Sunday, 28 April 2013

Finale Week Spoilers

Yes, this is the final week of Big Brother Canada - the finale will air next Thursday, May 2! Big Brother After Dark will no longer air, and the live feeds will be cut on Sunday. However, here are a few spoilers of what went down before the feeds went out:
  • Jillian won HOH...for the fourth time.
  • Talla and Gary were nominated for eviction.
  • Emmett won POV and will be the only one who votes in the eviction.
  • Talla appears to be the target for Emmett.
  • Talla is convinced Jillian and Emmett are taking her to the F3 and that it is Gary who will be eliminated. In the feeds, she was taking to the "dark" moose named Marge. She calls it "Henry", probably because they have never been introduced. Talla confided in Henry/Marge that Emmett eliminated Peter and Andrew for her, and she sees no reason that he won't eliminate Gary for her as well.  Let's just say Talla is delusional. Peter was right when he described Talla as not knowing what game she is playing.
So let's look at the F3...and who would win against whom:

Jillian: It's just like Dan Gheesling said. Jillian is playing for 2nd place. Unless she pulls out some monumental speech at the end which can sway the jury, she has no chance of winning. The jury will vote emotionally and against her because she burned each of them. I hope she is in the F2 because I can't wait for the jury questions, especially from Peter, Topaz and Andrew. And the rest of them for that matter. I also can't wait for Peter to tell her "I told you so" - he reserved that right with her.

Gary: He is certainly the emotional favorite, well loved by Canada and the jury. He would win in an F2 against Jillian, even though he is a "returning player" voted back into the game. He managed to do the impossible - survive eviction and drive a wedge into the East Coast Alliance, getting Jillian and Emmett to evict Andrew. If pitted against Emmett in an F2, it may be close but he would lose.

Emmett: Unless Emmett gets completely blindsided getting into the F2, he's got this in the bag. Or unless he does something stupid and concedes it to Jillian. That is doubtful, he's no fool for love. He told Dan Gheesling he already had a plea speech prepped if he's pitted against Jillian. I want to hear that speech. My best guess is that he had Jillian wrapped around his finger. He let her win the HOHs because he didn't need to win them. He never lied to anyone and he was up front with them.

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