfill their lifelong dream of becoming pirates and sail the seven seas - or probably just Georgian Bay, in the brand new sailboat they will buy. Shall we all sing Styx' Come Sail Away?
Last Known Whereabouts: Ottawa.

Canada AM's interview of the entire cast, is  HERE.Word of warning...this was filmed pre-race, when they were nice and still all cleaned up. There are no clues here on how they finished in the race, but it's worth watching to learn more of your favorites.

CTV also released a new promo, which can be found HERE. It may be short, but we get a glimpse of the start you recognize where it is? The answer is in my location spoiler board HERE

And finally, here is my best spoiler....

The last leg was in Ottawa. According to witnesses, the 3 teams who made it this far were Natalie Spooner & Meaghan Mikkelson; Pete Schmalz & Mickey Henry; and Rob Goddard & Ryan Steele. A helicopter with some pretty massive camera equipment was seen flying all over Ottawa, mainly over the Parliament buildings, the Art Gallery and Rideau Hall. I am not 100% sure of the location of the finish line. However, the last known sighting was at Rideau Hall (the Governor General's house). I will warn you that this is just my opinion at this time, and it may change. However, there is another possibility for a finish line and that is Major's Hill Park - this could have been the finish line or could have just been used as a "money shot" for the Chevy Silverado Pick-up prize. If you remember last year, I correctly identified the finish line as Olympic Island based on the same kind of money shot of the Stingrays seen in the opening credits in episode 2. And just like last year, the picture of the Siverados has been added in. Did they do the same thing this year, and spoil their own finish line location? I doubt it but I will let you know if that changes.

Are you ready to find out who wins this thing? I believe we won't see much flipping back and forth with the lead in the final leg. Ryan and Rob will fall into third and won't be able to catch up. The race will be tight between Natalie & Meaghan and Mickey & Pete. But....wait for it...Hockey Girls won't be able to overtake the Dudes. That's right. Mickey and Pete will win Amazing Race Canada 2. I am sorry if you are Hockey Girl fans and you came here looking for confirmation of their win...but wanted to know and I am telling you. Do you think I am wrong? Think I'm crazy? Let me know in the comments below. 

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