Tuesday, 23 February 2016

BBCan4 Wildcard Twist....Here's What's Going to Happen

Big Brother Canada has revealed its self-proclaimed biggest twist ever.

Two of four International Big Brother alumni will enter the Big Brother Canada house as players. They are:

Jase Wirey 
Big Brother US - Seasons 5 and 7Jase is instantly recognizable to any Big Brother fan from the popular US version of the show and is still the only houseguest to win the first Head of Household in multiple seasons. Known for his physical abilities and his dislike for wearing shirts, Jase is looking for redemption in the Big Brother Canada house.
Nikki Grahame 
Big Brother UK - has played in a total of five seasonsNikki Grahame is quite simply a Big Brother franchise icon, and she’ll be the first to make that known! Her behaviour – most notably her epic diary room temper tantrums – is legendary. She has appeared in five different seasons of the series and also had her own reality series, Princess Nikki. In 2006, her first season on the show, she was the 12th most written about person in the UK.

Tim Dormer 
Winner Big Brother Australia - Season 10 Tim is one of Australia’s biggest reality TV stars. As the Season 10 winner of Big Brother Australia, he’s charmed audiences and houseguests alike. Even though he’s made his way to the top as a manipulator, he’s clearly rooting for a fair game, and often stands up for the underdog.
Veronica Graf Big Brother Italy - Season 13 Veronica is the most famous and most talked about Italian houseguest ever. Although commonly seen as a sexy Playboy bunny (she posed in the Italian edition of the magazine), she has also studied business and economics. Sure to stir up controversy, houseguests will not be able to judge this book by its cover.

Here's the catch. Fans will vote in only two of the four - one male and one female. Voting closes in 9 days and the results will be announced March 3rd. From this we know that these International players will not enter the house until AFTER the first eviction. So that first Evictee (or maybe Evictees???) will be sent home without knowing this Wildcard twist. Neither will the other House Guests. Think about it. They will be voting for one of the nominees, not aware that they will soon be gifted with two ... how do I put this ... very talented, very boisterous, experienced International alumni. If you know anything about these four, you will know I was putting that nicely.

Oh my, will they ever be in for a shock!

So, what are the "odds" for which two Wildcards will enter the house? Or what are the odds of either of them surviving until jury, or even win?

Personally, I think they are very low. Chances are the HGs will vote them both out at the first opportunity they can get. Don't be surprised if they get a week of immunity, or there is some other twist to take the target off their back. Many are saying the Brit, Aussie and Italian don't know how to play the North American game because they are accustomed to a public vote - not a vote by their housemates. They don't know how to play a social game. Don't know how to create alliances. Nonsense! That won't be the thing that does them in. They will be the outsiders. Just like Allison was labelled "The New Girl". I think the cultural differences may be the key factor. And by this, I don't mean language or not knowing what Canadian bacon is. Let alone a Double-Double. I think sooner or later one or both will say the wrong thing and piss people off. 

Another possibility is they could go into the house brandishing the label that they were voted-in by Canada. Can you imagine how the other HGs will feel with that hanging over their heads?

Maybe it all depends how many superfans will be in there this year, and whether or not they know who these people are.

And I guess we know what this year's theme will be. Vegas, Baby! Yah! Be prepared for a house full of black and gold, vinyl and maybe some velvet. Yikes! What do you think some other twists or challenges will be, based on that info? Possibilities are: Fold; Ante-up; Hit-me; deal; double-down. It could be very interesting. What will the Have-Not Room look like?

Head to http://bigbrothercanada.globaltv.com/ to vote NOW!!!All bio for the Wildcards from ET Canada

And that's not all....the House Guests will be revealed Wednesday and Thursday morning (Feb 24th & 25th) I can't wait to give them the one-over!