Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Bachelor Canada Preview of Week 6 - The Fantasy Dates. Brad's Final 2 are...

So, CityTV's episode description for tonight's episode reads....

Brad and the bachelorettes embark on a week of fantasy dates that take them all across Canada’s picturesque east coast. As blossoming love outshines dwindling passion, Brad must look deep into his soul to decide who is the right woman for him – but before he can, one bachelorette gives him an ultimatum that may sabotage his chances. Then, it all comes crashing down at a rose ceremony that leaves everyone in shock and disbelief

And from Tyler Harcourt's tweets come these teasers: 

"Something that you do not see coming" and "This might just be a game changer".

Yeah...Whitney's going home! Ding, dong the witch is dead! "Blossoming love outshines dwindling passion"! The "rose ceremony that leaves everyone in shock and disbelief"! Thank god, Brad has finally seen Whitney for the fame whore she is. And he's going to kick her ass all the way back to Calgary!!! Right? Right? 

Wrong. Oh, Whitney is still a fame whore and after tonight, Whitney will still be on the show. Sorry.  Not this week...again.

Here's a breakdown of the fantasy dates:

Brad and Kara go to Nova Scotia and spend a lovely afternoon at Fox Harbour Golf Resort and Spa. Their romantic date consists of target shooting. Oh joy. What girl doesn't long for a day like this. Because falling in love is a lot like shooting a silhouette man/target right in the heart. You can bet you will hear a line just as corny as that during the date. Does Brad offer her the overnight date card and does she accept? Your guess is as good as mine. But hey, they are both single.

Brad and Bianca go to Newfoundland to look at a big honking iceberg and they go kayaking. Because sometimes the path to finding your soul mate is a rough ride. My guess about the overnights? Yeah, they are going to do it.

Brad and Whitney. They get to go catch lobsters in Prince Edward Island. Because Whitney thinks Brad is such a good catch. Or maybe Brad thinks she is. Regardless, they both get to wear rubber pants. Sexy. And very reminiscent of Ben and Courtney (in a group date) fly-fishing. This is a fantasy date? Whitney's only fantasy is to give her cleavage as much air time as possible. And yes, they are going to do it. Do we even think otherwise?

The preview from last week really teases us with the rose ceremony. It's in P.E.I. is at the Dalvay Resort. There is some sort of big commotion, as Whitney leaves the other two girls and approaches Brad on the porch. The conversation is a mish mash of editing and goes like this:

- a voice over of Whitney saying "We need to talk", while we see Brad's face.
- another voice over of Whitney: "I am being honest with you"
-we see Whitney saying I don't know what's wrong"
-we see Brad say "This is the most selfish thing you could have done"

Trust me, the voice overs were added in. Whitney walking up to Brad could just as easily have been her walking up to get her rose. Or maybe she is asking if she could go the bathroom. Maybe she is asking to talk to him. 

My prediction? The first rose will go to Bianka, the second will go to Whitney. Kara Henderson will go home. But if there's going to be a Bachelorette Canada, she's our girl. She's as Canadian as maple syrup, and she certainly has a large fan base. So don't worry about her.

See, the thing is, we have to look back at that long season preview at the end of episode 1. There are three things to note here.

- Bianka, in a white dress at the final rose ceremony. Note: We only see a glimpse, but it's her. One more thing...we only see one girl at the final rose ceremony.
- Brad's sister talking to Whitney. Only the final two meet with the bachelor's family.
- Whitney, in a blue dress walking away from Brad while in Barbados.

Hey maybe I am wrong. Maybe Brad gives all three girls a rose. Or maybe Whitney does get eliminated, but flies down to Barbados to talk to Brad. Seen that one before. Maybe Kara is still in this thing.  

What do you think???  




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