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Big Brother Canada Week 9 Recaps and Spoilers

Spoilers from Live Feeds

  • Emmett has won the week 9 HOH Comp "Brick by Brick"
  • There is a bit of controversy that Talla was cheating in the HOH Comp.
  • Emmett has nominated Gary and Andrew for eviction, reserving Talla as a replacement. Note: IF Talla should win POV and save Andrew, then Emmett's only replacement is Jillian.
  • This week's target: at first, Emmett planned Gary, but has seemingly flipped to Andrew. Emmett appears to be trying to develop an alliance with Gary, and trying to get Gary to separate himself from his previous connection to Talla (as of Friday April 19)
  • The POV Comp is called "The Price of Veto"
  • Dan Gheesling is an overnight guest and has been talking to each of the 5 remaining HGs about strategy
  • Gary won POV and has saved himself. Emmett nominated Talla as replacement.
  • April 24: Gary accidentally got a piece of broken glass in his eye and was brought to the hospital. He returned in the middle of the night.
  • Andrew evicted by a vote of 2-0 
Recap of Episode 24 - Sunday, April 21, 2013

No one is more pissed off than Andrew that Gary has returned. He won't let it go. He paces around the kitchen throwing out comments and complaints. Not a good idea Andrew. He tells us in the DR that the last week was basically a waste of time and they are back to the F5. Not to mention that it was Andrew who got Gary voted out, so all that work was basically shot out the door. Oh well. Deal with it. It's Big Brother. This is what they do. This is the game. Play it.

While Andrew is about to have an aneurism, Gary is in about to go ballistic and corners Emmett in the Haves room. He really wants to talk to Emmett. Emmett tells him to chill out and stay there while he goes to talk to Jillian. Now Emmett can't make a decision without consulting the little lady. Gary is persistent but Emmett explains that nobody wants him there. Emmett says he's okay with it and he doesn't see it entirely as a bad thing.

Eventually, Gary sits down with Jillian and Emmett. Emmett tells Gary that he will nominate him and Andrew. Gary tells a wee fib - Andrew is popular in the jury house. Gary tells another little lie. He would be happy with 2nd place. Jillian is only now starting to think that she may not be popular in the jury house, and that all her lies may come back to bite her in the ass. Gary's third lie is that Jillian is admired among the jury because she got them voted out. "People respect that".

Meanwhile, Marsha the Moose confronts Talla the Imbecile. Talla jumps. Then she screams. Marsha has a mission for Talla. She is to produce a one hour talk show called "Talking With Talla". Talla has to start the show with a monologue. Talla, true to form, asks "What's a monologue?" Wonderful. Talla then has to interview the other four HGs, getting them to reveal a unique fact about themselves, to which Talla must respond "I did not know that!" Emmett put it best in his DR was a talk show with someone who can't even form a complete sentence. Gary, Emmett, Andrew and Jillian must have known it was another reward challenge, otherwise I'm sure they wouldn't have sat there and put up with it. Talla completes the challenge and goes back to see Marsha. Marsha tells her she won the reward. Talla screams. Of course she does. If you don't watch the live feeds, you wouldn't know just how much Talla screams. She will be sitting quietly and then suddenly scream for no reason other than nobody has screamed for a while. Perhaps Marsha's next challenge is for someone to get Talla in a fracking straightjacket, and leave her in it. She may even need one of those Hannibal Lector masks.

Then there's the little matter of who to nominate for eviction. This is hilarious - it's like a little merry-go-round. Emmett tells Andrew that he's going to be nominated, to which Andrew replies, "You're an ass". Andrew is a little pissed that Talla plays the I-don't-want-to-be-on-the-block card. So Andrew runs to Jillian to snitch on Emmett. Jillian downplays it, despite the fact she and Emmett agreed that Andrew is dangerous and has to go this week. Now she is flip-flopping on who their target should be. Apparently Jillian trusts Andrew now. So Jillian goes to Emmett. Emmett rips her a new one because she never considered the possibilities. If Talla was nominated, and Andrew wins POV, the only other person to nominate would be Jillian. Emmett raises his voice, "Do you want to go on the block?" I guess Emmett finally grew a pair. Good for you Emmett. Jillian shuts up....or just shuts Emmett out. She says it's best for her game to keep Andrew. Well last week it was best for her game to get rid of Peter, despite Emmett's objections, so it's time to return the favour, bitch!!! But now she's afraid that Andrew won't trust her and Emmett to go to F3. What? Last week she wanted Talla in F3. This could get interesting. With only 2 people voting, there could be a tie and Emmett would make the final decision. Cool.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Emmett puts Andrew and Gary on the block. 

Recap of Episode 25 - Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A letter is slid under the front door. It's Talla who finds it and reads it to the others. So she can read after all.  Not long after, the doorbell rings and of course the screaming starts. Talla and Jillian race to the door - Talla with just one shoe on, the other still in her hand. Talla gets there first. In comes Dan Gheesling, winner of BBUS 10. Look out Dan! Oh oh, it's too late. Talla literally attacks him. She jumps up on him, gives him a death hold, flails her legs about while dangling from him...all this while constantly screaming in his ear. Poor Dan. He is either wondering if this is some bizarre Canadian custom or if Big Brother has purposely withheld this chick's medication. 

Which reminds me...what the fug is up with the constant screaming from Talla the Imbecile? Got to give the others credit for not picking her up by her scrawny ass and tossing her out the door. Or maybe some immersion therapy where they tie her to a chair and take turns screaming in her ear. That might work. Seriously Talla, seek help. Please.

