Thursday, 2 May 2013

Big Brother Canada Week 10 - Recap of Episode 28, Wednesday May 1, 2013: Bad Math Teacher

Arisa starts the show off by informing us there is no studio audience and everything is Top Secret. Of course it is. Slice stopped airing After Dark and cut the live feeds early Sunday afternoon. Arisa appears on the house's TV screen and the HGs are asked to gather in the living room. For once, Talla doesn't scream. Instead she yells "Oh my God!" Well Talla, let me explain. It's Sunday...the show ends in four days...there are four of you left. Did you think this was just another week and the eviction wasn't until Thursday? Nope. Things are going to start happening quickly.

Talla gets to the living room first and sits on one couch. Emmett, Jillian and Gary are sitting on the other couch. Hmm. Looks like a bit of foreshadowing to me. Arisa says, "House guests...things are about to change. Tonight, someone will be evicted."

But, of course, we have to get caught up with what has been happening in the house. Talla thinks she has a F2 deal with Emmett, along with the F2 she has with Jillian. Gary thinks he has a F2 deal with Emmett. Emmett has a F2 deal with each of the other three. Only Jillian and Gary don't have a F2 agreement - that we know of. Emmett lets it slip to Jillian that Talla has a deal with him. So now Jillian is upset. Emmett is keeping secrets from her. I guess the honeymoon is over Jillian. Give me a break. You are playing for a're not there to find a husband. Remember Jillian, this is Big Brother, not Bachelor Pad.

The POV comp is called "Safe from Eviction". The HGs have to solve 3 equations on a blackboard, based on events that happened in the house. Each solution is part of the combination to the safe that holds the POV necklace. Sounds simple right? Jillian should have this one in the bag, and of course she tells us math is her subject. Not just that, but because she's a teacher, she's used to using blackboards and stuff. Duh. Well, not as easy as you would think. First of all, the clues to each number were preposterous. These HGs must write everything down in diaries and memorize it all, because there is no way someone would remember these things. But the funniest part was the second equation, 50 - 11. Both Emmett and Jillian misread the minus sign and thought it was addition. Nerves I guess. Then, Jillian - the math teacher, answered 38. Okay. She can't even claim that she threw the comp. No she was trying to win because she wanted to save Talla.

Maybe Jillian should rethink her career choice. When she first hooked up with Emmett, started dry humping him and then let it progress to all out monkey sex, I thought she would have a difficult time holding down a teaching position. Don't be might be 2013, but the parents are still going to complain and gossip like it's 1962. But any good union will save her from termination. Now this. She's never going to live this down. She'd be lucky if she doesn't see a giant 50 - 11 = 38 sprawled on the blackboard the next time she walks into a classroom. Anyway, it's Emmett who snaps out of the stupid zone first and wins the over-sized lucite V necklace.

Everyone scrambles for position. Talla talks with Jillian, sounding assured that Emmett will vote out Gary and she will be in the F3. Jillian backs out of the situation. Talla must have known something was up. She only flashed a smile when Jillian looked at her. You know, one of those phoney, kind of awkward smiles? The kind that makes you cringe? Yeah, one of those. Emmett has to warn Talla that he is voting her out because he wants to get her jury vote. She's pissed. She starts packing.

Meanwhile Jillian is getting upset about this. She wonders why Emmett insists on telling Talla, when last week, Emmett wouldn't let her warn Andrew about his eviction. She is starting to think that Emmett is just in this for himself. Holy shit! Here we go again.'s a frigging game. To win money and a car and furniture.

But of course there is a possibility this reaction from Jillian could all be producer-driven. It wouldn't be the first time that producers have asked leading questions in the Diary Room confessions just to garner a certain response. Or they could have used some creative editing to set up a dramatic situation. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow night.

Emmett tries to smooth things over with Talla. He gives her a bracelet that Dan Gheesling left. Talla gives Emmett the most gullible look you could possibly imagine, like a lamb on her way to slaughter. Holy crap, I am actually starting to feel sorry for her. Oh well. When the Eviction ceremony comes around, both Talla and Gary give their plea speeches. Talla's actually made sense. Emmett decides not to use the POV, and he chooses to evict Talla. Talla leaves without incident surprisingly enough. Poor girl didn't even get a live studio audience. Just Arisa sitting there. Arisa questions Talla about her talk with Jillian and "playing dumb" about the F3 if it was Talla's strategy. Sorry. Not convinced. There is no way I am going to believe her lack of intelligence was just an act.

Arisa ends the episode reminding us that Thursday is the special 2 hour season finale. Yeah I think we know.

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