Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Big Brother Canada 4 Premieres Wednesday, March 2nd

Here are the details according to the official press release:
  • Wednesdays at 9 pm ET/PT, Thursdays at 8 pm ET/PT (eviction episode), and Sundays at 7 pm ET/PT
  • Gary is OUT... Sarah is IN. Big Brother Canada Side Show, premieres on Friday, March 4 at 10 pm ET on Slice and will repeat on Saturday, March 5 at 8 pm ET on Global. This year Arisa Cox is joined by panellists Peter Brown (Season 1 houseguest) and Sarah Hanlon (Season 3 winner)
  • Big Brother Canada After Dark begins Friday, March 4 at 3 am ET on Slice.
  • Live Feeds are still FREE 
  • The houseguests compete for a grand prize of $100,000, a $25,000 gift card from The Brick, and an OxiCleanTM prize pack valued at $10,000 that includes $500 of fabric care products and a $9,500 wardrobe makeover.
  • The house has been "overhauled" 
"Additional details on new season of Big Brother Canada will be announced soon."

All of the above is as per Shaw Media  Press Release

  • Expect S4 cast reveal during week of February 22. Last year's cast was announced over a 3 day period: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so I expect the same this year. Whether or not the fact that this season premieres on Wednesday and not Monday will be a factor is anyone's guess. Hey, it's only a two day difference.
  • Expect S4 cast to move into the house on or about February 25 or 26. S3 Cast moved in on or about March 19 (this should correspond to the official house reveal, which is what happened last year)
  • The first S4 Eviction Thursday, March 3 at 8 PM. Live Feeds SHOULD begin immediately after.