Monday, 3 June 2013

The Amazing Race Canada...Casting Minor Celebs?


Back on May 8th, I posted this tweet by Canadian actor/comedian Shaun Majumder who just happened to come across filming in Vancouver:

6 May
blasting through YVR! Go cute girls go!
Well, at the time I thought two things. The first was yeah, of course he would notice and tweet a pic of 2 pretty girls he saw being filmed. But I also felt that maybe there was just a glimmer of recognition there...this pic was taken up-close and personal. He's standing right beside the cameraman!Could have just been my imagination, but it was enough for me to put it on my radar.

And it doesn't take much to do a bit of snooping on twitter to find out who these girls are, especially when you know the names of some of the other teams. You ever hear the saying, "loose lips sink ships"?

Apparently the producers weren't satisfied with casting just two minor Canadian celebs (Body Break's Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod). That I kind of understand. But this...not so much. Out of the thousands of video applications they received from regular, everyday Canadians, they just had to cast another celebrity? Shame.

Yep, apparently Vanessa Morgan, who is most notable for starring in My Babysitter's a Vampire managed to grab a spot on The Amazing Race Canada.

Annoyed yet?


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