Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Big Brother Canada Recap of Episode 27 Sunday April 29, 2013

We left off last Thursday after the first question in the HOH Competition. It was kind of a random break. Seeing how the so-called "live eviction" isn't really live, you would think they could have timed the whole thing better. Oh well. The comp came down to a tiebreaker, and of course Jillian won. Great. This is just getting ridiculous. And boring.

Talla is a bit upset she didn't win HOH. Jillian tries her best to explain how HOH this week doesn't really matter - winning POV is perhaps more important. The nitwit doesn't get it.

But Emmett certainly does. He also knows that it doesn't even matter who is nominated. He realizes that he is the least desirable person right now to bring into any F3 scenario. He thinks they will all try to target him, but then again, they all should have gotten rid of him long ago.

Then the cry goes out, "Who wants to see my HOH room?" Apparently no one...Including Emmett. Been there done that. In more ways than one. Jillian confesses in the diary room that she knows it's all boring and annoying to everyone. So why does she jump around and act all excited about it? Obviously she just wants to rub everyone's noses in it.

They find a rack of fancy clothes in the Haves bedroom. Talla screams. Apparently they will be the stars of the Bib Brother Awards. Talla screams. They all get ready to the occasional scream from Talla. If I were an HG in that house, those unrelenting screams and screeches would turn me into a nervous wreck. I really think the girl needs to see a doctor, preferably a psychiatrist. Perhaps she needs a few sessions of electric shock therapy. Every time she lets go of a scream...zap!!! Maybe just one of those collars for dogs to stop barking. That might work.

They all get the red carpet treatment, along with the opportunity to strike a pose. Talla ended up looking like a Bratz doll. Jillian looked...meh. Gary looked like, well, Gary. Maybe with a bit more shimmer to his glitter. But Emmett? Now there was a real transformation. Yowza!!! Not too shabby, Emmett!!! Is this guy really a farmer?

They all sit down at a table, like they are at the Oscars only there is no host, guests or fancy dance numbers. They go through a series of nominations and then announce the winner in each category. Then there was even a tribute to the people that were lost. A lovely montage of people that Jillian lied to. Nice. Everyone is having a great time, talking about everything that happened during the season, when Talla's yammering is cut off by Emmett. She gets all hissy about it and goes inside to toss things around and jump on the Bi-Polar Express. Emmett doesn't want to make any enemies, so he follows her inside to calm her down and apologize.

Later on, Jillian takes a moment with Talla to take advantage of the situation. Jillian re-enforces their F2 agreement. Wait a minute. I thought Jillian was planning an F2 with Andrew? Anyway, Jillian is playing Talla. And Talla is buying it. Jillian doesn't have to do this crap anymore. Then she starts to feel guilty and runs to Emmett. Here's the thing - Jillian is constantly lying to everyone about her alliances to other players. Then she goes into the Diary Room and tells us how different she is in real life, and how this game has turned her into a manipulating liar. Then she pulls this kind of crap. It wasn't necessary to do this to Talla - Talla's role in the game is inconsequential at this point...her part is over. So why is Jillian doing this stuff still?

We hear that line, "Part of my duties as Head of Household is to nominate 2 players for eviction." Part of her duties? I am getting kind of tired of hearing this line. And what other duties are there? She nominates Talla and Gary, even though it would have been a good time to nominate Emmett. Dan Gheesling was so right. She is playing for second place. Oh well.

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