Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Amazing Race Canada....Does Anybody Have a Dime?

Quick.....without looking....what Canadian icon is on our dime?

That's right, The Amazing Race Canada was in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia yesterday filming a few challenges. And what's in Lunenburg? It's the Bluenose II.

But first, let me fill you in on where The Race went after Regina:
  • In Quebec City, the teams faced some sort of challenge with a block of ice and another with lacrosse on the Plains of Abraham.
  • Then it was on to Iqaluit in Nunavut where they apparently had to build very small igloos. After the cast left, it looks like a few people were curious enough to go see what they were doing and snapped pictures of themselves in or on the igloos.
Which reminds me. I know this is Canada, BUT, why do they have to have so many challenges involving ICE? CTV is set to air this show in July and August, and nobody wants to be reminded of winter in the middle of summer. No Canadian that is. It's like an unspoken law. It's only permitted if you don't have air conditioning and you want to dream of cold weather. It's like that old episode of the original Twilight Zone where everyone is dying from the heat because the earth is moving towards the sun, only its really moving away from the sun and they are freezing to death. Or is it the other way around?

Anyways...after Iqaluit, Twitter went eerily silent, until the teams were spotted in Ottawa again at the airport. This is at least three times now they were seen there. Well I should have known better and just went to visit my sister-in-law or camped out at the airport. Air Canada. Maybe next time. This time they were on their way to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Not sure if they filmed any challenges there but yesterday morning they wound up in Lunenburg.

Apparently Lunenburg and the South Shore of Nova Scotia have a lot of webcams which have a 24 hour history and various interval settings for your viewing pleasure. Cool. Sure enough there were two that seemed promising. One is set up at the Bluenose II which right now is in dry dock to do work on it's rudder. The crew showed up just before 8 A.M. to set things up and were gone by noon. The slowest interval refresh rate is one minute, so I can't be 100%, but I counted four teams. Unfortunately, they had to run to the clue box on the other side of the Bluenose. But a camera crew was set up in view - I think to film confessionals from the teams.

There were also a few tweets about a lobster challenge. Another webcam in front of the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic showed a lot of activity at the wharf. Yeah, I know. It's a wharf ...with fishermen. But this was on Victoria Day and there were a lot of bystanders gathered. I managed to capture one still of a camera crew with one of the teams.

So...where to next? Seems quiet again. Charlottetown? Moncton? St. John's? They better hurry up because in three days, we know they are supposed to be rappelling down the side of Toronto City Hall. I wonder how the crew is going to keep that one secure. Please, please, please...the finish line can't be in Toronto, can it? I love Toronto, I really do...but that would just be too predictable. Too obvious. They may as well just have "find Rob Ford for a comment" as the final challenge. Well that would be funny actually. They could just as easily be given a clue after City Hall that says something like "Make your way to Parliament Hill". Or some place they haven't been like, oh, I don't know...Manitoba?

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