Thursday, 10 July 2014

Preview of Amazing Race Canada 2 Episode 2 "There's a Fish in My Pants"

There are spoilers here.  If you don't want to know, then don't read this. Plain and simple.
Will Rex show us a pirouette on a surfboard? Will Natalie show us what she ate for lunch? Will Mickey and Pete be stoked...again? The answers are no, no and definitely yes. And yes, someone gets a fish in their pants.

Teams will depart from Victoria, probably taking a taxi to Victoria International Airport and then jumping on a charter flight to Tofino & Ucluelet (on the west coast of Vancouver Island). This is the surfing capital of Canada, and you can bet that Pete and Mickey will be stoked to be there. The preview shows them, along with Sukhi & Jinder running out of the airport. Hopefully the show's pace will slow down a notch or two so we can get to know more of the teams, especially the ones that were glanced over in the first episode. It looks as though Alain and Audrey might run into some navigation problems (perhaps in the Pacific Rim National Park?), and the pressure gets to them. Other teams get a bit cranky too. The start-line excitement that teams voiced has died down, and they know its time to get down to business. They have also tested the competition, sized them up, and now realize this isn't going to be as easy as season 1. These teams have come to play...hard.

How is this hard? It's fish!!!
The Detour (that's "a choice between 2 tasks, each with it's own pros and cons" blah, blah, blah) is at the dock Pacific Seafood Plant in
Ucluelet. One of these tasks is cleaning and gutting fish, possibly right on board a boat. A very nasty job indeed. Especially when the fish start oozing yellow crud. You can bet Pierre and Michel get it done in no time. It looks as though the other task involves fish sorting into bins. Pete and Mickey may have too much fun. Ryan and Rob start with the fish sorting but switch to the cleaning when things don't go well.

The Roadblock is a nod to the area's main claim to fame - surfing. Definitely much more difficult than it looks. A couple of teams will do well, but most will find it a son of a beach. I think it will go without saying that you can expect Pete and Mickey to excel here and even move up ahead of some teams. Ryan and Rob will probably also do well. In the previews, we can see some of the ones who chose to do this challenge for their teams: Natalie, Nicole, Rex, Jinder, Shawn, Rob and possibly Audrey.  Not sure about Pierre & Michel, Laura & Jackie, or Pete & Mickey - although my guesses would be Pierre, Jackie and Mickey.

There is an accident here. Here is what we see in the preview:
  • People yelling in the water, and some run down to the beach. The injured person is referred to as "he".
  • Whatever happened, it was in shallow water.
  • Jen yelling for a medic. In the distance, you can see Shawn holding his arm. 
  • There's a shot of someone laying on a stretcher and being loaded into an ambulance, but you cannot tell who it is. 
Is this a misdirection by production? Ummn, maybe. But I am not sure about that. It could be that Shawn just banged his elbow a bit, and another person was injured more severely. However, I should tell you that Jen and Shawn were not spotted by witnesses at all during filming (in fact, until the cast was revealed I believed there were only 10 teams). That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but I have suspected that something "went wrong" with this team ever since. You can draw your own conclusions. I hope I am wrong. And that's all I have to say about that.

So will Natalie and Meaghan continue their reign as mystical unicorns (that's what Pete and Mickey called them) and keep the lead? Yes, but I think we are going to see a bit of a shake up thanks to the surfing. The teams on the bubble this week are Laura & Jackie and Jen & Shawn.

That's it for now, but I will add to this preview throughout the week - right up until airtime. If you would like to see my compilation of leg by leg spoilers for the entire season then CLICK HERE

Bruce might kick Canadian arses.
Check back next week for my preview of episode 3. For all those who have complained that "Amazing Race Canada only stays in Canada, blah, blah, blah", then wait for it... Bruce Lee has something to say to you. And he just might be responsible for kicking someone's butt.

Please feel free to leave your comments below. I will answer questions!

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