Friday, 5 February 2016

Big Brother Canada...Count-Down of Best Moments ... in GIFs

The 4th season of Big Brother Canada is set to premiere on March 2nd, 2016. I've got my Keurig ready. So to prepare, I've compiled a list of my "Best Moments" from the franchise.

Are you ready for it?

And if you are one of those people who have never seen an episode, take a look at what you've been missing.

Topaz in an Instant
Season 1, Week 6, Episode 15
After winning HoH, Topaz is immediately summoned to the HoH room where Arisa tells her the bad news. This will be an Instant Eviction and Topaz has only 5 minutes to pick her two nominations. While Talla, Peter, Alec, AJ, Gary, Jillian, Emmett and Andrew are waiting in the Living Room, the Arisa/Topaz convo comes on the TV, and they hear every word. Topaz works through her options. "I know the House wants Talla out." "I don't want them to vote out AJ." "I want them to vote out Andrew." She decides on AJ as the pawn and Andrew as her target. Being an Instant Eviction, there was no PoV to be had. AJ was evicted by a vote of 4 to 2, becoming the first member of the Jury.

The Dark Side
Season 1, Week 2, Episode 3
Whenever Gary went to the Dark Side, the hood/shawl/blanket would go over his head. Sure, there have been a lot of BB players we've seen do this over the years, but none so funny as Gary Levy. When Jillian nominated Gary alongside Aneal, Gary put a shawl over his head and called Jillian a Bitch. 

Peter and Marsha and Marge
Season 1, Week 2, Episode 4 & Week 7, Episode 19
This triangle started with Marsha's first task for Peter Brown. Marsha gave him 3 quotes which he had to work into 3 convos with 3 separate HGs. To succeed, no one could question what he was talking about. Peter won an Apres-Ski Hot Tub Party for everyone. Needless to say, Marsha developed a crush on Peter, calling him cute. Later in the season, Peter was given a task by Marge the Moose - Marsha's cigarette-smoking, hard-drinking, fowl-mouth nemesis. And she had a voice to match. Marge's task was for Peter to "#*@% with the houseguests" - to make them think that Tom was coming back into the house. Peter succeeded with this as well, earning 5 luxury food items for the house to have a great dinner. Marsha was convinced that Peter was cheating on her with Marge. The Marsha/Peter joke continued the next season when Marsha kept asking the new houseguests if they knew where Peter was. Poor Marsha.
[Side Note: TPTB need to bring the old girl back, and not just as roadkill. Besides, moose can survive a full-on hit by an 18-wheeler. She just needs to pick herself up, dust herself off, and maybe reapply her makeup]

A Case of Overthinking
Season 3, Week 7.  Episode 20
Yes, I am talking about that infamous Triple Eviction. Infamous, because a lot of fans HATED it.
First Bobby was given the boot in the normal weekly eviction. When Britnee won HoH and was tasked with nominating 3 people, she ran to the pantry with Sarah. Britnee brought up Willow's name, and Sarah advised her to do what's best for her game. Britnee put Pili, Kevin and Zach on the block. Bruno won Veto and saved Zach (of all people). Britnee put Willow up as a replacement. The vote was to SAVE one of the nominees. Zach and Bruno voted to save Willow, while Godfrey, Ashleigh and Sarah voted for Pili. Sarah's reasoning was that Godfrey and Ashleigh would vote for Pili (she was right) but she also thought Bruno and/or Zach would vote for Kevin. In other words, she thought the only way to save a girl from eviction was to vote for Pili. She was so wrong, she definitely over-analyzed the situation. Kevin and Willow - two strong players, were evicted, leaving Pili the sole survivor of the triple and still in the game. Lets just say the fans weren't happy and Twitter burned that night.