Anyways, Dan manages to shake Talla off his neck much the same way as a horse gets rid of a pesky fly, and starts to get acquainted with the normal HGs. He stands up and announces he is dressed in black because of a funeral - for one of them. Big Brother has granted him the power of instant eviction and he gets to chose which HG to evict. Everyone is so dumbfounded that they all have the same vacuous look as Talla. Talla just looks like her normal self. Aw, shucks, it's just a joke. Jillian freaks out the most and runs to the storage room for some personal freak out time.

Dan starts to have one-on-one conversations with each of the HGs:

  • Gary Dan tells Gary that he has a tremendous amount of info from being in the jury house with the other that Talla, Andrew, Jillian and Emmett don't have. He should use it to his advantage. He also makes Gary aware of a way to break up the Jillian/Emmett showmance this week. If Talla wins POV she can save Gary and Jillian would be put up on the block. Well, that would never happen...Talla winning something?
  • Emmett Dan gets Emmett to analyze his competition. Yeah, he pretty much doesn't have any, including Jillian. Apparently Emmett already has his F2 speech to the jury ready, and it will blow Jillian out of consideration.
  • Jillian She tells Dan she has too much blood on her hands. In a F2 situation, she stands the best chance against Talla and the worst with Emmett. Dan basically tells her she is playing for second place. I guess she should have listened to Peter after all. 
  • Andrew Dan tells him he can't sit back and let Jillian and Emmett decide his fate. He needs to make a big
  • Talla We don't get to see Dan's conversation with Talla, probably because the editors couldn't make any intelligible sense out of it. From the live feeds, I can tell you that Talla was worried that she hadn't won any comps or made any moves. Dan tells her others have won under the same situation. He also tried his best to get her to understand that the Jillian/Emmett showmance has to be broken up, but it went over her head. No...she trusts Jillian and Emmett.
Which reminds me of something else. Has anyone else noticed how Talla seems to be getting "dumber and dumber"? It's as if her level of intelligence is dropping on a daily basis. It's a good thing there are only two weeks left because if it went any longer she would end up a vegetable connected to a feeding tube. Do you think there is any possibility that it's all just an act? Maybe she actually has 3 PhDs? Ah, okay, never mind.

The POV Comp is called "The Price of Veto" and Dan gets to host. They will be offered punishments and rewards in exchange for points towards the POV. The first person to buzz in gets the points. They can't see each other and there is no running commentary from Dan, so they don't know who wins what or who is leading. Emmett and Jillian basically throw the comp, so the battle is between Andrew, Gary and Talla.
Gary accepts having to wear a prison uniform for the week; being on slop for the rest of the show; staying awake for 24 hours; and no showers for a week. Andrew accepts a BB haircut from Dan. Talla managed to buzz in first for having the clothes she's wearing cut off; and she won a slop pass which she thought was a punishment, causing her to lose the points she got from cutting up her clothes. Dumbass. It's Gary who wins the POV thank God!!! Andrew is upset. Oh well. (in the live feeds, he thought the comp was rigged because he couldn't believe Gary was that quick on the buzzer)

Dan has his own little competition for the HGs. He gives them tasks in exchange for their own red bandannas. They all get one. As Dan is leaving, he tells the HGs that someone needs to make a big move. Big move as in breaking up that Jillian/Emmett showmance. Of course he doesn't say that to their faces.

At the POV ceremony, Andrew tries to convince Gary to use it to save him. Ain't going to work with Gary. Maybe if it was Talla standing there, she would fall for it. But Gary saves himself, and Emmett nominates Talla as replacement. So unless there is some sort of "big move" or bargaining or some new twist, it looks like Andrew will be joining his buddy AJ in the jury house tonight.

Recap of Episode 26 - Thursday, April 25, 2013

Emmett has come to the realization that there is only one week left in the game. He has kept up his end of the bargain, but now, everyone else is on their own. One thing to note is that we don't hear Emmett depending on Jillian as much as she depends on him. Interesting. He also says if Andrew wants to stay, he should be making a serious deal. But of course, Andrew is way too dependent on Jillian. See where this is going? It's Jillian! Andrew, you're a fool.

This week in Jillian's brain...She wants Andrew to stay, and thinks Talla doesn't deserve to stay. Looks like she didn't get the memo from Dan, just like she didn't get the one from Peter. Talla is the only one you can possibly beat in the F2. The only one.

There is a quick update from the jury house where everyone is happy Gary was sent back into the game. They hope he kicks ass and bitch slaps that lying bitch Jillian.

Andrew goes to Jillian. He's still convinced there is a F3 agreement with Emmett. So why didn't he talk to Emmett as well? Why is he just taking Jillian's word on this? Great, someone else who didn't get that memo from Dan. He should be campaigning vigorously, making a deal with Emmett and not putting all his eggs in one basket. He needs to make a big move and make it now.

Oh well, too late. It's time to vote for eviction. Only Gary and Jillian vote, and it's 2 to 0 in favour of evicting Andrew. He leaves without incident. Arisa asks him why he depended on the East Coast Alliance, and he said he's never played the game before. He also said he trusted Jillian, and fell victim to Jemmett. No really was just Jillian, cos she's a lying bitch.

the HOH comp is a true and false challenge based on pictures that were displayed for the HGs to study. The trivia questions were so, well, trivial that it was ridiculous. Stuff like "how many blue cups...?". It was Gary, Talla and Jillian competing. If they gave an incorrect answer, they were dropped into very cold water. The episode ended with only one question being asked...the ending to the comp, and the new HOH to be shown on Sunday.

Sunday will also be the last day for the live feeds and BB After Dark. There will be a surprise eviction on Wednesday, which will leave us with the final three.

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