Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Bachelor Canada Recap of Week 6 - The Fantasy Dates...Who's Fantasy was That?

Well, when I sat down to watch the show tonight, I expected to be watching a 90 minute show, just like every other week. I didn't even check to see that the show was only one hour. One hour! One hour for three so-called "fantasy dates" and a rose ceremony?
It's bad enough that the show is only 90 minutes compared to the 2 hour U.S. version, but one hour? This was really the first week where the preview pretty much told the whole story. All you had to do was pay attention to the preview. Even so, I kind of expected to see more of the storyline. Of course, we have to ask why was the show so abbreviated?

It pretty much played out the way I thought, so there's no point going over it all again. If you didn't watch the show, all the info about where they went and what they did is in my preview for Week 6. Instead, here are some of my impressions of the 3 fantasy dates.

Brad and Bianka: All the editing in the world can't cover up the fact that, of the three, these two seem to have the most normal relationship. Well, as normal as you can expect from a television show. Their conversations are the most relaxed, they are fairly comfortable with each other, and they express their concerns. When the overnight date card is offered to them, Bianka's response was probably the most normal reaction I have ever seen in all the Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons. She said she was afraid of being disappointed in the end, and didn't like the idea of the same offer being given to Whitney and Kara. Oh sure, we have heard that before, but it was just the way she said it. Not convinced? Look at their body language. What happens next? Not much...just a quick scan of the room and a shot of them sitting and talking.

Brad and Kara: Their date involved skeet shooting, and when one of them hit the target, they got to ask the other person a question. Not one of their own questions - they were on cards, obviously written by the production team. All very contrived. It seemed more like a first date activity, and it was becoming painfully obvious that Kara would be going home. Kara accepted the overnight date card very casually. There was a view of the bed and then they started kissing. It really wasn't a very romantic atmosphere. It just seemed... awkward.

Brad and Whitney: They go catch lobsters in P.E.I. Sure, they laughed and joked around, but hey who couldn't have fun with a lobster? EVERY single guy in this world would have picked up that lobster and chased the girl with it. The most dramatic thing about the date? Brad decided to wear his sister's sweater. Really! That was a chick's sweater. White, loosely knit. Like the kind worn over a bathing suit. WEIRD. I guess his mom wasn't there to dress him. Then there was a quick shot of the two of them in a hot tub. While we hear a voice over of Brad saying he can't be in a relationship with someone who is as emotionally repressed as Whitney, Brad is busy ogling Whitney's skimpy bikini and the fake boobies. They talk about nothing and then Brad thinks the relationship is back on track. What? Then she reads the date card. Her reply is "yes". Just yes. Then they don't even show the room...nothing. They cut right to the next day. Are we really expected to buy this crap?

So, these were the fantasy dates eh? No yachting in the Caribbean? No secluded tropical swimming hole? They didn't even show a romantic dinner. Just kayaking, skeet shooting and lobsters. Then it was just wham, bam. Who the hell's fantasy is that? If the producers want to have a season 2, they are really going to have to try harder than this.

One hour before the rose ceremony. Whitney calls her sister to discuss things. B.S. These people are kept under wraps and away from all means of contact with friends, family and the outside world. No cell phones, no internet, not even a book or newspaper. It's done for a reason too. Whitney tells her sister stuff like "I don't know, blah blah, have to do what's right, blah". Camille tells her to follow her heart. Okay. And it's all a load of crap. Why? Because every other contestant in the history of the show who reached the final three or final two would have wanted to call their best friend or a family member to talk about how things were going. Why was it allowed this time? Because that's all the producers had to go on to add drama and try to keep us guessing. Build the drama and add to Whitney's story. Maybe she won't seem as vacuous. Sorry not buying it.

Rose ceremony time. Tyler comes out for the usual spiel. Brad gives a rose to Bianka, of course, then one to Whitney. Tyler rather harshly tells Kara she has to leave. Whitney steps forward and has to talk to Brad. Why? I still don't get it. She says "I don't know" mumble mumble and Brad tells her she's selfish. Kara waits outside while Brad and Whitney talk. The editing is so bare bones that we just don't get how a solution is really reached. Brad comes out and escorts Kara to the limo. Kara gives the typical line about how she thought they could have gotten married. The end.

What the hell did we just watch? The episode was a vane attempt to pull together a storyline from nothing. The reason for the abbreviated, highly edited show? They had to cut out most of the storylines in the three relationships. Showing any more would just be a giveaway - the final girl will be Bianka.

Next week is the Women Tell All episode. I could probably write a recap right now of that one. Looks like they simply re-cast and re-shot the Ben Flajnik Women Tell All episode. One more thing, I wouldn't be surprised if Kara shows up in the season finale, just to discuss unresolved issues between her and Brad. Now, where have I seen that one before?

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