Sunday, 7 April 2013

Big Brother Canada Recap of Week 7

This will be the 2nd Double Eviction week.

Spoilers from Live Feeds

  • Jillian wins Iceberg Alley HOH competition
  • Alec and Peter are nominated
  • Peter wins POV. He saves himself.
  • Jillian has nominated Topaz as replacement nominee despite their deal.
  • Alec is evicted in the first eviction
  • Emmett wins 2nd HOH; Talla and Topaz are nominated; Peter wins POV and does not use; Topaz is evicted
  • Canada is to vote for an evicted (jury-member) HG to return
Recap of Episode 18 - Sunday April 7 2013: Lies! All Lies!!!

The Iceberg Alley HOH Competition continues...
As the platform inches forward, the HG'a are sprayed with ice cold water. Emmett takes his hands off the railing; Alec, Peter and Talla drop their feet into the water. It's down to Jillian and Topaz. Topaz is clearly in a better shape. Jillian is determined to beat Topaz because the "East Coast Alliance" is targeting Topaz this week. So Jillian and Topaz strike a deal. Topaz & Alec and Jillian & Emmett will be safe this week. So Topaz steps off as a sign of good faith. Jillian promised. A deal is a deal...

...It took about 5 minutes for Jillian to break that deal. Yeah, she intends to put up Alec and Peter. This was all after her alliance members - Emmett, Andrew and Talla had a little talk with her. I guess they did the math and figured out if Alec and Topaz are safe, then Andrew or Talla would have to be one of the nominees. Sure, it's okay to break a promise is a game. I hope Andrew and Talla remember those words. The question is why was Jillian such a dumbass to make that deal with Topaz to include their guys, especially when Topaz really doesn't have that great of an alliance with Alec. She only needed to include Topaz.

Jillian and Topaz have a little talk. Jillian is careful not to mention Alec's name. I don't think Topaz is stupid. Did she really think she was fooling Topaz?

There's no food in the house. Just slop. Oh oh. That can't be good. The red phone rings and Peter breaks a record to answer it. He is told the phone will keep ringing for the next five hours and the HGs must each take their turns answering it. No matter what, they must answer yes to their challenge. If they don't complete the challenges as described, they will all be Have-Nots for the week - complete it, and they will all be Haves.

  • Jillian had to lick peanut butter off Alec's chest.
  • Andrew had to wear a French Maid's outfit.
  • Talla had to wax Andrew's legs.
  • Emmett had to answer the phone 5 more times. Each time he had to drink a glass of milk. Sounded easy for a guy who loves milk. He threw up after the 5th glass went down.
  • Peter had to eat a large salad - he has an aversion to salad. But he did it.
  • Alec had to take a 5 minute bath in fish guts.
Some challenges were easy, some were hard. But they are all Haves for the week.

Then it's time for the Nomination ceremony. Jillian has talked to everyone except Peter. They talk and she basically tells him that Alec was "hot and cold" with her - and threatened her. Oh dear. Poor Jillian. Then she tells Peter that Talla is the target. Too many lies. Not good. Especially when she accuses Alec of lying to everyone.

...So she nominates Peter and Alec. Alec regrets voting off AJ and not Andrew when he had the chance. Peter realizes it's time to win a challenge. Topaz says Jillian's word is bullshit. Finally the truth! And here's another truth...has Jillian told too many lies to win? Possibly.

Recap of Episode 19 - Wednesday April 10, 2013: Shields Up

After a conversation with Peter, we see Jillian in the Diary Room telling us she thinks she can "work with Peter in the future". I would translate this to mean she believes she can manipulate him, and get away with a couple of more lies. Huh! I guess she doesn't know Peter as well as we do. Gotta give Peter credit - he has kept his strategy under wraps very well. I'm kind of pulling for him.

Jillian, Alec and Peter draw Talla, Topaz and Andrew for the POV comp. Which leaves Emmett to be the host by default. He's pissed. He goes off to the storage room where he sounds off to Peter. He feels like the "fifth tit on a cow". Oh, there it is. There's the little farm-boy. You wouldn't hear that coming from a city guy, would you? Can you imagine that coming from Gary, for instance? Nope. Only a farmer would know that there are only 4 teets on a cow.

Emmett hosts the POV comp, dressed as a troll. The HGs must build a bridge made of planks, each having an event that happened in the house. The planks must be placed on the bridge in chronological order. Everyone has trouble with this. But then again, you never know who is throwing the game for their own agenda. Usually. But this time, Alec throws it...he asks himself if he really wants to win it. So, he just quits. Even though he had the best time. Everyone is dumbfounded. Peter wins POV, and Alec turns to him and flashes him "The Shield" sign.

