Monday, 13 May 2013

The Amazing Race Canada - Hey Isn't That Jon Montgomery?

You bet it is!!! The cat is out of the bag now.

We have known for a few days now that The Amazing Race Canada was going to film today at Regina's Mosaic Stadium. But thanks to CJME News Talk Radio 980, who had several reporters tweeting pics and comments, it is now obvious that Jon Montgomery is in fact the host of the show. You can view the news article HERE.

All I can say is... Hell yeah! It really is a great move by CTV and Insight Productions. What Canadian didn't freak out when Montgomery won that gold medal in skeleton at the Vancouver Games, or fall in love with the big lug when he walked through the crowds in Whistler carrying a pitcher of beer? Cos that's how a real Canadian wins a gold medal. Oh yeah.

There is just one question...will Monty be able to master the Keoghan Arch? Meh. Maybe he will develop his own unique facial expression. How about a Monty Smirk? Or better yet, how about if he just gives each team a pitcher of beer when they get to each pit stop!!!

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