Friday, 24 May 2013

The Amazing Race Canada - The Finish is in Sight

So the finale is upon us, and there have been sightings aplenty all over Toronto:

  • Pearson (of course)
  • The Toronto Zoo Panda Exhibit - cluebox sighting
  • The Esplanade
  • The L Tower
  • Cadbury Adams Canada (nothing like a little product placement) - cluebox sighting
  • The Queensway

However, until there are identifiable pics, nothing can be confirmed. There have already been a few foilers posted by pranksters, and we can't discard the fact that the production team have and will set up some themselves.

They are supposed to rappel down the west tower and onto the green roof at Toronto City Hall today. Now that's hilarious. Do you have any idea how many reporters are there right now to cover the Rob Ford Fiasco? Oh the jokes are going to fly over this convergence of events! But Ford just showed up at his office. Took the back way in. I guess he didn't want to run into the teams. He'd probably trip them or take out one of the cameramen. Maybe the whole scandal was just dreamed up as a diversion for the Amazing Race Canada filming.  Just joking.

I wouldn't be surprised if the rappelling challenge was cancelled at City Hall because of all the hoopla. 

[Update: I don't think production approached Toronto City Council to approve City Hall as a venue, wasting time and money - only to use it as a diversion. Well unless Rob Ford was doing another one of his favours! I think this challenge was cancelled because of the growing news story that day and there were just too many reporters there.]

The big question is...where's the finish line? It's usually somewhere secluded...a park or large open space. And it's going to be downtown. Toronto has plenty of those! BUT if I was the producer of the show...I would pick Toronto Island, the CNE, High Park or Fort York. Perfect scenarios. And of these places, the most secluded would be inside the grounds of Fort York - if only for the reason that production can control access.

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