Doing It Newfie Style
Season 2, Week 4, Episode 9
When Jon and Allison (both from Newfoundland) were called to the Diary Room, they found a Disco Party room. Disco ball, munchies and booze. Lots of booze. As in vodka, rum and beer (oh my). A true triple threat guaranteed to get anyone wasted. In a hurry. Their task? To get drunk by repeatedly returning to the Diary Room to drink, then socializing with the rest of the house. If no one suspected they were drunk, they would earn the House a party. When they tried to count the number of drinks they had, Jon said he "Ran out of fingers. That's Newfie style!" The task was almost exposed when Sabrina followed Allison upstairs, asking if she was okay, Allison told her her stomach was bothering her. (I bet it was!) It was also a good excuse to explain why she kept going to the Diary Room. Needless to say, the Newfies accomplished their mission. I have just one lingering question...did no one smell the alcohol on their breath? I mean, come on!!!

"Fuck It"
Season 2, Week 6, Episode 17
Here's the story...
Kenny is gay. But he went into the house playing straight because as he puts it, has a "talent" with the ladies. He's a good looking guy and people are attracted to him, so it worked. Especially with Rachelle. But the charade became a monster for Kenny. He knew that if he suddenly came out to the House, he would probably be seen as a liar and no one would trust him. He had already confided with his best friend Sarah. But week six saw Kenny on the block. He won Veto and saved himself, but this move only resulted in Sarah being put up in his place. On a beautiful spring day, with everyone sunning by the hot tub, Kenny suddenly blurts out, "Fuck it, I'm gay!"  At that moment, Rachelle's world crumbled apart. Not because it put a halt to any romantic feelings, but because she suddenly realized she just lost her meat-shield and was PLAYED. The news shocked everyone, but things went better than Kenny thought it would. Well, except for Sabrina, who rather typically pooped on everyone's party with: "That's why you do Hot Yoga!" Then she tries to fix her gaff by saying, "I love gay people! My friends are all gay!" Yah, no. It didn't help.

The Gourmet Life
Season 1, Week 6, Episode 15
When Andrew wins HoH, he must also name 4 houseguests to be Have-Nots for the Week. He picks Emmett, Peter, Topaz and Gary (who has up until now, managed to avoid being a Have Not). And thus the tantrum begins. First he pouts behind the challenge platform. We hear him say, "My life is gourmet" (coincidently while he stands there picking his nose). He then runs to the bathroom to hide. Later in the Diary Room, Gary says, "Best believe a Bitch went crazy." But the absolute best comment came from Emmett..."All of a sudden, Gary, he runs off bawling. Like we're in a grocery store and he can't have Froot Loops." But it was poor Topaz who was left to console her friend Gary - rubbing his back while he laid on the floor, wailing away.

Adel and the Gremlins
Season 2, Week 8, Episode 21
Even though Adel gave The Gremlins (Sabrina & Rachelle) advance warning he was putting them on the block, he just had to act out a dramatic Nomination Ceremony:
"I've nominated you, Sabrina because you've been a thorn in my side since day 3. You've pinned me against religion. I cannot wait to break up you two Gremlins. I've nominated you, Rachelle, because you are the co-founder of the Gremlins and nothing more than a shadow of Sabrina. I do not know what you are doing in this game and I cannot wait till you take the walk of shame."
All the finger-pointing! And "co-founder"??? Oh, Adel. You cracked us up with that. Sabrina went to Jon and Neda and brokered a final 3 deal. Adel wanted Sabrina out. Neda wanted Rachelle out. Can you guess who won? Rachelle was voted out. And for all his devotion to Jon, Adel was voted out the next week.

Never, Ever Ever, Ever, Ever...NEVER
Season 3, Week 5, Episodes 12 to 14
It's a simple idea. Don't volunteer yourself to go up on the block as a pawn. NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF IT. Yet we see it all the time in Big Brother. Think: Season 1's Danielle. But the piece de resistance of this faux-pas is of course, Jordan Parhar. He thought he was safe because his closest ally, Zach, was HoH. He thought it was a great move as a cover for his Newport alliance, especially after making the mistake of celebrating Zach's HoH win in front of everyone. Of course, Jordan's one condition was that he would be a pawn to backdoor Bruno. And the plan started to look like it would work. Then... Sindy With An Ess returned to the house. If ever there was any Houseguest who NEVER "expected the unexpected", it was Jordan. The whole mess was further compounded when Zach won POV and did not use it on Jordan. He thought everyone was on board with evicting Godfrey. But Sindy had different plans. I blame Zach for going along with this scheme. The Live-feeders all knew the blindside was coming, and we expected a Jordan melt-down. He didn't. Jordan took it all in stride. Did I say I blame Zach? Oh, and Sindy too. Jordan's pain didn't stop there. Although he became the first member of the Jury, he was evicted from that as well by Sarah, Godfrey, and Ashleigh.

