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Amazing Race Canada 2: Season Spoilers Part 2 - Location! Location! Location!

*** If you are of the non-spoilist persuasion and don't want to read spoilers, then you are really in the wrong place and obviously got totally lost on the internet. Turn around and go back the way you came!!! There will only be misery here for you.***

The following is my compilation of filming locations, divided into legs (episodes). This year there are 11 teams (up from 9 last year), and 12 episodes (10 last year)

This is your last spoiler warning. Only click through if you are sure...

Filming began April 26 on the Columbia Icefields and ended May 22 in Ottawa.

Yes, this season has gone international. But don't expect them to circumnavigate the globe. Instead, it appears they filmed the first 2 episodes in Canada, flew to Hong Kong, traveled to Macau and then returned to Canada for 2 legs. They then flew to France and returned back to Canada for the final 4 episodes.

I will update this post as new info is learned, so check back often, not only as we draw closer to the premiere, but even during the season as well. If you followed my spoilers last year, you will understand that these sightings during filming are basically just the framework. "Legs" are guesses only. It's the weekly spoilers that will include more details on the challenges, and the eliminated teams.

NOTE: The show DID NOT film in Australia as first reported in the Huffington Post. The author - Chris Jancelewicz (understandably) misunderstood the source of that information. The article has since been corrected, but unfortunately not before the information practically went viral.

Please feel free to use this info, but quote your source and provide a link to my site. Please don't claim spoilers as your own on blogs or podcasts. That's just bad form! Do not hotlink photos. My compilation of spoilers represent many long hours of work. Thank You.

Leg 1
Episode Title: "What's it Take to Get a Cup of Tea?
Start line: Columbia Ice Fields, Alberta
CTV Promo...Columbia Ice Fields, Alberta
Route: Ice Fields to Calgary to Victoria B.C.
  • possible  Glacier Skywalk, Columbia Ice Fields (OR this could just be a setting for the introduction by Jon Montgomery)
  • (zipline) Winsport Calgary Olympic Park (Route Marker challenge)
  • Roadblock: skydiving onto Willows Beach, Victoria, B.C.
  • Roadblock: Fairmont Empress Hotel traditional service of high tea
  • CFB Esquimalt, via Navy boats. Flood rescue challenge.
Pitstop: Fisgard Lighthouse
***for a more detailed preview of this leg, CLICK HERE
Leg 2: Tofino/Ucluelet, B.C.
Episode Title: "There's a Fish in My Pants"
  • Roadblock: Ucluelet Beach surfing challenge
  • Detour: Pacific Seafood: fish processing, choice between cleaning and sorting?
Pitstop: Unknown
For a more detailed preview of this episode CLICK HERE

Leg 3: Hong Kong
Episode Title: "Snakes and Liars"
  • Double U Turn. Both are used. First: Rex and Bob U Turn Natalie and Meaghan. Second: either Sukhi & Jinder U Turn Pierre & Michel OR Alain & Audrey U Turn Sukhi & Jinder (there is a reason for the mix up, which I will explain in my preview - see the link below)
  • Seen at Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car on Lantau Island  - Tian Tan Big Buddha
  • Snake shop  (from preview: eating snake organs or ingesting bile)
  • CTV preview suggests Detour task is gathering ingredients for the Demon Chef, Alvin Leung (and go to Bo Innovation?)
  • Route Marker Task: Recreating the pose of the Bruce Lee statue, Avenue of Stars
Pitstop:Walled City Park Kowloon.
For a more detailed preview of this episode CLICK HERE

Leg 4: Macau
Episode Title: "They're Harshing Our Mellow"
Traveled via ferry from Hong Kong
  • Traditional Dance Senado Square
  • Fireworks
  • Gambling
  • Bungee jump from the Macau Tower
Pitstop: Unknown (possible NEL - my speculation)
For a detailed preview of this episode CLICK HERE

Leg 5: Whitehorse, Yukon

Episode Title: "Who Designs These Torture Tests?"

  • Tasks: Biathlon Yukon Range, cycling?
Pitstop: Unknown
For a detailed preview of this episode CLICK HERE

Leg 6: Winnipeg
Episode Title: "She's the Pierogi Poobah"
  • Spotted at CMHR (Canadian Museum of Human Rights)
  • Whiskey Dix Tavern (perform Rock song in front of audience)
  • MTS Centre Hockey challenge
  • Pierogi (making?/serving?)
For a detailed preview of this episode, CLICK HERE

Leg 7: Normandy, France
(My speculation prior to official announcement: Most likely in close enough proximity to Paris, France to allow for local transportation).
Episode Title: "Lest We Forget"
Tasks: Cider making, horse grooming, visit to Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery (updated info from preview)
Pitstop: Unknown, but Juno Beach would seem appropriate
*This is an NEL (non-elimination leg) Ryan and Rob will be the last to arrive at the pitstop.
For a detailed preview of this episode. CLICK HERE

Leg 8: Paris, France
Episode Title: "I Said Yes!"
  • Spotted on Rue du Louvre (clue box) Note: This is in close proximity to both The Louvre and the new Jardin Nelson Mandela.
  • Detour: one task is involves visiting cafes, collecting coffee? (from preview)
  • 2X U-Turn (from preview)
  • Roadblock: use Mentos candies to duplicate a piece of art (from preview)
  • Speed Bump: Playing accordion, Centre Georges Pompidou. Task for last place team on previous leg only (Ryan Steele and Rob Goddard were seen performing this task)
Pitstop: Unknown
For a detailed preview of this episode CLICK HERE
__________ .

Leg 9: Montreal
Episode Title: N/A
  • race car challenge: perform a Quarter Drift and a Reverse 180
  • Detour: Task 1 on Canal de Lachine. Cheese/Fried dish identification (from preview)
  • Task: Life drawing models (from preview)
Pitstop: Unknown

Leg 10: Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Episode Title: N/A
  • Spotted at Province House, Charlottetown - 2 female judges: members of the Confederation Players in period dress. (probable tie in to the 150th Anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference)
  • Red Shores Charlottetown Driving Park: part of Detour (from preview)
  • Also seen in New London at the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery (Pitstop?).
Pitstop: Unknown. Probable NEL/Keep-on-Racing leg.

Leg 11: ???? Possibly Moncton and/or Shediac, New Brunswick
Episode Title: N/A
Route: My speculation is that teams drove from New London, P.E.I. into New Brunswick via the Confederation Bridge
  • Unknown
Pitstop: Unknown
Note: this is the second leg (the first being Normandy) filmed completely off radar. I have only posted this as a leg based on 2 things: the final 3 teams flew into Ottawa via Moncton and the opening credits show the "Shediac Lobster". If I am wrong, then... meh, oh well.

Leg 12: Ottawa
Episode Title: N/A
  • Teams (possibly) left from Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Motorized rafts on the Ottawa River from Hull/Gatineau to Parliament Hill.
  • A task inside the Parliament Buildings.
  • The National Gallery of Art
  • The Museum of Nature. Task involved rigging and possibly retrieving a clue at the top of the new glass atrium.
  • Diefenbunker? (unconfirmed rumour)
  • Rideau Hall 
Finish Line:  at this time, I am leaning towards Rideau Hall as the finish line.


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