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Big Brother Canada Recap of Week 6

Spoilers from Live Feeds

  • Andrew won POV and did not use it.
  • Gary was evicted unanimously 
Recap of Episode 15 - Sunday March 31, 2013

Tonight's episode was all about the Chevrolet Power Shift Instant Eviction and the ensuing ramifications in the house. Just another producer-driven method of creating drama and exposing alliances - and they even managed to have it sponsored by Chevrolet.

We start off with Arisa in the intro giving us a glimpse literally behind the scenes of the house -  to remind us that this really is a stage set. It was quite interesting to see, because I have to say that the house was very nicely done. Anyway, the new HOH, Topaz, is called to the HOH room - a request that leaves everyone dumbfounded. Once she is there, all the other HGs are told to gather in the living room. Peter seems to be the only one who suspects something big is about to go down, and he's keeping his mouth shut. Topaz is told that this is an instant nomination and she has 5 minutes to nominate two HGs. So what does she do? She considers her talking to herself:

...Talla - everyone wants her out.
...AJ - to be a pawn again
...Andrew - as the target, but if he wins veto, a stronger player can be substituted.

Oh wonderful....because the TV came on in the living room when Topaz went into the HOH room. At first the HGs thought it was by accident, then they all shut up when it dawned on them what was going down. Gary goes into a lockdown mode, probably afraid that Topaz will say something about their alliance or her fauxmance with Alec. Talla starts to go ballistic, but Peter gives her a "shush". Not just for her benefit. Peter is weighing the opportunities in his head...I swear he is always thinking 5 moves ahead of the game.

Topaz nominates AJ and Andrew. Then Arisa lets her know the others watched and listened to her the whole time. She must feel like crap. And just as she thought things couldn't get worse...things get worse. Arisa announces it is also an Instant Eviction. Topaz probably believes that both her alliances will side with her and vote Andrew out. Wrong. Only Gary and Talla vote for Andrew. Alec votes for AJ, wondering how he will get himself out of this one. It's 4 to 2 for AJ, and poor AJ gets booted. Gotta say, AJ took it very well in his exit interview with Arisa. We will miss his comic relief. But AJ is the first member of the jury, and revenge is a dish that is best served cold.

Meanwhile, Topaz is screwed. She tries to recover by saying she doesn't remember what she said. Plus, she still doesn't know if they heard everything or not. Peter pulls Emmett aside and they talk in whispers. He explains how screwed Topaz is. What a dummy for talking out loud to herself and not recognizing how strange the situation was this is Big Brother, after all and nothing is ever that innocent. She is out of power now plus she has alienated Andrew and Talla. Peter is in Big Brother Heaven and loving every minute of it.

Topaz runs to Alec about his vote - why he didn't vote for Andrew after overhearing who her target was. Alec plays dumb. Topaz plays dumb. Then they accuse each other of a lack of trust for what's best for their faux-mance. Alec heads off to play the jilted lover. It's become a sympathy grab, and he's trying to make Topaz out to be the bad guy in it. Andrew goes to talk to him and he is buying the act. How convenient for Alec. Andrew now believes that he has Alec's support because of the vote - that Alec stuck his neck out on that one just to save him.

Topaz's reign as HOH was short - no luxuries or theme room. It's time to move on.  The HOH Competition is called "Diary Room Confessions". It's just as it's name suggests. The HGs have to guess which eliminated HG said what in their DR confession. It comes down to a tie breaker between Andrew and Talla. This is twice in a row where Talla gets to the end in these quizes. Is she maybe not as dumb as she's been acting? Nah.They had to guess, without going over, the number of yellow balls used as pollen in the Bees Knees competition. Andrew is afraid that Talla might do the Price-Is-Right-Underbid, and guess 4. So he puts in a good bid, and wins it. Looks like he'll be getting some revenge on Topaz. 

But wait a second. Along with his win, he has to name four HGs as this week's Have-Nots. Choose wisely, Andrew. He starts. Umm....Emmett. That's one. Peter pipes in. He points to Topaz and says, "What about her?" Topaz is two. Then Gary is three, just because he hasn't been on slop yet. Peter volunteers as the forth. This is when Gary goes ballistic.

And that's an understatement. He starts whimpering. He starts pouting. We hear stuff like "Have you seen my size?" and "How am I supposed to do it" and something about "fading away". This is still at the HOH comp set. We get the commentary from Emmett. It's the best one-liner of the night...someone has to fill AJ's shoes. Emmett says, "He (Gary) starts bawling like we're in a grocery store and he can't have Froot Loops!!!". Yet, it was so true. Gary runs inside, locks himself in the bathroom stall, screams and cries. He's unconsolable. Several HGs run to comfort him. "I just don't know how to do it with my body type". I think it was Emmett who says, "Well, you always say you want to lose some weight, so now's your chance". Gary cries, "Now you're calling me fat!!!". Oh dear God. He throws himself down on the floor and now he's wailing. And wailing. And wailing. And although I know that the sound techs kind of amplified the wails, I am still kind of looking at the screen and left asking myself, "were we just treated to an on-air audition for The Birdcage?"

Andrew shows off his HOH room. Vampire themed. Letter from his twin brother. All boring. But it isn't long before Gary is knocking at the door for a little conversation concerning Andrew's choices for nomination. Of course, it will be Topaz, because she had the balls to target him in that B.S. of an Instant Eviction fiasco. Of course she's the target. Then he tells Gary he will be the pawn, so that he will save himself and not Topaz with a POV. He then goes on to say if he or Gary should win POV, Gary would be saved and the real target with be put up - someone with power. Gary is confused. Wasn't Topaz the target? Andrew is flip-flopping on this. Gary says he expected more from Andrew. He expected Andrew to be stronger and really shake things up. Oh. But wait...