Ika's Choice
Season 2, Week 4, Episode 11
As a reward for guessing the correct number of balls that fell into the backyard during a surprise task, Ika was offered a choice. She could either shred a $5,000 cheque for herself OR shred letters from home for everyone else. What she didn't know was the others were watching and listening to her on the television in the Living Room. What they heard was a tirade that exposed all their strategies. Everyone in the Living Room looked...worried. And I mean worried that their game was exposed. Even the calm, cool Neda was put off guard. Ika went on to say Kenny controlled them all. It came as no surprise to us that she decided to keep the cheque and shred the letters, but the House Guests went on a rampage. Seriously....what did they think she was going to do? Ika knew - as did they, that she would be evicted no matter what she chose.

Kevin's Golden [Shit] Ticket Maneuver
Season 3, Week 2, Episode 4
Bobby won the "Wall-to-Wall" HoH comp and put Britnee and Kevin on the block. Kevin was the target because of his close friendship with Johnny. Later, Sindy, Sarah and Willow are joined by Naeha in the HoH room and they start talking about the nominees. Specifically, saving Britnee to maintain an even boy vs. girl ratio. Sindy suggests that none of them use the Veto if they win it, and to vote to evict Kevin. Just as they leave, Kevin comes out from the HoH bathroom. He thought his days were numbered, but now sees he was just handed a golden ticket to safety. He has a plan. He goes to find "the biggest loudmouth in the house" - aka Graig, in the main bathroom along with Bruno, Willow, Ashleigh, Pilar and Naeha. He tells the group Sindy and the girls told him he was going home this week. It works, and Graig and Bruno tell Jordan there is a "Girls' Alliance" in the House. (There wasn't) Graig goes on to say the girls just created a "Guys' Alliance." Kevin then reinforces the Girls' Alliance idea with Bobby, telling him the main aggressors were Sindy and Naeha (somewhat the truth) and their plan is to vote out guys for the next two to three weeks (not true). The end result: Sindy with an Ess is voted out unanimously.

Season 2, Week 7, Episode 19
When Jon wins HoH, he thought it was going to be smooth-sailing, a done-deal when he put Sabrina and Rachelle on the block. But Neda starts working Jon, telling him his "Goof Troop" Alliance with Arlie is not safe. And when you have a chance to take out a big player, you take it. Jon wins Veto. Jon and Neda start making the rounds. First with the Gremlins....who had previously offered their devotion to Jon and Neda in exchange for their safety. Sabrina and Rachelle are on board with getting Arlie out. When Jon and Neda talk to Allison, she comes to realize that she knew nothing. Sure she's okay with voting out Arlie. But it was the Veto Ceremony where all hell breaks loose. Jon takes Rachelle off the block and puts Arlie up.
     Arlie: "That's a big move, brother."
     Jon: "It's just game."
The hurt didn't stop there. Allison pulls her Super Veto out of the back of her pants and takes Sabrina off the block. Jon's only choices for replacement nominee were Neda, Heather or Adel. He chose Adel, exposing the fact that Adel was a minor player in the Sloppy Seconds Alliance. Arlie ends up being evicted, a voting choice that Sabrina, Rachelle and Allison would soon regret.

Might As Well Jump
Season 3, Week 5, Episode 14
Yes, I know Godfrey's high jump goes hand-in-hand with Jordan's eviction, but I think it deserves its own ranking. Enough said. Except one odd fact: the actual jump was never shown in the live broadcast.