Afterwards, Topaz goes to talk to Jillian. Awkward. Well for Jillian anyways. She knows she is going to put Topaz up as replacement. So she does her best to sugar coat the nomination to Topaz. So now it's Topaz and Alec who are on the block. The two people that Jillian promised would be safe this week. Funny how that happened. Later, Jillian, Emmett, Andrew and Talla are talking in the living room. Jillian is making fun of Topaz. Bitch. The thing is, Topaz is in the kitchen cleaning. Within earshot. As in Topaz can hear every word....and it's not as if they're whispering. It's almost as if Jillian was intentionally loud about it. Bitch. Bitch, bitch, bitch! Topaz describes her perfectly when she tells us that Jillian pretends to be Miss Sweet and Perfect, when she is really a two-faced bitch. From now on, her name is LBJ, for Lying Bitch Jillian. Because she lies and she's a bitch.

Andrew, Emmett and Peter walk out to the hot tub area and notice a new decor item. It's another mounted moose head on the wall. Now Peter is the only one of these three who have met Marsha, so he knows enough to stick around after the other two walk away. Sure enough, the new moose talks to Peter. This one is called Marge. She asks Peter for a cigarette and a shot of whiskey. Marge wants Peter to "fuck with the HGs". He has to make them think Big Brother is putting Tom back into the game. Peter has to replace the B&W picture of Tom with a colour one; put an extra chair at the dining room table; and put Tom's stuffed monkey under Jillian's pillow in the HOH room. Marsha asks Peter if there is another moose in his life, then exclaims "He's cheating on me".

Talla and Topaz notice Tom's picture and immediately start screaming. Then they run. Then they scream and run, then run and scream. Then a lot of screaming. Peter tells us that Andrew was about to "self-evict" himself from the house, because he was that upset. Jillian finds the monkey and thinks Big Brother is playing a game - like an Easter egg hunt, where they have to find stuff about Tom. Then Emmett notices the extra chair. Peter is convinced they are all stupid. The HGs are called into the living room. They are all on edge, expecting Tom to walk through the door. Funny. Peter breaks the news to them, and tells them they have won 5 luxury food items.

Alec talks to Emmett, trying to convince him that Topaz is the bigger threat. Well, she's a threat alright. But Jillian and Emmett aren't exactly playing smart. If they targeted Topaz, they would just have one pissed-off jury member. If Alec is voted off, there are going to be 3 pissed jury members. Plus, you can play Alec and Peter off against Talla and Andrew.

The POV ceremony: Peter saves himself as expected.

Recap of Episode 20 - Thursday April 11, 2013: Double Eviction

Emmett tells us there is only one person he trusts, and that's the Lying Bitch Jillian...LBJ for short. Why? Why are you trusting her, Emmett? Do you really think that if it comes down to you in the final, she won't throw you under the bus too? Maybe love really is blind.

Peter goes to talk to Jillian about targeting Topaz instead of Alec. Once again Jillian finds herself in an awkward situation. She doesn't want to have to break any more promises to people. No shit. But I think it's a little late for that. Like, way late. So late, in fact, that she is going to have to "Richard Hatch" her plea to jury members in the final. She doesn't lie to him. No. Instead she tells him if he can get another vote switched to Topaz to create a tied vote, then she'll get on board and eliminate Topaz. Sneaky. And manipulative. So Now she's not just a lying bitch, she's a sneaky, lying bitch. Poor Emmett.

Of course this doesn't happen. She knew it wouldn't. Alec is evicted by a vote of 3 to 1. When Alec talks to Arisa, he tells her he threw the POV comp to help Peter. He knew the situation was his fault, when he voted out AJ instead of Andrew.

The 2nd HOH comp is called "Plead Your Case". The HGs had to answer True or False to quoted pleas from HGs on the chopping block. It comes down to a tiebreaker between Andrew and Emmett who have to guess how long the Iceberg Alley Comp lasted. Emmett wins. He immediately nominates Talla and Topaz. Why? Well Talla annoys him and Topaz has a lot of endurance. Talla somehow takes it as a compliment. It's her first time on the block and she's kind of excited about it.

The POV Challenge is called "You've got Mail". Since there are only 6 left, they are all competing.  They have to run across the yard and dive into Styrofoam flakes and find 2 letters, then deposit them one at a time back at the starting line. Peter finds one. Then Topaz. Peter finds his second one and wins. No one else gets their first. At the POV ceremony, he is still panting. He doesn't use it. The vote is cast and Topaz is eliminated by a 3-0 vote. Peter voted Topaz to avenge Liza. Whatever. Probably just an excuse. Does he really think Liza gives a crap about him?

The HOH comp for week 8 is called "Fly the Coop". The HG's are wearing chicken heads. It's a good thing Emmett can't play, he would win for sure. They have to put eggs in cups - each egg has the name of the first 8 evicted House Guest. The catch? The eggs are on the other side of a chicken wire screen, so they are only able to use their fingertips. Do you get the feeling that Big Brother is running out of ideas for the competitions? 

The episode ends before the comp is finished, but Arisa tells us about the next Chevrolet Power Shift. Yep, it looks like the "Tom is returning" moose challenge was really a foreshadowing of an evicted jury member getting reinserted back into the game. And since it's basically a popularity vote, I am really looking forward to seeing Gary again. Let's hope he knocks that lying bitch Jillian on her butt!!!

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