Yeah here it is. Andrew. In the Diary room. Psst...the real target? Gary.

Recap of Episode 16 Wednesday, April 3 2013

With only 8 HGs remaining, nerves are tender and tempers are flaring. Just what you would expect by trapping people inside a house for over a month and having their every move recorded. Something's got to break somewhere. 

With the Quatro now history, Emmett realizes he must ally with more than just Jillian. He needs numbers to fight off The Shield. Andrew is happy to oblige. Together they dream up the "East Coast Final 3". But they still need at least one more. Hmmn. Who can they get to help them? Perhaps if they start to show Talla they will protect her, they can have her. Meanwhile Peter is thinking the same thing. He is pretty sure that Talla is in the "pocket of the Shield". So it looks like Talla will be a key player in the next couple of weeks.

Andrew reflects on the loss of his bestie, AJ. He is out for revenge. He's so lonely without AJ that he has dinner with his picture. Talla notices, so Andrew points the picture toward her and says, "He's not listening, he's looking at your boobs".

The Power of Veto Comp is called "Build a Demon". The players are Andrew, Gary, Topaz, Alec, Peter and Talla. Jillian is the host - she's dressed a la tramp-vamp. Of course the comp is inspired by The Evil Dead, which just happens to be premiering this Friday. The players are blindfolded and tethered to a rope. They must search for body parts in a mucky pit of despair and then build a demon. Not as simple as it sounds, especially when the ropes get tangled. As Jillian yells out the play-by-play, she reflects on the competition being just like teaching - except for her slutty clothes and the body parts. What a great teacher she must be. Although Gary gives it a good try, it's Andrew who wins the large lucite V necklace. Now he's stoked. He's very happy because everyone is kissing his ass. Now he's a physical threat and a mental threat. He's just a threat, and I am sure everyone has noticed.

Along with winning the POV, Andrew wins a special advance screening of The Evil Dead and chooses Jillian and Talla to watch it with him. Talla spends the entire time screaming her ass off. So annoying. She needed a good bitch-slapping.

Once again, we hear Emmett and Andrew reflecting on this East Coast alliance. They consider Talla. Emmett thinks they can win her over if they show her they can provide protection. Right on cue, and very conveniently, we see Gary really going off on poor Talla. And of course Emmett steps in to comfort her. 

More drama. Talla is still scared from the movie. Give me a break. Anyway, Alec decides to scare her by grabbing her leg. This makes Talla want to sllep with someone, even though she is in a room full of people. Makes perfect sense. So she jumps in bed with Alec. Makes perfect sense. And who walks in and sees this? Why Topaz of course. And even though Topaz claims to be over Alec, she goes off on Talla. Oh but don't worry, they patch things up. At least they pretend to.

The POV ceremony is no big surprise...Andrew does not use it. Topaz hopes for a miracle to keep both her and Gary in the house. Something tells me there will be no last minute reprieve.

Recap of Episode 17 - Thursday April 4 2013: All That Glitters

Looks like Talla is the centre of the Big Brother universe. All the HGs seem to revolve around her. Alliances will depend on it. So what does little Miss Popularity do under all this pressure? Why she gets herself wasted. Yeah there was another reward from Canada that involves booze. Have you ever noticed that when booze comes into the house, Talla is on it right away. This was perhaps the worst yet. She was all over Topaz...with kisses and even a lapdance. Holy crap. Then she tries to get in the hot tub, she falls in...right onto Andrew. Then she peed on him. Lovely. And didn't Emmett say just last night that he was going to make Talla feel protected in order to gain trust in an alliance? Well move over big guy, cos this time it's Peter to the rescue. perhaps you should have been paying attention Emmett. Anyway, Peter carried her first to the bathroom and then to the bedroom...fully aware of the advantages to helping her.

But wait a minute, there will soon be another free agent in the house. I hate to say it, but Gary is pretty much a goner. I wouldn't be overlooking Topaz just yet. This whole East Coast thing is by no means a Final Three. Got to remember that Andrew put up Topaz to avenge AJ. Now Topaz may be looking for a little revenge of her own when Gary is evicted. Alec sees this opportunity to make amends with Topaz. And it seems to work. For now. And everyone seems to agree the next HOH comp will be the most important one yet.

Ah....Family Time. We get to hear from Alec and Peter's Moms. Yeah they're great guys. And smart. And funny. Then there is the families of Emmett and Jillian. How sweet. Both families are practically doing up the guest list and planning menus for the wedding. Boring.

Unfortunately the eviction went down just as planned, and Gary was evicted 5-0. The big surprise was that he took it so well. I was kind of expecting another melt down. He protested being put on slop more than getting the boot. The best part was when he exited the house to the overwhelming cheers from the audience. Arisa told him that everyone feels like they know him...and his alter egos. We will miss you Gary Glitter!!! But I would love to know what advice he gave to Topaz....what side she should ally herself with.

The HOH Comp is called Iceberg Alley. it's an endurance challenge. They are standing on a ledge with just a handrail to stabilize themselves. Emmett of course opted out of wearing a shirt. Bad move. There is a pool of what looks like cold water in front of them. The iceberg jerks and Talla screams. Of course. Is it just me or are her screams really annoying. I am getting kind of tired of that whole act. Then cold rain and wind starts up to add a bit of difficulty to the challenge, and make Talla scream some more. But this won't end tonight, and we will have to wait until Sunday to see who wins. I will post any info derived from the live feeds if and when they come back up. Oh and one more week is another double eviction. So hold on it may be a bumpy ride.

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