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Big Brother Canada Week 8 Recaps and Spoilers

Spoilers from Live Feeds

  • Jillian wins HOH in the "Fly the Coop" comp
  • Live feeds were down most of Saturday, but prior to this, Jillian was undecided on who to nominate, target and/or backdoor.
  • Game talk between Jillian, Emmett, Andrew and Talla made it appear Peter was the target this week BUT this appears to be a rouse. Andrew is the target.
  • Talla and Andrew are Have-Nots
  • Nominations for Eviction are Andrew and Peter.
  • Andrew won POV Comp and saved himself.
  • Jillian Nominated Talla as replacement nominee.
  • Big Brother had Talla and Andrew (as Have-Nots) sit down and watch a video of Emmett and Jillian making out. 
  • Jillian wants Peter out because it's best for her game, while Emmett wants Talla out because it's best for his. This may be a decisive wedge between these two.
  • Peter evicted in a 2-0 vote
  • Gary is back in the house 
Recap of Episode 21 - Sunday April 14 2013: Something's Rotten on the East Coast

Jillian wins the "Fly the Coop" HOH competition, and celebrates by doing her best impression of a chicken screeching when there's a fox in the henhouse. Then she ran around like, well, a chicken with it's head cut off. And everyone is so happy for her, because it's her THIRD time winning HOH.

All is not well in the East Coast Alliance. Talla is very upset that Emmett had the nerve to nominate her for eviction beside Topaz. Wah. Why not Peter, wah. Meanwhile, Andrew is sure that he will be on the block next. He goes and has a little talk with Jillian. He asks what was up with Emmett putting Talla up and not Peter. And why didn't Peter use his POV to save Topaz. If Peter had saved Topaz, Andrew would have been nominated as replacement, and either He or Talla would have been eliminated. It would have been the "smart" thing to do. They make fun of Peter, saying "Isn't he supposed to be smart? He's the stupidest smart person"...Then they figure it all out. Maybe Emmett is in with Peter...oooh...perhaps there was a deal!

Oh joy! Another HOH win by Jillian means another HOH room, tailored to her wants. Everyone's ecstatic about it. They all have to muster up the energy to put on their best smiley faces and feign interest, when they are all seething with anger. Well, everyone except Emmett that is. No, he is actually happy because it means yet another week of sex in the big round bed. I hope the CSI team doesn't show up with a black light to check out that room. It would probably glow from floor to ceiling. I wonder if Big Brother considers steam cleaning between HOH winners. It's probably the real reason Talla and Peter haven't won HOH...the thought of it...yuck. Andrew voices his opinion, "Another week of Jillian and Emmett up in the HOH room!" 

Everyone wonders who Jillian will nominate for eviction, try to strategize several moves ahead, and considers their options. Talla doesn't want to be nominated as the "pond". What a fuggin idiot. Jillian and Andrew sit her down and try to explain the game to her. She doesn't do anything, she hasn't won anything so her only value is to be used as a pawn. Meanwhile, Peter tells us his only ally is Emmett, then he tries his best to sway Emmett's mind. He tells Emmett the real threat to him and Jillian is Andrew. Emmett tells us about Peter's value - he can take the heat in getting rid of Andrew. Jillian cries to Emmett that she doesn't know what to do. Ah, the pressure of being HOH...such torment!!!

The Have/Have-Not comp this week is called "Rub-A-Dub-Dub". There are two teams: Andrew and Talla; and Emmett and Peter. One team member has to scrub the other in the tub with a bar of soap, dissolving the soap to expose a key which they must use to open a locked box for the win. Emmett whispers to Peter his strategy - just rubbing the soap on the skin won't work quickly, so he is going to rub the soap on Peter's bathing suit. Very smart. Of course Andrew didn't figure that one out. And Talla...ahhh, yeah it's Talla. This all proved hilarious. The Teammate doing the scrubbing stood behind the one in the tub, and the tub was one of those old fashioned, high sided ones. Sooo, you couldn't see what was happening. In fact, it looked like something else something else was getting rubbed vigorously. Emmett wondered why Andrew was smiling and staring over at them. It may have been enough of a distraction to Andrew (who was trying his best to wear down the soap on Talla's boney knee) for Emmett and Peter to win. Andrew then was suspicious and had to run over and inspect Emmett's soap. But it was a fair win and Talla and Andrew are this week's Have-Nots...

