Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Big Brother Canada 5: Live Feeds...What's Up?

Up to the time of this post, on the eve of the premiere of season 5, Global has not confirmed when the Live Feeds will begin. Previous seasons have always started right after the first eviction episode airs in the Pacific Time Zone (1 AM ET the next day. Is it odd they haven't announced this, even via Arisa Cox on Twitter? Yes. Is there some reason they haven't? Maybe. Some fans have formulated a theory that it is somehow connected to the first HoH challenge, which was revealed last night on ET Canada. The HGs must work together in teams of two. What they didn't tell us is the TWIST that will determine the HoH out of the winning pair.

This kind of lack of information just makes everyone's head spin. Will it be Canada's vote? Will the other HGs get to choose? Do we get feeds one day earlier, on Wednesday night instead?

Well, the hell with that. I know exactly what's been going on in that house/spaceship.

Whatever happens, remember to have fun enjoying the feeds. Don't feed the trolls, play nice and please leave the HGs families alone on Twitter or on the FB chat.

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