Saturday, 27 April 2013

Big Brother Canada Current Status

Final Standings:

Winner: Jillian

Final Two:

Gary Levy (previously evicted Week 6, returned Week 8)
21 years old from Toronto, Ont
Bartender/Artist/Fashion Stylist Assistant
His plan is to be social and friendly, all while gathering information on his fellow houseguests. he going to blackmail them? Nah, I don't think so. I've never met a bartender/artist/fashion stylist assistant I didn't like.

Jillian MacLaughlin
27 years old from Glasgow, N.S.
Elementary Teacher
This one's only plans are to make friends and plan as she goes. That's so high-school. Oh, right, she's a teacher. How is it she's able to do the show?


Emmett Blois EVICTED Jury Member
24 years old from Gore, Hants Co., N.S.
Dairy Farmer
Umm, a dairy farmer named Emmett? Well, slap me on the head and call me a turnip...will wonders never cease? Oh and here's a good one: he likes to flirt and he's "good at it". Maybe he thinks he's the next Bachelor Canada. And...he likes girls who play hard to get. Oh I bet he does. Mooo.

Talla Rejaei EVICTED Week 10 Jury Member

26 years old from Edmonton, AB
Independent Living Support Worker/Social Work Student
She plans on keeping a low profile because she is a "loud person who stands out". That's her be the exact opposite of herself. Then she says that "strategies don't work". Wait, I'm confused.

Andrew Monaghan EVICTED Week 9 Jury Member
38 years old from Halifax, N.S.
Insurance Sales Trainer
He says he has no strategy - but he'll play a good social game. Social game? Exactly what kind of social game are you planning, Andrew? Kind of hard to do when you're the oldest guy in the house. He better get used to the young-ens calling him "Grandpa".

Peter Brown EVICTED Week 8 Jury Member
26 years old from Surrey, B.C.
Web Content Curator
He plans to be nice to people because "they're really not people, they're characters." Hmm. I think he's been working a little too much by himself in front of the computer. Yep. This isn't an RPG Pete! Or maybe he believes in the Holographic Universe Theory. Can he see the matrix?

Emerald "Topaz" Brady EVICTED Week 7 (2nd in D.E.) Jury Member
27 years old from Scarborough, Ont
"Part-time" Dental Hygienist/"Full-time" Student
She is going to assess others, and then go from there. I think she may be the one who needs to be "assessed"... seems she doesn't know if she's an emerald or a topaz, Dental Hygienist or a student. Is everyone in for a ride on the split personality roller coaster?

Alec Beall EVICTED Week 7 (1st in D.E.) Jury Member
26 years old from Vancouver, B.C.
Social Psychological Research/Doctoral Student
Since he's a brown-noser, he's hoping to find a "dumb person" to form an alliance with. That's what he said, really. He'll have to lie and tell everyone he works at Walmart, otherwise he'll be out quick.

Anuj "AJ" Burman EVICTED Week 6 (Instant Eviction) Jury Member
32 years old from Scarborough, Ont
Director of Business Development
He says he's a talker and he can sell anybody anything, but he'll try not to annoy the other House guests. Who wants to start a betting pool with me on that one?

Suzette Amaya EVICTED Week 5
26 years old from East Vancouver, B.C.
Support Worker/Radio Producer and Host/Motivational Speaker
Wait...what? Why is it that half of these people have multiple job descriptors? Got to wonder if maybe there's some exaggeration going on here. Hey two can play this game. My official title is now Business Administrator/Accounting Supervisor/Artist/Tax Consultant/Nutritionist/Domestic Engineer/Landscaper/Teacher/Blogger. Sadly, I could go on. Well, at least she's going to put some of those skills to good use. She's planning to "do a lot of manipulating, stroking of egos, and riding of coattails." Sounds just about right for a motivational speaker. Oh and she says she's "the ultimate floater". Euuw.

Liza Stinton Evicted Week 4 (2nd in double eviction)
29 years old from Toronto, Ont
Tanning Salon Owner
She's just going to "shut up and listen". Is that what she says to her clientele?

Thomas Plant Evicted Week 4 (1st in double eviction)
24 years old from Edmonton, AB
Here's another one of those multi-job people. And another bartender. And another party animal. Hey, maybe he can hook up with Danielle. And another one who says that basically they have no strategy and they are just going to wing it. Great.

Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon EVICTED Week 3
21 years old from Richmond Hill, Ont
Communications Major
He says he'll try to come across as young and naive. Oh, I don't know if that will work...after all he's 21 years old. Sounds like he's really putting those communication skills to well spent on tuition. Oh and by the way, the topic of his thesis, he says, is....Big Brother.

Danielle Alexander EVICTED Week 2
20 years old from Calgary, AB (originally Ft. MacMurray, AB)
Student/Aspiring Actress
She is a party animal who expects to get her own way, even if she needs to be a bitch. Oh, I have no doubt about that. Why do I feel like she's going to be the season's drama queen? Hold on we go!

Kat Yee  EVICTED Week 1
27 years old from Toronto, Ont
"I'm going to lay low...keep the target off my back...downplay my physical abilities....just be a fly on the wall". I wonder where she tends bar at? The Don Jail?

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