...and Talla goes off again. She doesn't want to be on slop. But wait Talla, there's more. A reward for the Haves. They get one luxury item per day. A punishment for the Have-Nots. Talla and Andrew must do the Have's chores, wake up one hour early every morning, and, get a 10 minute compilation video of Emmett and Jillian making out every morning. Gotta wonder for what purpose. Sounds like some weird Masters and Johnson experiment in human sexuality. Or perhaps they think Andrew is like the ape at that zoo who won't mate with the female. Or maybe Big Brother is trying to interfere with the game play again and do his best to drive a wedge into the East Coast alliance. It works because Talla has a hissy fit. She's not going to do it. Everyone is annoyed at how annoying the annoying girl is getting. Besides, doesn't she know how stupid it is to pull this kind of crap? She'll just make a target of herself. This scenario sounds good to Andrew and Peter. Let Talla play "Stupid Bitch Talla". Hey Stupid Bitch Talla, meet Lying Bitch Jillian. I'm sure you'll be the best of friends.

Sure enough, at the nomination ceremony, Jillian puts Andrew and Peter on the block. The edit they gave Jillian during this sequence was pathetic. They caught Jillian in the worst moments, giving the worst expressions imaginable. It didn't help when Jillian explained her reasons during the ceremony...and especially when she said she didn't nominate Talla because "she is just too cute to nominate". What? Are we hating Jillian yet? I am. I have for a while now. Even Emmett didn't look very pleased. you think that was a little clue? Like she intends to backdoor Talla? We can only hope. Unless Jillian is planning on taking Talla to the finals because that would be an assured win. Maybe even over Emmett? Yes, something's kind of rotten on the East Coast.

...and we have to wait until Thursday for that returning HG!!!

Recap of Episode 22 - Wednesday April 17 2013

Peter tells us that his alliance with Emmett and Jillian remains intact - Andrew thinks he is just a pawn, and Talla thinks she's safe. Emmett tells Jillian again that if Talla wins POV and takes Andrew off the block, then her only choice is to put him up. That argument is just as dumb as Talla. Slim chance of Talla winning anything. All of this leads Andrew to say that maybe Jillian and Emmett aren't as tight as we think. I agree. I think there are gaps there and that both of them would throw the other under the bus to get to the F2.

The POV comp is "Sleep Tight with the POV". It's a four stage competition: clean green paint "plaque" off a giant set of teeth with an oversized brush; put a slide-piece puzzle together; find a Serta Sheep with a red star on it's tag; and finally climb up a pyramid of mattresses and jump into bed. Yeah, it's just one big product placement for Serta and the Brick. The POV winner also gets a $10,000 Brick gift certificate. The HGs are given clear instructions not to talk or help each other. As if that needed to be said. Andrew and Emmett make it through the teethbrushing part by banging the brush on the paint. Emmett turns to Jillian and tells her to hit the brush. She says "What?" and he makes a banging motion. Big Brother chimes in to announce that Emmett is disqualified. Fine. BUT WHY WASN'T JILLIAN? Why didn't they DQ that LBJ (Lying Bitch Jillian) as well? She was cheating too. Emmett has another meltdown. Big time. In the end it's down to Jillian and Andrew, but it's Andrew who wins the POV.

Peter in his DR confession says he finds himself in real danger this week. He has been successful in staying undetected as a target up to now...a target is someone who "doesn't matter" and "I have not mattered my entire life". Now, I am loving Peter as much as I am hating Jillian, the lying bitch or Talla the stupid bitch.

Meanwhile, Emmett is still pissed. Andrew doesn't help the situation by gloating and saying stuff like he wanted to muzzle Emmett when he tried talking to Jillian. Now Emmett is thinking that Andrew doesn't have his back and can't be trusted. Hmmn, what an interesting situation we have developing here.  Jillian walks out of her room and announces, "Oh my, my room is so dirty!" Immediately the puppy dog jumps up to attend to her needs. No, she wasn't requesting sex from Emmett. It was Andrew. He sees it as a chance to go over strategy with Jillian. The room had a bit of garbage  laying around here and there. A bit. Jillian says she is now seeing Emmett as a threat because he has no blood on his hands. They make a deal and promise to take each other to the final two. They shake on it, rather enthusiastically I might add. Very convincing. Then there is a Jillian DR confession...."I lied". Of course you did Jillian. You are, after all the Lying Bitch. So, from now on....everything that Jillian says, we should all assume she means the opposite.

The red phone rings and everyone except Talla runs for it. But the lying bitch gets there first. The reward is called "Freeze/Unfreeze". The HGs must freeze when Big Brother announces and cannot move until they hear "unfreeze". Hey, Big Brother, you can really mess with the HGs with this one. Like pouring ice cubes down Emmett's pants or tickling the shit out of Talla. What do they do? First they send in a Sumo wrestler who makes his sumo=type threatening stances to Andrew, lays down next to Emmett and eats some food. Big deal. Then they send in 5 cheerleaders who prance around, give each HG a cheer and get a rise out of each of the guys. So to speak. Poor Andrew. First, Big Brother makes him watch a Jillian and Emmett almost-porn every morning, now he's getting turned on by these bimbos. When BB announces unfreeze, Talla jumps up with joy and screams. For some reason, she thinks the cheerleaders are like the best thing EVER!!! Oh, wow! We briefly hear her say "I should be a cheerleader". Well, she wasn't kidding. In the live feeds, she repeatedly practiced her own cheers. Much to the annoyance of everyone else. Is she fuggin crazy? Does she not realize she's already on thin ice? Does she think she can win for being the most nauseating person on the face of the Earth?

