Monday, 6 May 2013

The Amazing Race Canada ... and Thus It Begins. Spoilers That Is!

During last night's finale of The Amazing Race, we were treated to a commercial announcing the premiere date for The Amazing Race Canada. Yep, the premiere is July 15th. The grand Prize is $250,000 and it is the biggest in Canadian TV history. The winners also receive 2...count 'em TWO, Corvette Stingrays and one year of free flights worldwide with Air Canada in Executive 1st Class. There is still no formal announcement as to who the host will be or the teams.


We already know a few things thanks to Twitter, and a lot of people who know The Amazing Race filming when they see it. It's easy enough to recognize here in North America. Even if you don't watch the show, if you own a television, you can put two and two together. Of course it's hard to miss a film crew and 9 teams of two, usually wearing matching clothes and no luggage...only hauling backpacks. As far as I can remember, the only other television show that had people wearing backpacks and running around was LOST...and that ended a while ago.

1. The starting line for The Amazing Race Canada was Niagara Falls. Note that there are 9 sets of backpacks evenly spaced on the grass. Hey maybe the first clue involved going over the Falls in a barrel. No such luck. There are 9 matching cars all lined up in a nice little row.

2. A nice little YouTube video of the start of the race, taken by a lovely couple from their hotel room. The teams take off and you can see the host lagging behind. Hmmn...could that be Ben Mulroney I wonder? Kinda cool. Must have been early in the morning because there are very few people milling about ... people who managed to break through the perimeter of the film set. View it Here

Courtesy Bradley Gibson @Bee_Gib

3. Where did they go? Well, later that day they were spotted at Pearson International Airport. We can see two teams: two guys in blue t-shirts; and two girls with peachy-pink tops. Probably waiting for their flight, and since we know they are flying Air Canada, the chances are there was a flight delay!!! Would love to know what they are talking about. Hmmn..."So, how YOU doin?" Hehehe. Well that one guy does kinda look like the Joey type!

4. Another team being filmed at Pearson. This one looks to be a married/engaged. We also know that they flew to Vancouver thanks to people tweeting comments about the awkwardness of the film crew and their  taking up all the space in the overhead compartments.
Courtesy Stephen Schulz @Chefschulz

5. Pit stop on the beautiful green roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Is that the host walking out to the podium? Who is that mystery man? Well, it could be Ben Mulroney - that wouldn't be the worst thing ever. could also be someone totally out of left field, totally unexpected, like, oh I don't know.....Jon Montgomery. And if you don't know who Jon Montgomery is then you better renounce your Canadian citizenship and move to Florida.

Courtesy Kayla Bordignon
6. One challenge was a dragon dance in Vancouver...Kristen Idiens and Darren Trapp, the dreadlock dude just finished.
Courtesy Kim Lim

7. A few teams have been identified:

  • Remember Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod of those Body Break commercials? Yep, I guess CTV couldn't help but make us take a trip down memory lane.
  • There's a dating pair Kristen Idiens and Darren Trapp, were were easily picked out because of his blonde dreadlocks. Their audition tape from Youtube is Here
8. A challenge of some sort will be filmed on Monday, May 13 at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan. It will supposedly involve the Saskatchewan Roughriders team. They will also make a stop at the Legislative Buildings. Only 6 teams remain by this leg...there are 6 SUVs lined up at the airport according to

9. Looks like they will be filming a challenge at Toronto City Hall later in May. You can see a copy of the Chief Corporate Officer's report to Toronto Council provided by HERE. Three people will repel down from the roof. Only 3 people? That's probably the final leg of the race...but that doesn't necessarily mean the finish line will be in Toronto!!!

Check back here often for updates.


  1. Who is the host?

    1. Two names are being floated around...Ben Mulroney and Jon Montgomery. Still no confirmation however.

  2. Body Break................ haha lets see if all those years of body breaking will finally pay off for them! I like how the Canadian version of the show is still trying to stay multicultural all while staying within Canada! It will be interesting to see how fast they run out of places to go compared the the American version of the show! Lets see what this season has in store for fans!

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