THAT Moment
Season 2, Week 10, Episode 29  (Season Finale)
Do I really have to write out the circumstances for this moment when Jon evicts Neda in the F3? Nah, didn't think so. But in retrospect, you have to wonder how she believed it could have turned out any different. With the final 3 being her, Jon and Sabrina, she had to have known there was a very good chance Jon would win the final HoH. And if that thought crossed her mind, wouldn't she have known Jon would choose to keep Sabrina (especially Sabrina) over her? In Neda's own words to Jon, "When you have a chance to take out a big player, you take it." I guess Jon took it.

The Sleeping Giant Awakens
Season 3, Week 5, Episode 13
For his first couple of weeks in the house, Godfrey was a pretty quiet guy. You could say he was the definition of "flying under the radar." He won nothing. He wasn't nominated for eviction. But all that changed in week 5 when Zach put him on the block next to his Newport alliance buddy, Jordan. Then Zach won Veto. You know that part in the Veto Ceremony when the Veto holder asks the noms why he should use the Veto to save them? Well, maybe Zach shouldn't have asked Godfrey:
"Zach, bro. If you have any sense in your head at all, I strongly urge you NOT to use the Veto on me. Cos if I get off this block, its you I'm coming after. I want YOUR blood on THESE hands. So don't use it on me. Use the Veto on your boy, J.P. Using your closest ally as a pawn to send me home...never a good idea."
After Zach says he's not using the Veto, he tells Godfrey, "You made your bed. It's time to sleep in it." Godfrey's reply?
"You awoke the sleeping giant, man. You awoke the sleeping giant."
With those words, Godfrey breathed new life into a season that had become monotonous with so many self confessed superfans in the house. Bravo, Godfrey.

Arlie's Run
Season 2, Week 3, Episode 7
The Houseguests' task this week was to see who could become the most "Buzzworthy" - in other something completely lamebrain, film it and get Canada to vote by retweeting their hashtags. Most of their efforts were god awful. Sabrina attempting to impersonate Kim Kardashian and Paul as "Paulina" come to mind. Ugh. Kenny was pretty funny: stripping down to his tighty-whities and a bowtie; smearing vegetable oil over himself; lifting weights; and doing pelvic thrusts while saying, "humping and pumping." one suspected he was gay? But the best by far was Arlie streaking through the house. There was also a segment not shown in the aired episode: he tried to dye his junk by squating over/dipping them in a glass of cranberry juice on the floor. Unfortunately, Canada disagreed and Adel won this task....I still don't know how!!!

Season 1, Week 10, Episode 29 (Season 1 Finale)
This has become so ingrained in Big Brother lore, I really need not explain. Yes, of course, I am talking about Topaz Brady accidentally voting for the wrong person in the Finale Vote. Everyone knows the finale vote is a vote for the person you want to win, which is the opposite of the regular vote to evict. This is common knowledge and I believe the Host of each franchise always emphasises this. What I think happened was that while making her vote, Topaz's statement was so anti-Jillian that she actually pulled Jillian's ballot out of the bag as she said, "My vote is 150% secure. One-hundred and fifty percent!" I am sure it was just nerves, but the whole situation was so awkward - and heart-breaking, watching Topaz plead to Arisa to change her vote. Emmett's cheering (when he realized Jillian would win) didn't help.

You Want Good TV?
Season 2, Week 8, Episode 22
I love me some good drama. And no one can ever beat Sabrina for drama. Oh my god, how I hated her. So controlling. Did she really think she could manipulate people with all those fake tears? Then I loved to hate her. You know what I mean by that don't you? Yah, you do. It happens when you can't wait to turn on the feeds, just to see what what trouble she's stirring up so you can hate her more.
Then this happened.
These days, I have to admit, I find myself kinda missing her.
After Adel's "Walk of Shame" Nomination speech, Rachelle goes to talk to him in his HoH room, wanting to know why he did it. "Was it just to make good TV?", she asks him. Adel goes along with that explanation, even though his real purpose was to strengthen his strategy of being the most hated in the house. Then Rachelle goes to tell Sabrina, and finds her in the middle of a melt-down. This was the result, one of the best-known moments...ever:

So, what are your favourite moments from Big Brother Canada? Did I miss one?