Then the final freeze. Andrew's brother Peter comes in to taunt him with videos of his nieces. Andrew's face leaks. How sweet. Not really. But he stays frozen in place, and everybody wins a video call from their family. This actually makes some of them nervous, like Peter, who hopes his family won't give away his true personality or secrets. He's been portraying himself differently inside the house. If I was Jillian, I wouldn't want to be hearing from my Mom. She must be very proud of her little girl. First, she's copulating with Emmett every 5 minutes - on national TV no less. Then she's become a lying bitch. Wow. I wonder if she realizes that people are Googling terms like "Jillian Emmett sex", looking for images and videos?

Andrew saves himself at the POV ceremony. Nothing unexpected there. Jillian nominates Talla as replacement and tells her, "You're a victim of circumstances". It's more like she's a victim of the Lying Bitch. Well, another victim.

Recap of Episode 23 Thursday April 18 2018

Talla is still whining and Jillian's still lying. Andrew is complaining, Emmett is pussy whipped and Peter is in full a state of perpetual depression. Such is life in the Big Brother Canada House. Lovely.

Peter has a sit down with Talla hoping to put words in her mouth that he can use against her. He then goes to Jillian and tells her that Talla is hoping to go to the F2 with Andrew. This was his downfall. Up until this point, Jillian was planning on voting Talla out. Of course, the stupid one runs to Jillian about Peter. So Peter tries to get it in Jillian's head that if she keeps Talla her odds of winning are 1 in 3, whereas keeping him is 50-50.

Emmett gives Peter the bad news that he is going home, and that it will be a unanimous vote. Emmett will vote with Andrew to evict Peter. Why? Well in Emmett's own words, "Jillian says a split vote is disrespectful". Ah...what? Disrespectful to Peter or to you, Jillian? "Jillian says". Huh. Hey Emmett, guess what Jillian is really saying with that? It's disrespectful to her because if it was a tied vote, the onus is on her to vote Peter out and having another jury member pissed at her. She doesn't give a shit about your game. It's time to wise up Emmett...that pussy's got a whip.

For some stupid reason, we have to be subjected to an assortment of BBUS stars and their opinions: Rachel, Hayden, Janelle and Ian. Completely meaningless dribble like Hayden saying the only way to stay safe is to win. Okay, thank you. Bah-bye now. Moving on...

It's time for the eviction vote. Talla babbles something for her plea. peter stands up and gives the Shield X sign. Andrew the Asshole goes in. He says, "I don't know what this "X" means, but I vote to evict Peter". Not only is he an asshole, he's totally clueless. Emmett the Spineless goes in, and votes to evict Peter. The audience is very upset. Before Arisa finishes reading the results, he stands up, grabs his bag and leaves. The good news is that he gets a standing ovation from the audience. Arisa asks his opinion on who will win the game. Emmett should win because he is the only one left in there who understands the game. Everyone else is useless. Talla doesn't know what game she is playing. Andrew is still in the game only due to luck. Jillian thinks winning HOH is winning the game. 

They cut to the Jury House. It's nestled somewhere deep in cottage country. AJ is living the good life there, but the Pawn Star is lonely. Gary makes his grand entrance wearing a pair of rather extreme, one butt cheek peek-a-boo pants, yelling "Alec is a Motherfucker!!!" Then Alec comes in and shakes AJ, exclaiming he never should have voted for him. The 3 guys are living the good life when Topaz comes in to ruin Alec's life. She blames Peter for it (not saving her with the veto) but good old Gary defends Peter. Gary seems to have a great handle on the gameplay.

It's time for Arisa to announce who the returning jury member is. AJ, Gary, Alec and Topaz make their superstar entrances. Gosh golly gee, these 4 all get along so famously. Even Alec and Topaz are still carrying on with their "friendship with benefits" thing. But, it's Gary that Canada has voted back into the house. Fuck yeah! Get in there Gary and bitch-slap that Jillian for us! He makes his entrance and everyone is so excited to see him. But you just know, their sense of security just went out the door with Peter.

The HOH comp is called Brick by Brick. Jillian sits offside, unable to compete and nervous as hell. Emmett, Andrew, Talla and Gary must assemble a puzzle of 19 colour pieces. They must keep the coloured side facing them, and not turn the pieces over. Meaning they are not to peek at what the finished puzzle picture is. Funny thing is...Talla, ever so slightly gives each piece just a little peek. There should be a disqualification, but probably won't. As usual, we won't find out officially who wins until Sunday, but already from live feeds, it looks like Emmett has won the week 9 HOH. Lets hope he grows a new spine.


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